Beau Was There: No Country for Old Men

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William McAlpine : Wow. That was spot on.

Lex Python : Very good original content. I laughed several times. This might be your thing.

Anton Chigurh RP : *TEXTS BACK* "And I love you too.... Friend-O." // A MUCH better love story than those could compare! XD

afilmbycam : Mate this was great! The effects/editing was impressive but also your delivery. Made me laugh a lot. Keep going!

Sarah Richardson : This is perfection! I hope to see more of Anton here! :)

Gaming With Catgaga : I shared this all over and to my friend who has a Anton Chigurh fan page, he’s gonna love this! 😂😂😂😂 Great work!

Sponn : But do y'all bang tho?

Angel Lopez : friendo

WisdomThumbs : I chuckled five times but I miss Anton's threats.