Elliphant - Revolusion (Official Music Video)

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theneedledrop : fun instrumental.

Angel : This song makes me feel like I can conquer shit

WhiteWriter98 : se siete qui dopo l assegnazione di fedez...thumbs up!

zana W : I finally found it that damn #finish it commercial has been stuck in my head for two weeks now

Mehar Singh : I'm getting a heavy Die Antwoord vibe from the video

transgender macaroni : Anybody Shazam the Truth commercial? lol

jadon Whitted : this song makes me wanna get so high

DayOld Donuts : you know whats funny is how well she can fit in to any group or style

Davious Maximus : That's it... I'm moving to Sweden!!! Best music in the world! Elliphant... marry me?

Javier Cruz : I keep thinking of cat food

Christian Bazzucchi : Qui per la scelta di Fedez. Sembra una figata, speriamo i Moseek la rendano ancora più incredibile!

DOWWADC : finally found the netflix ad song

Nate NatE Nate : I'm smoking a cigarette to this song

Bernardo Smajic : vip reklama iz hrvatske me dovela odi :D

Danny Loughery : Singing sucks drop is bomb though

x y z z y x : This is seriously my favourite song of 2014, thank you so much Jack U!!!

jasmine allen : why are all the trap music videos always creepy

Neil Crandall : I'm smoking with cigarettes while listening to this

Jayla Nicole : Anyone else here cuz of the "Finishers" commercials?

WeHaveTheMeats : Don't smoke kids....a lil grass is okay every once in a while😎....but ciggs are pointless

destro lock999 : masterpiece.

TheKanyeAsada : We All Know This Song Now From How Much They Gave That Smoking Commercial On TV and The Theaters 😂

Samson Bell : A cat ad brought me here.

CVJAR : jack U

kutekittyangel : Netflix brought me here

Orion's Belt : X Factor Italia!

its2in0the1numbers1 : What a smooth ending.

Giacomo Lamonaco : 2:38 best outro of last year

Kyrae Jenkins : I've listened to this at least 15 times today. <3 Thank you Diplo for showing this to me.

Daniele Bordignon : moseek.

Pankaja Fernando : Trap <3 this song is sick

Bob Marley Girl : Lol! Those cigarettes commercials.

lejnamail : what a shame that tune begins in the middle :l

Cyryn Fyrcyd : I have no idea how I got here, but I am extremely happy now that I did.                       A Wondrous Wonderment of Music


Thai Cort : Elli is so crazy. I LOVE HER SO MUCH SHE IS SO AWESOME!

Andrea Fiore : Grazie fedez x avermi fatto conoscere questa figata di canzone 😊 #xfactoritalia

Lorent Mustafa : thumbs up if you;re here from JACK U umf 2014

Lola Carter : her accent though, I'm living for it


S Klass : I love her songs but her videos freak me out.. lol idk why

Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer : would go great with a cigarette...

PANDAmonium • : I thought this was gonna be one of those songs where here voice would change I didn't think it would sound the same throughout the whole song meaning that radio vibe she has going on.

Natalia Morin : Who else shazamed this song from the commercial??

Mojo Manson : VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!! Move over Hannibal, let The Elliphant take over! Head lettuce $2.35 per lb. She gives good voice!

Seth Sharon : Liberals are always demanding Revolution - at the expense of others. The real Revolution is within yourself.

JohannaHerman : Kommer den här EPn släppas på Spotify?

MalxChat : What's her nationality? Her voice is so interesting uhhh I can't get over it

justin_1702 : reminds me of a Die Antwoord film clip

Brandon Walton : What did I just watch??? ._.