Emotional wedding Haka moves Maori bride to tears, NZ

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ali Servan : This reduces me to tears every... freaking... time

warriorprince101010 : Better than most "Best man speeches".

Voice Of Reason : as someone of germano-frankish and indonesian heritage i can only smile and bow to the preservance of a culture as ancient as the maori ways may your people continue beyond the sea of stars and stand tall against the cresent moon's demons

Matthew Williams : The bridesmaids that joins is amazing. I would marry her

wwilddjohnson01 : I'm a kiwi and the haka still brings me to tears.

Peter Hughes : Aw, darn it - who cut up the onions in here?? *SNIFF*

William Rees : CALM DOWN the buffets on the way

Alexis Rembert : I don't what's going on but when the bride start crying I lost 😩 so beautiful

Mattism78 : This is absolutely amazing. I thank the family for sharing such an emotional event. Poke fun at it all you like, these people were 100% dedicated and showing the utmost respect for the bride and groom.

Avery Vaughans : This is so amazing how they brought something from her culture and put it in the wedding. I wish her and the husband a wonderful Maori wedding.


johannz aquino : Powerful and beautiful. Greetings and love to all Maori people.

plebist : This makes me proud to be kiwi. Tino pai

diashon31 : Every time I see this video my heart aches and I'm moved to tears. How blessed it is to still have a deep spiritual culture and connection to your people...and not have it stolen and beat out of you...only to have to adapt to a culture that hates you. One day I will find my lineage and lead my family home. Until then, I will continue to be inspired by others.

Annointed One : shes so pretty

Peter Hughes : That bridesmaid at 1:18 is getting it ON!  You go, girl! *Represent*

Randi Lynn Cassel : How can something I don't understand move me so much? What a powerful display of energy and love.

Frieda : I am moved by this ritual. I feel the strength of a thousand spirits rush through my soul.

Joe Bigornia : Why do I wonder what Kevin James would look like doing this performance?

Cleyton Leal : I am Brazilian and I have no idea why o got so emotional watching this! Beautiful! That shows a friendship, a relationship so strong that I don't have words to explain! I wish I could been there

Vinnie DiCorcia : This is good, but putting the chick with the crazy eyes apart as the thumbnail set my standards for this video very low.

Anthony : cringe af

AMY AMY : My original is Thai but I moved to New Zealand i really love New Zealand this country is very wonderful.. I hope I will meet a guy who can look after me and have a true love to me one day. ❤

RzzRBladez : This is a celebration of a great culture of navigators, mariners and warriors, in many respects very much like the great culture of my ancestors, the Norsemen, they found their way to Greenland and Vinland, like the Maori found their way to almost the exact polar opposite of Scandinavia, New Zealand. The more I think about it the more our ancestral cultures look alike, while at the same time a world apart. Maybe one day a Viking can witness a Haka and celebrate two late Mediaeval cultures that still move their desendants to great pride of their cultural achievements, now I amgoing to watch this video again.

Julianna Osman : I'm crying and shaken and I'm not sure why. This is incredible. I hope the Maori never lose this. Thank you for sharing this beauty with the world.

SETANTA MUNIN : I am ashamed that I don't have this sort of culture in my life....Much respect!!

Stephan Hanafi : Its looks like a seasure

Supa Dupa Fly : Proud to be Maori proud to be Polynesian

juvenilemafia10 : I love the brothers hugging at the end at 2:55, nothing like such brotherly love, at a milestone thats been around since the dawn of time

Cornholio777 : LMAO VERY SAVAGE

Ethan Harrison : Somebody get them some milk...

Ally Lou Sullivan : The "forehead kiss" is actually called a Hongi and it signifies the meeting of two people and exchanging of breaths (your life force with another) also the face is tapu (sacred) in my culture so to do that is with up most sincerity and love for the other individual, it's like the ultimate hello. The haka is tiki tane and its about growing up I think. But overall this is the brides family saying welcome to the whanau!

enterthetekken : I LOVE WESTERN CULTURE, especially when I see the rest of the world.

Camryn Hernandez : That war dance is incredible. The first girl doing it looks like a bad ass Moana. The culture is beautiful.

Dante Aqueronte : I live in Brazil, but am seriously considering traveling half the globe next year, to New Zealand, during my vacation, just to learn as much as I can about the Maori culture. I am fascinated by it.

Moisés Ávila : lol ridiculous, they would be on crack

بنت السعودية : COOOOL

Anthony Delorme : I'm asking out of curiosity but why do they stick their tongues out during it and make crazy faces?

Day : She looks like Jane the Virgin

kara kuru : Bunlar niye her boktan önce savaş dansi yapiyor?

TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness : What an honor for them. I too teared up. Keep these MILLENNIA old traditions alive!

george west : kia kaha

Bavarian Cats : If aliens will ever visit earth we should welcome them with Haka! I love this ritual. Greetings from Germany.

Anze Pratnemer : I really dont understand this haka thing, but I cried!! WTF?!?!

climbthatmountain : Awesome...

Ykarus : This video gives me the chills. Imagine how it must feel to be part of this haka.

Michal V : This is too strong! In this modern world the old traditions still survives. Thanks for this video.

Rasta Girl : Respect... Made me cry...

Catherine De Mesa : Seen this a gillion times and STILL gives me chills... so much respect for them and their culture omg

Kyrie Frz : That girl with cross eye on the thumbnail was hilarious