Rolling a Reliant Robin - Top Gear - BBC

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MCFCRuss Brown : with that helmet on he looks like a fat kid with his face trapped in between some elevator doors

I am owl : 2:04 fast & furios,final race scene.Dominik torreto

Cirkuit Knight : 3 best friends all died the same day. The get to heaven. The first friend talks to God, God says “here in heaven I give you a free car, just gotta tell me how many times you cheated on your wife.” The first friend says “ i cheated on her 5 times” god says ok and gave him a Ford Focus. Second guy gets asked the same question he says “twice God.” God gives him a Jeep. The third guy comes up, God asks him the same he answers “ never God I loved my wife” god gave him a Ferrari. One day all three friends took a drive and then a car passes, the Ferrari driver starts crying.”what’s wrong?” Asks the ford driver. He replied “That was my wife she was driving a Reliant Robin .”

Steven Ratmansky : "the dodge demon is the only production car that can do wheelies stock"

LUK3YG : There is a perfectly good reason cars are manufactured with 4 wheels.

Melissa Anderson : I remember there was a car like this in Mr. Bean series. It was a light blue one.

23jfk : Britishs found out how to regulate their population

안녕Rosenour : I don’t know about you, but I am laughing my absolute ass off

SEMAJ : Pulling up in your first car to show your parents like 3:15

Beatboxermania : *intense music* “Here we go, the reliant robin” *immediately crashes in like 3 seconds 😂😂

Chalky : Where I live we lost thousands, maybe tens of thousands of lives to the Reliant Robin.

Ash Wood : 0:06 1:09 2:24 3:14 5:30 6:55

FNFDude45 : 6:54 I'm dead 😂😂😂😂

kevin12567 : I see why they were called Reliants - you had to RELY on others to keep you upright!

Derangedteddy : This is, without a doubt, the funniest Top Gear skit of all time.


patrick Katalenas : the good ol' days of topgear. after jeremy, richard, and may left topgear died.

bastiaan0741 : I wouldn't feel safe even as a pedestrian walking nearby.

The SassyGuy : Whose brilliant idea was it to build this 3 wheel car?

Punished Shia : why is this car not in GTA 5?

Rob Fauzi : Rest in peace Stringfellow

Michael Hasse : pulled into the car show and flipped, couldn't stop laughing

Ghost : When topgear was good, in memory a moment of silence

72speedway : 1:43 look how far behind him everyone else is!!!

Storms and Saugeye : I just imagine this really awkward time in the 60's and 70's where you'd be walking down the street and see about 7-10 of these on their sides with very unhappy drivers asking for a push.

Destroyer995 : The reliant was not the car to rely on

José Carlos : 3:12 LORD! 😂


Cary Banasiak : You can hear Jeremy's northern scent come out when he talks to the reliant enthusiasts

tornadohand : GF: Babe, come over Me: I have Reliant Robin GF: My parents aren't home Me: 3:14

the DORIFTO lover : 3:15 how to make a entrance

lukas villar : 3:15 Best moment EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gustavo Gonzalez : Whos watching this on December 2018 😂😂

BaconNationRacing : Here we go the reliant robin *FLIPS CAR INSTANTY*

AlphA NeoX : "They see me rollin', they laughing"

Zoltai : the way he crashed at the beginning made me laugh

Pyrus Rex : The Robin would actually be good in snow. I used to have a Yamaha TriZ 250, and I would run it around town on roads when it snowed. The single front tire helps it cut corners without plowing like ATV's do, and it was great for drifting.

hazardousmateriel_1 : The not so reliant robin

AS Films : RIP Peter Stringfellow

XDreamer Boy : 2:25 noooooooooo not again XD

Mayor of Big Daddy’s Pizza : RIP PETER STRINGFELLOW

BNJYT : When Top Gear was good.

Cesar Ferreira : This is real drifting

Yume : Dream car.

Hornet : to this day in 2019, I still think about the failed handshake at 3:01

ck stars : 6:55 lol great acting

C AB : 2:05 what happens if you watch Fast and Furious too much

Wesley Ramberg : Sliding into them DMs like 2:25.

Jesse W : All things considered, how many other vehicles can go thru that many rolls and still drive on

Adam Hill : My neighbor has one of those cars and wakes me up every morning as he revs the engine to get it going. He is also about 80