Emotional wedding Haka moves Maori bride to tears, NZ

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hozeyy : If my homies don't do something like this when I get married I befriended the wrong people

Fredrick Smith-something. : This was cool as hell.

1manuscriptman : This Haka was written by a Father to a son. It is done at rites of passage. It's lyrics are below: "What is right is always right! In - deed! What is right is always right! Ah... yes! Be true to yourself, my son! I'm worried about you,so pay attention!! What is this problem you are carrying? How long have you been carrying it ? Do you understand me? .Good. Then let's go on. My Son, although it may be hard for you and Son, although it seems unsolvable no matter how much you think on it, the answer to your problem is there inside you. Indeed! Indeed! Indeed! Yes, indeed!"

Kewl Beans : not even the slightest bit surprised that she cried. that was amazing! :o

OG Lurker : I don't understand but somehow I know how beautiful, emotional, and important this is.

warriorprince101010 : Better than most "Best man speeches".

A Nicol : Respect to New Zealand.

Kelsey Vanderslice : 2:07 is my favorite bring it home momma

rene gonzalez : There something just so primal, and I mean that in a good way, that every time I see the haka .....it's like my whole body is overwhelmed with this amazing energy

Julie Green : I have no idea what's happening but I'm brought to tears by the passion and love expressed to this beautiful couple.

ali Servan : This reduces me to tears every... freaking... time

Obosi : Imagine if the US had adopted the Native American culture instead of all but destroy it.

Cornholio777 : LMAO VERY SAVAGE

Golda Eshun : I mean my black self crys when I watch a haka, it is so beautiful it does something to me.

sassy the sasquatch : i cry every tim i watch dis..... oh wait, i dont.

Alejandrita : That guy better never cheat on her....

Awsamazing Eden : Is it bad that I'm not having much of an emotional response to this? I'm not saying that out of disrespect, I think it's beautiful that they would take part of such a sacred culture to celebrate the marriage of their friends and family, but maybe it's my cultural separation. I'm just not crying like everyone else in the comment section seems to be.

KC CAmeraBoy : Am I Supposed To Laugh Because This Guys Are Hella Funny hahahhahaha

FireGnome : White man doing Haka and no judgemental word from SJW's? What a surprise.

4 & 7 : Man, i stayed 2 wks in Aotearoa for a fieldtrip in the 8th and fell in love with the ppl and culture.

Joe Campbell : Can’t help but laugh

Listen and Learn Arabic : What a great wedding!

Maryjane Roller : Kia-ora, Benjamin Armstrong, That was Awesome, Awesome Wedding and you both look beautiful, It was a beautiful sight to see you join in and do the Haka, And your wife also, I know that she felt the Mana and it moved her, She could feel the strength,The power, And she can Kia Kaha, And your brother was great, You were Awesome, Congratulations and love each other unconditionality, You are now one, Have a beautiful life and never go to bed angry, 👍💖💖😘😘💖💖

aisha shisha : Not quite sure why she’s crying. This would be making me more blood thirsty than happy.

SOren0414 : ... My god, when the bridesmaids, bride and groom got into it, I had constant chills for the rest of the video. Crazy awesome.

Steven Wilson : That was flipping awesome, love from Scotland.

Stephan Hanafi : Its looks like a seasure

Vivian Chan : I lived in New Zealand before. At the beginning I felt weird when I saw Haka in occasions like sport games, graduation ceremonies, or even a normal Saturday morning near my house. Maori are just normal New Zealand people, of course they would not have such facial expression, body gestures in daily life. But Haka seems a sign for them about the unity of the family. So I guess the bride saw her family do it on her wedding day to remind them they are family, and she is moved.

No One : Rather belive in aliens than in idiots

Acylowrider : Is New Zealand the only country on earth where the Maori and the white people share there culture? This is why i love New Zealand.

Ykarus : This video gives me the chills. Imagine how it must feel to be part of this haka.

Alexandra Filas : America is missing out. Also what a beautiful couple and I wish them best :)

Shaidon66 : Absolutely beautiful. And major props for a younger generation keeping tradition alive. Great video.

Josiah Tijerina : 😂

Andy Zhang : 0:07 woah that's a long ass tong- wait, where'd it go?

neethu valsan : Dafuq did I just watch...😕

Kell H : Did I see wait staff join in? That's cool!

evansusmc : Well... if it’s imbedded into their culture and no one gets hurt, no big deal. But I think I’ll pass on this activity.

climbthatmountain : Awesome...

Felipe Benjamin : i was watching this when, suddenly my chest is hairy and i grew a beard.

Peter Pan : awesome i feel it and i am from the other side of the planet my respect from the netherlands

Tony Chen : I think the bride is crying because she thinks: "WTF you guys, why are you doing this to me today??? Mtfkers!"

Sergio Tavares : So Beautifull. Haka is so intense. Hugs from Brazil

Pukito Kiho : I don't understand a single word..But I felt the emotions .. Dang I never knew haka would put me to tears

Josh Starks : This Haka is called Tika Tonu. It is a Maori haka and was written in the Hawkes Bay, New Zealand in 1914 by a chief named Waimarama Puhara. He wrote it for his son and it is about the transition from boy to man.

Abra Cadavra : Oh my...I think I'm starting to like humans.

Jay Brodrick : The wide eyes and tongues sticking out; you sure they weren’t just complaining of inadequate ventilation in the room?

StarFøx : These faces they make slay me 😂

Jadson Coelho : Deu vontade de chorar aqui

Mattism78 : This is absolutely amazing. I thank the family for sharing such an emotional event. Poke fun at it all you like, these people were 100% dedicated and showing the utmost respect for the bride and groom.