Every Episode Of America's Got Talent

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Berd : wow, i was amazed at the unusual person's unexpected talent

DammitSinged : _I choose unusual man as my Golden Buzzer._

Quinton Reviews : They were weird and then they did a thing whaaat

th31 : very accurate because there is no other talent shown than singing

hmm yes interesting. : *America's Got Bamboozled* _in every episode ever_

Michael Jae : why is this actually true

Veridian : Everyone knows Gus is the most talented person in America anyways

Ms.Milkies : *_It's a yes from me_*

Yosuto : Candidates HATE her! See how she made MILLIONS of people Cheer with this 1 SIMPLE TRICK!!

Cyranek : give me singing lessons please gus please i need this

rielitty : this much quality in just 31 seconds? beautiful.

Sheepsquatch : Have you been eating that microphone again?

Natalie Alfera : I wish to be so talented as to opera sing just by opening my mouth

Autistic Al : The last frame of this video has so much potential i don't even know where to begin.

Abbreviated Reviews : Your mouth opens like... really wide. Did you audition for the new Predator movie?

Justin Y. : How did you get actual footage of America's got talent?

Devon Palmer : Generic Child singer with sob story gets golden buzzer for being child singer with sob story

Average Steve : Now this is talent

Senura Kaduwela : 0:14 Lol 😂 looks like a serial killer !!!

Teddy Hwang : You know what? (Presses golden buzzer) (Slow motion and overdramatic music starts playing) (Golden confetti intensifies) (Everyone is now crying)

hichkas021 : YESSSSS AN UPLOAD!!!!

Ryan Beard : Was on America’s Got Talent. Can confirm.

doraemonbebe : You forgot the cringy host trying so hard to blend in with the performance

Imam Dwi Septiadi : i bet this video is just an excuse for gus to use some 3D question mark template he found on the internet

Dan Hauer : "You won't BELIEVE the judges' INCREDIBLE reactions to this UNBELIEVABLE America's Got Talent contestant!"

Dwight Shrute : Accurate.

Conspiracies by Hans 2 : You're an unusual looking person because you're a transgender.

Merlin Merlout : After the Mitchell Robbins video, I know that's Gus' real voice.

ExoticFood Kid : This is way too short to contain every episode of America’s got talent, I want a refund

Falah Homelytor : 0:31

Teal Opal : You forgot about the part where they show aggresive favoritism towards kids with sob stories.

Reblocka : *gives this video the GOLDEN BUZZER*

me : And then it trends on yt


Matty Buh : i don’t get the joke i only watch Britain’s got talent

Garlic Bread : Dude they might sue you for uploading the whole show

Dunkmen216 : You forgot the sob story, the judges would not be impressed. Unsubscribed for inaccuracy of content.

Daruny Beoulve : 100% accurate.

Dan 'TheLegoPerson' Fiscus : Wow, America lacks talent™

S pook : “It’s a *no* from me”

ReadaBook : alternatively: a person with minimum backstory who doesn’t talk much goes up and does a stupid act that immediately gets all 4 buzzers.

Takaloh : This is so sad, CAN WE HIT 50 LIKES? (True tho)

Samuel Yuan : “Tell me how much this competition means to you” oh *generic sob story that pretty much everyone in a poor socioeconomic position has gone through* “wow *golden buzzer*”

Dogrimp 3 : Loving the mustache Gus!

Jacobi : That person looks very *u n u s u a l*

Bell : Gus, you know showing footage from a t.v show can get you a strike right? You just can't take footage and upload as is!

Mondo The Grunt : America's got sob stories


Kaylie Woods : *beautiful* 👏

Joseph : What is that song?