Learn Spanish in 30 Days || Learn Spanish Fast Challenge

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Wyld One : Flesh eating bacteria causing continuous pain & discomfort, and you still manage to crack on with the challenge?! you are a legend mate, very inspiring.

romaniahasmetal : I couldn't wait for you to do a language challenge <3

Goal Guys : Great video mate! I’ve always found languages really challenging, so it’s awesome to see how much you improved over the month.

Mike Haydon : Damn dude that arm is nasty! From a mozzie bite?! Damn

Joksan Suriel : Actually I'm learning English, is easy to me understand what you say, but the conversation is another point. I can't get a fluid conversation like you did. And I have five months studing (and I'm still)... I know the horror that produce try to talk with somebody on their own native language XD Well, your channel is an inspiration to me to challenging my life and my self. Also that teach me more about English language :) I don't stop to learn new things as possible. Yeah, I love learning too (that was the reason which you get me here) :0

Goober13md : I did Spanish at school for 5 years and you're already heaps better than I ever was. Yikes!

Plantaceae Family : Max hertan bro..can you become ambidextrous? I am trying to achieve that skill.😃and I also want to learn arabic just like you learned spanish!!lastly,I like your videos !!

IAM TECH : I still have 26 days to complete my 30 day python challenge. Gonna do it 😉.. so far.. so good.

Lorenzo Ponce : This should be required viewing material for any exchange student going to Spain - completely impressed

Jeffrey Li : Tu hablas espanol muy bien! Si, ahora, despues de mi "aprender espanol en un mes", algos frases son dificil, y no estoy hablando perfecto. Pero, puedo hablar! Bienvenido Max!

Snosser : Wow amazing! learning a language in only 30 days is something you should be proud of! try learning portuguese! because most people think portuguese and spanish is the same, but its not, its very different, portuguese is a little bit harder, but you will get a bit of advantage because some words are similiar to spanish. also the accent is quite different. i would love to see you trying to learn it. Keep up the good work man.

Kumarlavanya M : Useful and detailed guide about how to learn spanish. I hope we can win this challenge if we follow the instructions given in this video. Thanks for sharing.

Somina : Thanks for great video! Very good Challenge! I've learned a few words thanks to you!

Jessy Fereira : excellent content from start to finish. Sharing useful and effective information in all your detailed and well explained information. thank you for sharing this. I have worked correctly all your advice.

Anna Mel : Brazil here 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 and I love your channel, Im commenting only for to show that have brazilians following and watching your videos.

Maxim Petrov : Very useful and interesting video with detailed and important information

FunkyRyan : Learning to breakdance in a month

Wolfie Venturi : Big fan of these challenges. I'm tackling Dutch myself, I understand the language grind. Keep it up

Roshid6 : Awesome content! My dad managed to learn Spanish when he dated a Spanish native and he loved the language and the differences between conversational and academic language learning! Support from Scotland ☺️

Supreme Gelido : Can't wait for next month

Led Tier : I love u man and see you has an inspiration,can u love my comment and pin it.

Juancho Perez : I am a native spanish speaker and I could help you improve your spanish. I am learning English.

Cristian Orozco : Baselong it´s from Colombia? because Connor speaks spanish with 'paisa' accent. That's great!!! Also its logo containts the Coltejer Building an icon of Medellin. SUPER BACANO SI ASÍ ES!!!

GZMauricio : god damn, pretty good spanish

Workout10 - Lena Jean : This video has motivated me to start learning Spanish NOW (after years and years of procrasination)

Rahil challenger GOD : You are amazing man

Yuntian (Aeropl) Bai : Yo man that's great it's such a motivation for me to keep pursuing my Spanish as my third language, hope you feel better with the infection stuff!

Hunter Valdivia : woooh, I love it!

Mariama Ali : Just binged all of his videos. Where has such a quality YouTube channel been hiding all this time! Smashed subscribe soo quick. If any one knows other talented YouTuber please let me know.

aarif khan : You just got one more indian subscriber.🙌 i am also learning many new things this year like guitar. And some more things and you just motivate me to keep going. Thanks and looking forward to. More amazing content. 😊😊

dgoldy101 : This is amazing! I seriously did not expect that to be possible...good luck with the arm. I cannot wait for the return of the backflip!!

Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez : Muy bien hecho! No pensaba que pudieses tener una conversación en solo un mes de estudio... Greetings from Málaga (Spain)

Uddipan Sharma : You're an inspiration man. Respect to you

Hanin Saieed : Need learn Holland language 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱😥😥😥😥😥

Riley Shane : my first vid i’ve watched pretty good mate keep it up

Dan Poole : Killing it man!!

SlothyFilms : Your Spanish isn’t very good

Madlen Aram : I trust the process and I'm absolutely sure that it can help one speak any foreign language to a conversational level with it

maxim maxim : Yup, learning is fun 👍👍😋. Spanish is not a hard language, i might say the opposite, is super easy. Cheers, i really enjoyed your video.

roxi : I love u man and see you has an inspiration,can u love my comment and pin it.

Son Lê Hoàng : Spanish is a language I am very interested in. Maybe I will learn.

Prabagaran Ravi : Really its very useful for all of us. I am gonna learn.

Supriyo Ghosh : Awesome video about Learn Spanish in 30 Days.good review.nice and wonderful. thanks for sharing this video.

Gerardo Vazquez : I have been learning too much, thank you very much for sharing.

Slavko Slavkovic : Hola! I just start to learn spanish, your method sounds very interesting, keep on.

riz1903 : I am starting Spanish and this is very amazingly useful

Mia Johnson : Great video with so much information. Someone whos learning Spanish with surely find this useful!

Tatyana Davydenko : Very interesting video! This is definitely video that everybody interested in learn Spanish should watch!

Anna Valery : I thought learning Spanish would be impossible for me, but your video gives me enough confidence to move on and take the Spanish Fast challenge, thanks.

raonline14 : We can learn Spanish in 30 Days, really useful video.