Emotional wedding Haka moves Maori bride to tears, NZ

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hozeyy : If my homies don't do something like this when I get married I befriended the wrong people

Frank Han : Leader: Tika tonu! Everyone: U - e! Leader: Tika tonu! Everyone: U... e! Tika tonu atu ki a koe, e tama Hiki nei koe aku whakaaro, pakia! He hiki aha to hiki? He hiki roa to hiki? I a ha hā! E tama, te uaua ana E tama, te mārō Roa ina hoki ra Te tohe o te uaua na E tāu nei. Āna! Āna! Āna! Aue... Hī! Leader: (What is right is always right!) Everyone: (In - deed! ) Leader: (What is right is always right!) Everyone: (Ah... yes! ) (Be true to yourself, my son!) (My concerns have been raised about you, so pay attention!....) (What is this problem you are carrying?) (How long have you been carrying it for?) (Have you got that? Right, let's go on.) (So son, although it may be difficult for you ) (and son, although it seems to be unyielding ) (no matter how long you reflect on it ) (the answer to the problem ) (is here inside you.) (Indeed! Indeed! Indeed! Yes, indeed!)

OG Lurker : I don't understand but somehow I know how beautiful, emotional, and important this is.

PoofyKittyPants : This is what happens when you stop worrying about cultural appropriation and let people adopt what they love about different cultures. People doing a Haka in slacks and button downs.

scrapman25 : Ones culture is everything, this is what globalist want gone. Stay strong, stay proud Maori.

Jesus is Lord of all!! Every knee shall bow : I have no idea what this means, but it's intense, beautiful and I feel strangely drawn to this, as if I have seen this before. But I know I could not have. I live in Arkansas, we don't have beautiful traditions like this.

Julie Green : I have no idea what's happening but I'm brought to tears by the passion and love expressed to this beautiful couple.

Pricilla Ruiz : Do you see the focus in these people's eyes! They believe everything that they're saying with all of their spirit and heart! I literally have chills , so beautiful it brought me to tears and I don't even know what this means or what they said but I know it's something cultural and spiritual because you can feel the can feel the vibe !!! when they're done with the dance there's peace a quiet for a moment everyone's in a trance or something!

Lyudmila Mihajlovna : I'm Russian, I have no idea what is going on here, but every time I see this video, it makes me cry tears of joy. SO POWERFUL.

Vivian Chan : I lived in New Zealand before. At the beginning I felt weird when I saw Haka in occasions like sport games, graduation ceremonies, or even a normal Saturday morning near my house. Maori are just normal New Zealand people, of course they would not have such facial expression, body gestures in daily life. But Haka seems a sign for them about the unity of the family. So I guess the bride saw her family do it on her wedding day to remind them they are family, and she is moved.

warriorprince101010 : Better than most "Best man speeches".

So What : I am African and have never seen anything more emotionally charged that the Haka.

Shaidon66 : Absolutely beautiful. And major props for a younger generation keeping tradition alive. Great video.

Jo Mc : Not surprised she cried, I crying right now. Beautiful boys!

Jedidiah Walker : As a Canadian, we usually never see such a dance like this and for someone like me living in Nz for the past 10 years, I was intrigued on how much they embrace they’re native side so much and found it so moving seeing a haka. Fucken eh

Obosi : Imagine if the US had adopted the Native American culture instead of all but destroy it.

Gio Simmer : Man, this is gorgeous... I'd cry my eyes out too!

Alexandra Filas : America is missing out. Also what a beautiful couple and I wish them best :)

FireGnome : White man doing Haka and no judgemental word from SJW's? What a surprise.

Semi Demi : It's always basic, white people who lack any kind of identity that have something negative to say about a sensitive, cultural practice. It's your narrow minds who are the real vermin of the earth. Go back to thinking the world is flat and not vaccinating your children you filthy inbreds.

RangerAgr : As an American and knowing nothing of the Maori people. Watching the haka...i cant help but feel it stir something deep. Something feral and raw, pure emotion of spirit, ancient and foreign, but familiar. I have never bore witness to something more true, I need not know what it means to hear its reminder of who I am. May the Maori people live a thousand years, and may they live a thousand more after that.

Thusitha Sampath : I don't know wtf they saying.. But for me it's very imotional...

beeveeh : Hmffft…..all us Australians have got , is a spare beer for her dad. Man O Man we lack culture.

jacob christensen : I’m Aussie and I absolutely love watching this before you thrash us in the bledisloe

Sergio Tavares : So Beautifull. Haka is so intense. Hugs from Brazil

ali Servan : This reduces me to tears every... freaking... time

Ogeid Zelop : You've got love New Zealand ... they are awesome !!

Peter Pan : awesome i feel it and i am from the other side of the planet my respect from the netherlands

StarFøx : These faces they make slay me 😂

Joe Campbell : Can’t help but laugh

Felipe Benjamin : i was watching this when, suddenly my chest is hairy and i grew a beard.

jule c: : okay but why did this make me cry wtf

Jay Brodrick : The wide eyes and tongues sticking out; you sure they weren’t just complaining of inadequate ventilation in the room?

Fiji Tongan : So so blessed to be a true islander!

aisha shisha : Not quite sure why she’s crying. This would be making me more blood thirsty than happy.

Josh Starks : This Haka is called Tika Tonu. It is a Maori haka and was written in the Hawkes Bay, New Zealand in 1914 by a chief named Waimarama Puhara. He wrote it for his son and it is about the transition from boy to man.

KC CAmeraBoy : Am I Supposed To Laugh Because This Guys Are Hella Funny hahahhahaha

DarkHiddenWaters : Every culture has its own special way of displaying emotions during weddings and celebrations, but this has got to be one of the most powerful i have ever seen. The bond between these people is beyond words....what a complete breath of fresh air!

Rah101 : Wow.. just amazing ☺️💕

petrice dobson : I love how she held her head up high for her people! It was beautiful!

Acylowrider : Is New Zealand the only country on earth where the Maori and the white people share there culture? This is why i love New Zealand.

Dolfin Love : Devil weeding,intersting..

Berg Jun : Just like my class

Hannah-Louise : So moving! So powerful, and i don't even understand the background behind Haka, but it's incredible and beautiful and powerful! I love it.

loren tyler : A mixture of cultures...what harmony between the races who have embraced each other as ONE...the sheer POWER of such a coupling is undeniable, you can feel it in your chest, in your heart. New Zealand is a model for humanity at its best.

RatchetHondaracing 22 : I wish my culture had a battle cry of respect like this. I absolutely adore this and the Maori culture

STOP ABORTING BABIES, START ABORTING LIBERALS : I cried........... with laughter.

Stourport tropics : Great up keep of cultural history never forget what or where you history comes from

Jimin, You Got No Jams! : At #0.16 He is married to cousin. And I've actually met the brother of the GROOM

Coco T : It's almost like being mouted by spirit. The connection is very primal and bypasses all of your logic thoughts. Thank you for sharing.