Marvin Gaye sings American National Anthem
Marvin Gaye sings American National Anthem

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Marvin Gaye sings the American national anthem at the 1983 NBA All-Star Game. Enjoy.


christian benjamin : I’ve never seen so much finesse in my entire life

barbara wright : This is how Fergie was trying to sing the national anthem, but slaughtered the song instead...

TRACEWORLD2 : Why is NO ONE this damn cool anymore??!!

Brent McInnis : I think America just got pregnant.

HelloItsKebu : Marvin Gaye and Whitney Houston are the best at this.

County Boy Films : Damn! That was the coolest smoothest shit I ever heard in my life

Jovina Baruch : Only Marvin Gaye can make you feel sexy and patriotic at the same time 🙌💘😏

Vani Jay : Had to come back and listen to this after Fergie's wailing.

TheBladeMaker : Man can you believe they held the allstar game at a Marvin Gaye concert?!?! The 80's must have been amazing!!

Santilla V. : Now, that’s how you put a “slant” on the national anthem.

Clinton Pough : isn't it ironic that the two best rendition of the national anthem is performed by black people,Whitney and Marvin. I'm sure there were others, but these two are the most celebrated.

Careese : Fergie's anthem destruction brought me here. Needed some healing 😧

Firstname Lastname : who watching this after watching fergie?

Frodo Baggins : Marvin is so PITCH PERFECT it is terrifying. This guy was from another planet. I'm not kidding.

Mike Cattermole : Smooth as glass! He personified the word "cool!" Ain't nothin like the real thing baby....and that real thing is none other than Marvin Gaye!

Patrick Foley : the way he sings "that our flag was still there" gives me chills

JenlovesKingsley Beckett : Man I love this when the people start clapping my heart got warm

Shannon Hill : I remember during an interview with Marvin Gaye's wife back in the day she said Marvin and her were so high at the All-Star game when he sung the National Anthem that he had to wear those sunglasses

chris simpson : lmfao, sexual healing for America.

The Heartfelt Kid : Fergie brought me here

da11king : wow! so smooth and groovy

Fantastic Cuz : Still the dopest in 2018

Jude B : I had never heard Marvin's version before. Wow totally awesome. I could understand every word of the anthem - something that you often miss when singers are belting it out. Only wish I had heard him do it in person. Thank you Mr. Gaye!!

Cédric Bouvier : Marvin Gaye had musical diversity, he could have sang everything.

82Jaster : Coming here to cleanse my ears after hearing...whatever Fergie just did to the Anthem.

Zen Ren : that ending was epic.....the crowd was so into it, people dancing to the anthem lol.....only marvin gaye coulda done that...RIP!

Sir Sire : And the home......... of the ... home of the brave!!! Oh lord. #chillsfromCanada

Gable225 : For those of us who actually heard and witnessed how the National Anthem sung by Mr. Marvin Gaye REALLY sounded probably will never hear it from this platform smdh.

Stephany R : I never heard it like this... So sexy lol this is literally a concert and not just the national anthem

K.Jr. : He sang beautifully. The best rendition EVER. Wish he could have been around longer. His voice has a healing power. RIP

demetria duma : I seriously never thought the US National Anthem would ever be made into something other than its basic self. Wow....... I just sat through Marvin Gaye making love to the US National was very beautiful. It didn’t feel force, Marvin knew exactly what he had to do. Long live Marvin!

Steve Smekar : How many different levels of smooth are there, Marvin?

Ivan Sanchez : Only Marvin can make love to The National Anthem. Simply Wonderful 😉

Erika Snow : Thanks to Fergie and how she disrespected my ears, i came to witness this amazing rendition of the National anthem!!!

Andrew W.C. : He just made a song about war and death into baby making fuel.

Merly I. : Beautiful wished you were still with us Marvin- you could had sung at last night's game😢

Charles Poston : Fergie has us reaching back 35 years for some real music. Marvin stepped into this with both feet and made a classic out of a clearly racist and biased song.

Jeffrey Bauer : it pisses me off that we lost him

Sandeep Kumar : 35 yrs later Fergie tried to make it sexy like this but failed miserably....

datcreolechick : If you never thought about making love to the Star Spangle Banner song... this version will make you want I love it..

Michelle Hunter : My man the Mr. Sir Marvin Gaye The Best. So Miss You.

Phill Daugherty : The best national anthem I ever heard

dollarbill334 : I just want those shades 😎😎😎

sayheykid54 : Beautiful soulful rendition of the National Anthem. Classic!!

denmark555 : As the anthem ended, everyone forgot about the game, and went home and made sweet love to their significant others! Marvin was just too damn smooth for words.

Avalon Park : Fergie look and listen. He was different but on que and on point. He stayed with the rhythm.

Jo Jo Momon : One of the most soulful versions... of the National Anthem

Will E. Fisturgash : That’s how it’s done Fergie.

shayla1982 : This rendition still gives me chills...