Go Kart Soccer Battle | Dude Perfect

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Dude Perfect : NEXT VIDEO: Ping Pong Trick Shots 4 COMMENT: Who do you think will win the World Cup?

ZaggyGaming : Rocket League in real life

TheCARSMDS : 2019??

Naya : Anyone else on a DP marathon?

Ergie Ruthie : Well panda should’ve been from China

Ivan TheAwesome : What a save! What a save! What a save! Chat disabled for 2 seconds.

brendan : Literally rocket league

Daviax- Minecraft and More : If Mourinho was the manager, he would have parked all the cars in front of his own goal

The Precious : Who want Reveal of panda at 40 M subscribers

Brian Grudnowski : More entertaining then soccer.

Thangaming videos. gr : Do one shocker go kart 2 video

Nelson Hobbs : rocket league 2 has some INSANE graphics!

Simon Zehetmair : Gar is the best, because he is Germany

Axel Alvarez : Like si eres de mexico

Mohamed Ahmed : Ty scored an amazing goal

陈月华 : coby cody n ty

[M]CP[E] [N]amaN : *Rocket League in real life* xD

ANTIQUEFOTOS : Iceland? Who comes from Iceland lol?! Why didn't Panda get a Chinese flag?

Oscar Tracey : Does this count as coby winning another battle?

TheLaurasn : Why is there a Dutch flag on Codys kart

Tara Posey : GO FRANCE,

Anthonyツ : this reminded me of rocket league

Mike Hooker : Team Blue will win.

4Kgamer : Garrett = germany = nazi?

Connor Jackson : Canadian oh btw dude perfect plz do a building battle! You would need to build something, that would be sturdy, fancy, tall, and something that lights up the place

Garrett Morris : Red choked a 3 to 1 lead, sounds FAMILIAR


Mike Hooker : Team Blue.

John Nathan : Is that undertale mettaton ex kick and i not gonna vote at end because no philipines

Stephanie Rogers : You should have said panda was from china

Ansh Mehta : Champions: France

Johnathan Filip : *This is the best Rocket league in real life That I’ve ever seen*

Stacey Bennier : Like this

Yerick Antonio Araya Quesada : The second part plis

Laffy Taffy Oofy Doofy : Coby won guys

Arturo Rodriqez : I saw panda when he crash like if u saw

Johnathan Filip : *RIP XXXTENTACION*

Emma Staub : This game looks so fun

Seaweed 111 : That’s rocket league

Sarmad HAck : Panda


Khaled Khalil : *RIP XXXTENTACION*

JalinEllisMasonRachael Petty : twins same face different personality - from a friend

Nice Good : Coby proved himself I don’t care what anyone says

alexis mansilita : Team red

Weidi . : Mor pleas

iPhantom : When you play too much Rocket League

Mr, king MF : Dude perfect channel is my favourite channel on YouTube

echo 02000 : Rocket league irl