The OFFICIAL Mr. Bubz video
Mr Bubz

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Mr. Bubz loves humans.


Grey Cryoclasm : When you’re Satan and you plan to come to earth reincarnated as a human but you accidentally get reincarnated as a dog.

The Brown kid : We all love you mr bubz

who8myfish : I shared this with a woman I've been seeing and she didn't understand what I thought was so funny. I think I might break it off with her today.

Mr Homard : We have an other candidate for the "Important Videos" playlist

Nicolas Alonso-Harper : I think something's wrong with your cat

Constant Throwing : This is my favorite video.

Trihard : The end kills me

TealSeal5683 : The dramatic pause is everything

Michael Bush : I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about this video. It is by far the greatest thing in human history. All hail Mr. Bubz.

Ashley Pizaña : Honestly, I wanna know the context. Why was she filming? Why does Mr. Bubz not love the man? Has Mr. Bubz always been this way?

Jaha Walgern : I don’t think you guys understand how funny this is to me. This dog is like theatric perfection. He needs his own movie I swear. Something has to happen cause he is literally so damn cute and evil all in one idk

Blizzard Animations : The way he notices she's recording and just has that stupid look killed me XD

David Benardo : This video cured my depression

thechubbypug1001 : Mr. Bubz looked at the camera and was like shit she got me on camera

Lacie Hinds : _Mr.Bubz was obviously a paid actor_

courtney curtis : i love you mr bubbs do you love me too? *growling intensifies* no? oh no, i think he loves me. *dat face tho* yea i got u, i got this on camera *unholy growl*

Ruby Ravenhawk : The more I watch it, the funnier it gets 😂

Joe Benz : Mr bubz: ◑ _ ◐ "YEAH I GOT YOU! I GOT THIS ON CAMERA"

TheJam Music : I watched this more than 100 times today

Truth Singer : Mr bubz: winner of the internet

MakinPeaceWithPieces : I... I think I just figured out why his name is Mr. Bubz. He's Beelzebub.

rainesjr14 : 10 people are unable to feel humor...let us pray for them 🙏

Mancala Board : Had a bad day at work, watched this video, laughed, no more bad day, happy day

H. D. : What is this dog What is even Mr. Bubz

SamCraig : Need more Mr Bubz.

stormthrush37 : Genuinely one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

ok : 0:10 that face

Arabella : The end lmfao this is so me if I was a dog

Mr_ Potato : Doctor: *You only have 14 seconds to live* Me: *Watches this video*

Bass Record : 0:09 "oh no, I've been caught, I will act normal"

Stef T : I cannot stop watching this and laughing!! Mr. Bubz is not with the sh*tz!!

Ramune Raven : "Yeah I got you, I got this on camera" "waaAAAAAGGHHHH"

weeble dweeble : Why can i not stop luaghing

Caitlyn O. : *i c o n i c*

jojo jo : Idk but this is... my life.

Skipperino Trumperino : Me with social interaction

Anthony Deperino : We laugh now but wait until the deamon dog enslaves the world WHOM WILL BE LAUGHING THEN I ASK? WHOM?

Lushune : I think you should check your ferret for rabies

legion999 : Is that...a plaid shirt in that "break glass in case of emergency" box in the background?

Dawn : My daughter just sent this to me. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt and I think I even peed a little. Now, no matter where I am. If I just think about it I start cracking up all over again! Strangers were looking at me like was crazy! So I just say, "Mr Bubz!" They'd reply with, OH!! and laugh too. Or, I know, Right?! He's SO funny! Is there a new one?! 🤣🤣🤣

Kristijan Majstorić : Im dying of laughter Medical team: we need to administrate the shot were loosing him Me: no stay back i need this

Shizzy Wizzy : Wow Amazing story! The build up was so great, and the climax was top notch, but I couldn't stop coming back for the plot twist 10/10 would watch the Mr.Bubz movie again.

Ashi Knight : *puts cross near dog* WAAHHHH

water sheep : With captions on mr bubz's growl is subtitled "[Music]"

Nemo Dog : That ending

Jason Elwood : That feeling when you gotta hop on a plane to travel between your dog's eyes.

christian velasco : Any other dog has a "g-r-r-r-r-r" Bubs is just *EEHHH*

iAmMikoe : Anyone here from the 12th Planet X Barely Alive/Phase One collab?

Twinkie Tree : When your mom takes your chicken strips