Alan Kay Demos GRaIL

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Alan Kay demonstrates a GRaIL (GRaphical Input Language) system from about 1968. From "Doing With Images Makes Symbols: Communicating With Computers"


Ishpeck : Code generation has gotta be a monumental bitch.

ZeriouS : Yeah ! :D

dragonheadthing : Thanks for the upload! Had no idea this kind of technology existed in the late 60s.

Ricky Rick : yeh, what the hell is wrong with our industry, it's like music: they can only make what was there before. Well... in this case... they can't ... make ... what was ... more than 40 years before

Baran Yalcin : I don't like any programming paradigm that hinders what's going on under the hood. Model based systems like these, which depend on automatic code generation will always be the "cool stuff" which will never make it to the first place.

macho coding : Ahead of its time