Go Kart Soccer Battle | Dude Perfect

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Dude Perfect : NEXT VIDEO: Ping Pong Trick Shots 4 COMMENT: Who do you think will win the World Cup?

ZaggyGaming : Rocket League in real life

ekflpkf : So panda ain't from China?

SPIT&P51 : Rocket League Panda Edition?

Gamer Slayer : First To like my own comment

Luka Tamaressis : So you basically just played rocket league in real life

Johnathan Filip : *RIP XXXTENTACION*

Gaming Column : *I never knew rocket league looked so realistic*

PeterCap Gaming : Go England!!!

Caroline Williams : This was so cool like if you agree

DaT ZnIpE AiDaN : Rocket league memories come back😂

[M]CP[E] [N]amaN : *Rocket League in real life* xD

DaT ZnIpE AiDaN : Where is panda from?

heena singh : Man panda must be sweating like crazy!

Adam Hobbs : Rocket league

Thomiya Andries : Red team

Phantom Gamez : When you play too much Rocket League

Cooli bam : Deutsche Power! !!

Cielo McClain : Hey purple hoser I'm from Germany to let's get it I hope you win just because we're from Germany or are you from Germany I don't really care right now but I'm figuring it and if you think that's cool, down below in this like comment and like

Archie Bain : Go England it’s coming home please win

l Ency l : 2:53 When Noobs see Rocketeers play Rocket League

brend4n : Literally rocket league

Vincent Santellano : Rocket League In Real Life

Gabe V : This is Rocket League IRL

Aron Hertzberg : Since the twins were france i thought they would of given up

Aurel _ : ROCKET LEAGUE !!

Khaled Khalil : *RIP XXXTENTACION*

Fadzilah Md Din : Coby's team will win.

crazyglich 101 : Rocket league 2 looks amazing!

Zaman Kazimov : You are beautiful

Ali-a Cringe MEME : Who else likes their own comment because no else does 😬😬😬😬😬😬

JRGAMING!! : New and improved Rocket League

Bowser Royale : I'm English stop making fun it's meen

Kan - Edgy : Rocket League *C O N F I R M E D*

Gaming Column : Long live the panda

Marshal Singleton : Do it again pls😪


`s조빱 : 6:10 what a pass and shot


Jason Shrum : GOOD JOB PANDA!!

Marco Aurelio Jimenez Zamora : Coby wins

Whaddup Jason here : *Rocket League 2 looks great*

Teah Walker : I think red team

Memphis Log : Red team

MinerGT : Boi you can just title the video “Rocket League: Dude Perfect Edition”

Ayahnna Harrell : Garret:You guys are horrible man.....red team wins at last second

Johnathan Filip : *This is the best Rocket league in real life That I’ve ever seen*

David Hurst : Rocket league

Richie Williams : France, cause of the Twins

Turtelman69 34 : You should’ve got a sponsor from rocket league