Marvin Gaye sings American National Anthem

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TheNBAFreak : Came here to cleanse my ears after Fergie disrespected every US citizen lol.

barbara wright : This is how Fergie was trying to sing the national anthem, but slaughtered the song instead...

HelloItsZiggy : Marvin Gaye and Whitney Houston are the best at this.

Vani Jay : Had to come back and listen to this after Fergie's wailing.

Antoine Campbell : He sung that. Even Colin Kapernick would have stood up for it.

TRACEWORLD2 : Why is NO ONE this damn cool anymore??!!

christian benjamin : I’ve never seen so much finesse in my entire life

Zen Ren : that ending was epic.....the crowd was so into it, people dancing to the anthem lol.....only marvin gaye coulda done that...RIP!

County Boy Films : Damn! That was the coolest smoothest shit I ever heard in my life

OVERCLOCK EVERYTHING : I know you supposed to be silent during national anthem, but god damn he sung the hell out of this.

Santilla V. : Now, that’s how you put a “slant” on the national anthem.

Shannon Hill : I remember during an interview with Marvin Gaye's wife back in the day she said Marvin and her were so high at the All-Star game when he sung the National Anthem that he had to wear those sunglasses

Brent McInnis : I think America just got pregnant.

Mister Mister : who watching this after watching fergie?

Careese : Fergie's anthem destruction brought me here. Needed some healing 😧

Andrew Cuthbertson : He just made a song about war and death into baby making fuel.

Almighty Dolla : the way he sung it you wish their was more words to the anthem lol

TheBladeMaker : Man can you believe they held the allstar game at a Marvin Gaye concert?!?! The 80's must have been amazing!!

Mel Nicole J : Blackness, Greatness, Dopeness!

The Heartfelt Kid : Fergie brought me here

mari cork : Here after that monstrosity fergie did

82Jaster : Coming here to cleanse my ears after hearing...whatever Fergie just did to the Anthem.

Daniel Breslow : Absolutely the best version of the National Anthem EVER, by a man. Whitney will forever have it covered for women!!

Allan Flancia : This is the coolest, most captivating, sexiest rendition of the American National Anthem. I'm an Australian and proud of it. But I gotta say, If anyone puts a standard version on the star spangled banner it's gotta be Marvin Gaye's version.

brianmichaelh23 : Yeah even Colin Kaepernick would've had to stand for this version....mercy

Bruce Wheelock : I am 62 years old and one of the most patriotic Americans, I seen this live, and I was mesmerized by this rendition that I had to have a copy. As one commenter put it, "If your going to screw with the National Anthem, do it like this".  I truly miss the classy days. God bless what was ONCE "The United States of America"!

kweezy b : This bout to get hella views cause of Fergie shitting on the anthem

mike lee : He took this song and gave it soul and life.

Peter Rodriguez : No better version seriously

Will E. Fisturgash : That’s how it’s done Fergie.

Sandeep Kumar : 35 yrs later Fergie tried to make it sexy like this but failed miserably....

JenlovesKingsley Beckett : Man I love this when the people start clapping my heart got warm

Emmatt Edo : By the Gods.. What did I just hear I came here after fergie and I was blown away... Marvin is just on another level.

chris simpson : lmfao, sexual healing for America.

Kay 16 : How many people came here after Fergie's version? Lolll

Tracie T : i was all by myself, and I just got pregnant, and it's Marvin's baby!

Annette Maxwell : How on earth do you make A national anthem sound sexy ?LOL let Marvin Gaye sing it !LOL only one Marvin RIP

Sterling Rock : Some sanctimonious white folks was critical of his rendition of the anthem in 1983 when this was performed. Today it has become one of the iconic version ever recorded.

paulytamale : He did the impossible: made The Star Spangled Banner a good song

Michelle Hunter : My man the Mr. Sir Marvin Gaye The Best. So Miss You.

Brandon Baumann : you know all those women's panties in the arena were just soaking wet lol during this

Erika Snow : Thanks to Fergie and how she disrespected my ears, i came to witness this amazing rendition of the National anthem!!!

denmark555 : As the anthem ended, everyone forgot about the game, and went home and made sweet love to their significant others! Marvin was just too damn smooth for words.

Mr Ngu-Tang Clan : Had to listen to this after Fergies debauchery

Tommmyyy : This was tuff ‼️‼️

peirrezander : Here to cleanse my ears after Fergie's rendition.

mybirdcansing : I can't believe people are comparing Fergie's 2018 performance to this Gaye version. There's no comparison. Gaye is an icon and one of the best singers in American popular music. His all-star game performance was excellent. Fergie is a below average singer who needs studio tricks to sound good, and her performance at the all-star game was was cringeworthy crap. If you try to put them in the same category, you expose yourself as naive and a musical beginner.

ladyjae65 : He pimped this song pure and simple, like only he can, lordy....

Fantastic Cuz : Still the dopest in 2018

macho tony : "the bombs bursting in airrrrrr" Ooooooh... sexy bombs!