Emotional wedding Haka moves Maori bride to tears, NZ

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hozeyy : If my homies don't do something like this when I get married I befriended the wrong people

Jimins Boo : Who’s here from NCT 127 Simon says?

life's a cup of tae : i'm here after NCT 127 because of their song Simon Says and i was fully shook to hear that they sampled this haka at the beginning of the song 👀 at the beginning i couldn't tell somehow because idk maybe my ears weren't working but then after a while i could definitely hear some māori words (thank god i take māori as a subject) also to people saying it's cultural appropriation that they used this, i don't think it is. they didn't do it themselves other people did, and i'm sorry to throw exo under the bus but, when they did the haka it was cultural appropriation, they did it themselves and seemed like they were sort of making fun of it at some parts which really ain't it 😔 (dw i love exo but that wasn't a good moment man)

kixxo13 : My only question is how did NCT find this

Frank Han : Tuuturu whakamaua kia tina! tina! Haumi e! Hui e! Taiki e Make it tangible, make it practical ! Amen! Join! Gather! Unite! Leader: Tika tonu! Everyone: U - e! Leader: Tika tonu! Everyone: U... e! Tika tonu atu ki a koe, e tama Hiki nei koe aku whakaaro, pakia! He hiki aha to hiki? He hiki roa to hiki? I a ha hā! E tama, te uaua ana E tama, te mārō Roa ina hoki ra Te tohe o te uaua na E tāu nei. Āna! Āna! Āna! Aue... Hī! Leader: (What is right is always right!) Everyone: (In - deed! ) Leader: (What is right is always right!) Everyone: (Ah... yes! ) (Be true to yourself, my son!) (My concerns have been raised about you, so pay attention!....) (What is this problem you are carrying?) (How long have you been carrying it for?) (Have you got that? Right, let's go on.) (So son, although it may be difficult for you ) (and son, although it seems to be unyielding ) (no matter how long you reflect on it ) (the answer to the problem ) (is here inside you.) (Indeed! Indeed! Indeed! Yes, indeed!)

brendan ryan : it is a haka written in the 1920's.....basically it says....we are here...watching you...wanting you to be the best....we are with you always....that's why the bride cries

taylah : The start of this video is in NCT 127's song 'Simon Says'

theengagedfew : The most moving part of all this is, for me, how the Maori--unlike so many others in this world--do not disown their mixed-race children, but accept all Maori blood as Maori. The world could learn a thing or two from this "primitive tribe."

name ur car jimin so u can park jimin : nct 127 has joined the chat

warriorprince101010 : Better than most "Best man speeches".

Park Chae-yeon : I wonder how nct came to this video....

Do u know Raon? : I came from a music video "NCT 127 - Simon Says" because they used this chant at the start. This is beautiful TT

PoofyKittyPants : This is what happens when you stop worrying about cultural appropriation and let people adopt what they love about different cultures. People doing a Haka in slacks and button downs.

JeeMaeil : NCT Simon says brought me here


faceman : They used the beginning as a sample in NCT's "Simon says" lol

Whale 127 : How did sm find this .

Gabby : I am one jealous American who wants to move to NZ...

Jesus is Lord of all!! Every knee shall bow : I have no idea what this means, but it's intense, beautiful and I feel strangely drawn to this, as if I have seen this before. But I know I could not have. I live in Arkansas, we don't have beautiful traditions like this.

lisa lalisa : Whos here after nct???

Kpop Candy : Nct simon says didn't bring me here. But it reminded me this existed, its good to bring back memories of when we learned this

Jo Mc : Not surprised she cried, I crying right now. Beautiful boys!

syeda rahman : Lmao NCT 127's Simon Says MV brought me here

ali Servan : This reduces me to tears every... freaking... time

Ann Geum : NCT Simon Says bring me here :3

Blaine Gill : I’m from Newzealand, we do the “haka” as a sign as respect ✊, for our people. We also do the haka before rugby games, when people leave, and of course this wedding 👰

Indie last name : I really hope NCT explain why they used this in their song, it would be very interesting to know the story of how they came across it too. I'm still shook that they used it, it makes me a proud NZ NCTzen 💚💚💚

nct in the household. : Simon says joined the chat


Aleah Kaonohi : no one cares who brought you here

TessX : I'm sorry but some of these comments are a bit annoying, I'm from New Zealand and part Maori, I was raised in Maori culture to an extent not as much as I would've liked but the disrespectful comments that denounce our culture is pretty insulting, I know it's more lack of understanding but the Haka is tradition and I've grown up both watching the Haka and performing the Haka at celebrations, weddings etc You may not understand it but a little respect for another culture would be appreciated.

LeikoTheFuhrer : Alright,NCT....

Kewl Beans : not even the slightest bit surprised that she cried. that was amazing! :o

nati : lol i’m here after watching simon says

Jose Ambriz : Anyone else see that girl's crazy eyes LOL

AAT : I couldn't understand anything until I saw the bride crying in that moment I figured that it's very important tradition... I feel the bride is very proud of her family and friends

Te watene Bill Emery : Thank you people around the world nice words about my culture yes haka very powerfull . Respect and love everyone

gummy xuxi : All I wanna know now is why NCT used this in Simon says

feixbix : As a swiss person who lives exactly on the other side of this earth that is so beautiful. Especially since we swiss are really reserved and don't show our emotions so openly.

Ankita Bardhan : Ok NCTzens where did y’all find that NCT used this haka as sample?? Also, this seems like a beautiful tradition

Rifdah Imtyaaz : omg this is the one in Simon Says!

Josh Starks : This Haka is called Tika Tonu. It is a Maori haka and was written in the Hawkes Bay, New Zealand in 1914 by a chief named Waimarama Puhara. He wrote it for his son and it is about the transition from boy to man.

INFIRES MANNN : I wonder which NCT 127 member found this 😂. Anybody know what I’m talking about?

Jonathan Ayala : Cultural pride at its finest✊🏽✊🏽💪🏾💪🏾 beautiful, raw, powerful💪🏾✊🏽

Animal : Now that is a wedding. Brought tears to my old man's eyes.

Wood Booger : The Maori are magical people. We could all do very well in life if we had brothers and sisters like this in our lives. This is what family is supposed to look like..

Acylowrider : Is New Zealand the only country on earth where the Maori and the white people share there culture? This is why i love New Zealand.


Jesse Percifull : That’s the most powerful and beautiful thing I have ever seen. RESPECT.

ARMY Ripeka : When some people watch this they often get scared because of what expressions they are making and what dances they are doing as well and that’s because they don’t understand the Māori culture. I understand they don’t know it but their is no need to get scared or laugh and joke about this because some Māori’s find it racist and hurtful to them.