Emotional wedding Haka moves Maori bride to tears, NZ

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warriorprince101010 : Better than most "Best man speeches".

Andy Zhang : 0:07 woah that's a long ass tong- wait, where'd it go?

SOren0414 : ... My god, when the bridesmaids, bride and groom got into it, I had constant chills for the rest of the video. Crazy awesome.

Erica DeHart : I never understood why I would cry whenever I saw the bride cry. I never understood why I cried whenever they began. Now I understand. This is powerful. This is love. This is a bond. It's beautiful.

ali Servan : This reduces me to tears every... freaking... time

elia1789 : beautyful bride 😍

Miss Jesterhat : I just love it

Peter Hughes : That bridesmaid at 1:18 is getting it ON!  You go, girl! *Represent*

Justa Bloke : The only people the British could not overcome so they became part of the culture, and this is the result. My own mother is Maori and even though im Australian its good to be connected with this warrior culture,

Mariah Fox : I'm Samoan. I don't understand this. I didn't cry. but it reminds me of my family. very comforting. beautiful culture.

Joseph Santoro : girl at 1:19 is so beautiful

Day : She looks like Jane the Virgin

Wraithin Hades : why am i crying too? this is so intense

April Whalen : Every time this pops up in my Facebook feed I always come here and watch this video. I know nothing of Maori people, but watching the Haka always moves me to tears. I wish I was apart of something so real and so meaningful as their culture. <3

Peter Hughes : Aw, darn it - who cut up the onions in here?? *SNIFF*

Jennifer Suzanne : I cry every time I watch this. I'm from the U.S. where we have no traditions excess those steeped in greed. I have a deep appreciation for the honor shown here. It touches my soul.

Sandeep Mann : I'm Sikh, and I know why they started the haka but don't know the meaning of the words but nevertheless I love it. I can feel the emotion that they feel. just so much

Zac Benzinger : is it weird that this made me cry. I've never experienced anything so powerful in culture. I'm completely moved by this brotherhood.

wwilddjohnson01 : I'm a kiwi and the haka still brings me to tears.

Alexis Rembert : I don't what's going on but when the bride start crying I lost 😩 so beautiful

Dr Croc : To all the people of New Zealand.... I hope your heritage and ways of life continue until the end of time. Every time I hear the Haka, it gets my blood ready for a fight. Keep on with your traditions, and nobody change it. May my soul and the souls of everyone who agrees with me bless you all until the end of time.

Matthew Williams : The bridesmaids that joins is amazing. I would marry her

juan flores : I don't understand but why am i crying. So intense.

R. DB : That girl is extremely beautiful

William Rees : CALM DOWN the buffets on the way

Nate : People in here talking about white and maori unite, forgetting that there are many pale skin maori out here.

330kV 330kV : Incredible. The Maori culture is beautiful in so many ways. I love how they accept anyone to join in the Haka, regardless. Then the groom responds which is the ultimate in respect and the bride responds which to me is even an ultimer form of respect. I also like how the white people got right into it and involved, showing respect to the Maori's. More of this show of togetherness in the world would be good right now.

VAD6909 : What is this problem you are carrying? How long have you been carrying it for? Have you got that? Right, let's go on. So son, although it may be difficult for you and son, although it seems to be unyielding no matter how long you reflect on it the answer to the problem is here inside you. Indeed!

Moisés Ávila : lol ridiculous, they would be on crack

christian lux : Pendejos

KitCox : From what I've seen on youtube I'm betting all boys and girls learn the haka from a very early age. Would a kindly New Zealander please educate me? I know that it was basically a war dance of intimidation to the enemy. Thanks.

xxthehuskycaboosexx : If my friends did this at my wedding, I'd go out of my way to kick them out.

Mattism78 : This is absolutely amazing. I thank the family for sharing such an emotional event. Poke fun at it all you like, these people were 100% dedicated and showing the utmost respect for the bride and groom.

يوتيوب السعودية KSA YouTube : Why do they do this?

johannz aquino : Powerful and beautiful. Greetings and love to all Maori people.

Bienvenu SUMAILI IV : Respect from a Congolese Student in Morocco. Beyond the choreography, i see a certain "connection" with EARTH, maybe this is why it is so intense.

Dante Aqueronte : I live in Brazil, but am seriously considering traveling half the globe next year, to New Zealand, during my vacation, just to learn as much as I can about the Maori culture. I am fascinated by it.

Joe Bigornia : Why do I wonder what Kevin James would look like doing this performance?

Valerija Malytina : this is beautiful performance!! so great, so intense and emotional.. Im russian and i know nearly nothin about NZ culture yet im deeply amazed and overwhelmed. L O V E I T

Webman : damn...i just found out: i can do a Haka to!! (i look like this every time i listen to Rammstein!!)

Yamifira chosen juan : as someone of germano-frankish and indonesian heritage i can only smile and bow to the preservance of a culture as ancient as the maori ways may your people continue beyond the sea of stars and stand tall against the cresent moon's demons

plebist : This makes me proud to be kiwi. Tino pai

diashon31 : Every time I see this video my heart aches and I'm moved to tears. How blessed it is to still have a deep spiritual culture and connection to your people...and not have it stolen and beat out of you...only to have to adapt to a culture that hates you. One day I will find my lineage and lead my family home. Until then, I will continue to be inspired by others.


MrAMYJACK : Oh man how powerful is this. God Bless New Zealand and occasionally let us Aussies win a test match.

بنت السعوديهـ : COOOOL

Anthony Delorme : I'm asking out of curiosity but why do they stick their tongues out during it and make crazy faces?

The Sari Studios : It doesn't matter how many times I have watched this it is still my absolute favorite wedding video.

Youssef lannister : anglo saxons appropriating culture nice

Shin Jones : This is so beautiful, I love watching it so much.