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A friend of mine learned conversational Spanish in 30 days and documented the journey in this video

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Do you want to learn another language? With so many resources out there what would be the best way to learn conversational Spanish in just 30 days. This episode of Max’s Monthly Challenge delves into this challenge. I show my process on how I went about learning Spanish to a conversational level in a month. It includes my struggles including getting a flesh eating bacteria that had me in and out of the hospital 5 times during the month. Despite the struggles I soldiered on to give my best effort. This language learning episode is a great start for how to learn Spanish for beginners. Recommended resources: Michel Thomas - Amazing audio books that teach you in the way you would have a conversation. Highly recommended! https://amzn.to/2OatYPf BaseLang - unlimited one-on-one Spanish tutoring for $129 a month. https://baselang.com/maxwellhertan (Get a discount with this link!) The Mimic Method - Pronunciation training through songs from Idahosa. http://mimicmethod.com AnkiSRS - This is the flashcard app Connor used in the film. http://ankisrs.net/ ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE: ★☆★ Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/MaxsYouTube ★☆★ WATCH MORE: ★☆★ Watch Max's Monthly Challenge ► http://bit.ly/maxsmonthly ★☆★ FOLLOW ME: ★☆★ Facebook ► http://bit.ly/MaxHertanFacebook Instagram ► http://bit.ly/MaxHertanInstagram ★☆★ ABOUT MY CHANNEL: ★☆★ The Max Hertan channel is about challenging yourself to live a fulfilled life. There are three components to the channel. 1 ► Monthly challenges that range from learning skateboarding, salsa dancing, stand up comedy or more important life skills like meditation, building a business or body building. 2 ► Interviews with some of the most interesting and successful people that I can find across the world. Decoding their best ideas into short and engaging videos 3 ► Taking my life lessons and producing the content I wished was out there when I was getting started. ★☆★ ABOUT ME: ★☆★ I'm a entrepreneur who is obsessed with learning and wants to make a positive change in the world. I've built up 2 successful companies: 1 ► Megaphone Marketing (https://megaphonemarketing.com.au/) which is one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Australia. 2 ► Squeak Design (https://www.squeakdesign.com/) which produces high quality fashion accessories and sells worldwide. I'm on a mission to continue to learn, be happy & create positive change in the world.


romaniahasmetal : I couldn't wait for you to do a language challenge <3

Goober13md : I did Spanish at school for 5 years and you're already heaps better than I ever was. Yikes!

Patel anurag : Max hertan bro..can you become ambidextrous? I am trying to achieve that skill.😃and I also want to learn arabic just like you learned spanish!!lastly,I like your videos !!

Goal Guys : Great video mate! I’ve always found languages really challenging, so it’s awesome to see how much you improved over the month.

Lena Snow : This video has motivated me to start learning Spanish NOW (after years and years of procrasination)

Basia Blaz : hi:) pretty amazing, I am Spanish teacher:) your level is like after 2 years in school:) hats off!!!

Joksan Suriel : Actually I'm learning English, is easy to me understand what you say, but the conversation is another point. I can't get a fluid conversation like you did. And I have five months studing (and I'm still)... I know the horror that produce try to talk with somebody on their own native language XD Well, your channel is an inspiration to me to challenging my life and my self. Also that teach me more about English language :) I don't stop to learn new things as possible. Yeah, I love learning too (that was the reason which you get me here) :0

Lorenzo Ponce : This should be required viewing material for any exchange student going to Spain - completely impressed

Jeffrey Li : Tu hablas espanol muy bien! Si, ahora, despues de mi "aprender espanol en un mes", algos frases son dificil, y no estoy hablando perfecto. Pero, puedo hablar! Bienvenido Max!

IAM TECH : I still have 26 days to complete my 30 day python challenge. Gonna do it 😉.. so far.. so good.

SwankyTurtleYuh : This is crazy im so inspired!!!!

Mariama Ali : Just binged all of his videos. Where has such a quality YouTube channel been hiding all this time! Smashed subscribe soo quick. If any one knows other talented YouTuber please let me know.

Mike Haydon : Damn dude that arm is nasty! From a mozzie bite?! Damn

Snosser : Wow amazing! learning a language in only 30 days is something you should be proud of! try learning portuguese! because most people think portuguese and spanish is the same, but its not, its very different, portuguese is a little bit harder, but you will get a bit of advantage because some words are similiar to spanish. also the accent is quite different. i would love to see you trying to learn it. Keep up the good work man.

Anna Mel : Brazil here 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 and I love your channel, Im commenting only for to show that have brazilians following and watching your videos.

Wolfie Venturi : Big fan of these challenges. I'm tackling Dutch myself, I understand the language grind. Keep it up

Natalia Zielińska-Sewastianik : You are a great Man! I am with You in this project. Organizing my challenge today. 💚

京都アンソニー : I'm glad you did this channel. I've been learning Japanese but I want to master Spanish, so I will follow your footsteps! Thank you for the motivation !

Felipe Machado : Tú estás hablando muy bien Max! Awesome video like always!

Strider Productions : This video was awesome! Great progress keep it up!!! :))

Nicoladen : You're an inspiration! Glad to have come across your channel!

Ivy Meowers : My favorite youtuber, keep up fam!

Dinesh KN : I am amazed by seeing your dedication.,

Led Tier : I love u man and see you has an inspiration,can u love my comment and pin it.

Steve T : I'm going on vacation to Mexico at the beginning of the new year and really want to learn some Spanish before I go. I really like the methods you used, I'm gonna try them myself. Thanks for providing the great resources too, hope to have as good of results as you did!

TrandsomeTrav : Muy bueno!! I'm glad you got that bacteria under control. Looked terrifying. I think I'm most excited for your next video.

KIRAGAMI WRIGHT : I tried learning French in one month, it didn't turn out well. But after watching this video, I may give it another chance. Thanks for the inspiration man! You are great.

Yuntian (Aeropl) Bai : Yo man that's great it's such a motivation for me to keep pursuing my Spanish as my third language, hope you feel better with the infection stuff!

Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez : Muy bien hecho! No pensaba que pudieses tener una conversación en solo un mes de estudio... Greetings from Málaga (Spain)

Yoga Awesome : When he said i have sick instead of i am sick, i am sorry but i laughed. But i have to say you learnt really fast.

Grace Francis-Simon : Could you post the list of your audio books please. I'm learning Spanish as well Gracias amigo

dgoldy101 : This is amazing! I seriously did not expect that to be possible...good luck with the arm. I cannot wait for the return of the backflip!!

Roshid6 : Awesome content! My dad managed to learn Spanish when he dated a Spanish native and he loved the language and the differences between conversational and academic language learning! Support from Scotland ☺️

Avey Santez : This was actually really helpful. Thank you so much for making this video

The Random Duo : I’ve been learning German on Duolingo for about a year + school and I can speak quite a lot of stuff

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Ana Guillén Valencia : Sos increíble 😎 lo hiciste genial y mejoraste mucho

Fabian Que : You deserve way more subs keep going!

Uddipan Sharma : You're an inspiration man. Respect to you

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