When You Think You Are Fast And This Happens

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William Lauzon : That moment when you're going 300/KPH and slam into a deer.

IvanIrishYT : All 5.4k dislike is from traffic enforcer

chandu ki vines : Dangerous 😱😱😱😱

Adhish Thonge : s1000rr is the best bike in the world leaving the h2

Thot Bot : "I wanna go fast" - Ricky Bobby

Allan Pizza : that porsche was just cruising 🤣

pavan gangal : Riding 300kph at night..wtf man

Gravecb7 Accord : It's all fun and games till someone gets killed

mr zed : This is one of the reasons I stopped riding. The temptation is too strong.

Doe Dee : 300Kph = 186Mph If you were wondering

Mystery of Science : fast fast fast 😂😂

Studená Strana : Riding bike at 300km/h at night?!! Like i love speed but this is pure suicide

lj : 300kmh at night? Do you even value your own life

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : - Paul Walker song starts playing

chevymuscle4life : the video edits makes this video hilarious!!

Harsh Pandey : I have never ever went up than 80kmph on Indian roads.

Sanjaya Clan TV : Me 60km/h

T Umut Şanlı : 0:40 that porsche 1500 hp

ZVDreacts : Just imagine hitting a tree at that speed🙃

Verry Jupiter : Hahaha hahaha hahaha

Hornady Setiawan : Going faster & faster to heaven...

Veslanjejezivot : idiots

Sagar G : 1st & 2nd clip- awesome😂😂😂

Bingzhuo Liu : Hope they're still alive

Pravesh Pathak : No one stands off in front of a Ferrari.

N4- GANG : That Porsche tho 🔥👌🏼

Verdell Richardson : That first cry is hilarious

Zuzu : This is how i feel like when someone ended my 5 killstreak on multiplayer games

januardi jsi : Haaaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Kaylor styles : Need for speed

Abstergo TV : Lots of love from India 💝

Squid : Girl: come over Me: I can’t, I’m busy. Girl: my parents aren’t home ;) Me: 0:06

Adrenaline Only : These super bikes have nothing on tuned cars.. they get smoked all the time lol

PYROWORKSTV : Normal stuff here in Germany 🇩🇪💕

Valentine Vell : *Its over nine thousandddddd!!!.....*

Dank La Douge : When you n u t t on the autobahn

Toasty : Great edits! Although this video is close to being called idiot drivers crash compilation.

Shivank Agrawal : BMW must make a great change in its speedometer console. It looks ordinary. Like Ducatti.

akshay wadelkar : The power of *S1000RR* ... 😍😍😍😘😘😘 ...

Olliwer : This is like the game called traffic rider.

Igor M : Motorcyclist + 200+kmph = ground meat

Derrick Robinson : The clapping though!😂

kevin : fast to the death

Name : Can't touch this

Zenguy : I keep starting to be impressed, then realise all those speedos where in km/h...

Mountain Drew : 😂😂😂 Love this edit!

Pratheesh K : Thats why we upgrade nitrous boost

Jeremy : Watching the S1000 pulling through 300 and topping out.... then realizing he still has an upshift. WOW

TotallyWicked : Damn I love going fast

GAMINGwithJUNJIE : Someone arrest this man lol