Plank Exercise Routine - Different Plank Exercises

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Mario Marius : Wow..

JonHealthandFitness : Side plank reach through is a long-time favorite of mine. It makes a showing in my group fitness classes with some frequency!

Veronica S. Flores : Great video! I learned some new ways to do this challenging exercise!

Marta Keller : I so look forward to doing a plank again in the next few months, injured my lower back recently so mobility majorly restricted... Great video!

martinconwheeler : Thank you for this video. I have been looking for ways to stabilize my core and this is the most informative Plank exercise video I have found

4by4 Circuits Home Workouts : Nice work. Keep it going.

It's gotta be Carpy : Great video as always and some exercises I will definitely use in my daily workout routines. 👏👏