Meaning of the word SHIT...

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ShootEmUpSteve : I've come to realize that this guy is a genius

chairarms : step aside Urban Dictionary, this guy has single-handedly covered nigh the entirety of the English language

Jakob Strand : This is truly the shit.

viperstrike0 : George carlin is rolling in his grave laughing.

Amuro Ray : This is some good shit

SpeedDaFup 2 : He just divided shit in pieces but his comedy isn’t a piece of shit. It’s the shit!!! Good job. Haven’t laughed in a long time like I just did watching him. 👍

ratchet256 : His name is Ismo, btw.

GldnUnicorn : Holy shit this is funny.

Richard Cuadra : So true and very very funny

Kooaateeii : I dont understand this shit. Ismo olet ihana joten tule kotiin :)

PCANGELDUST : He broke it down like a pro

nadergt1 : Love this guy

Leon A : Sooooo gooood

Avery Pack : He is truly the shit!

Margaret Jackson : That was a good explanation and the meaning of the word often used as a bowel movement ☺️

Raj V Jain : Funny as hell

Mandla Makhedama : This Finnish guy is funny...

spy guy : ahahahaha this is actually very funnny

crazyRyoga : He forgot shieeeeeeeeeet

Enter a name here : "What are you going to do? I have already told you." Ha!

Robbie Kay : Holy shit...this is the bomb! 🤣

Nicolas Martin : This is smart and funny. English is complex.

Jaden Clarke 39 (STUDENT) : ba hahahahhahahah

shana meyerson : absolutely brilliant! the shit!!! 💩

pelipoika verkku : Ismo laitela

Dan Howard : Who is the comic? OK Ismo Leikola

Jason Tan : I always say I like to play games and shit. Literally at the same time xD

Jason Woytek : Classic

J Lesh : Carlin-esqe in the best way

BudSmoke37 : So much of the shit he said i use on a daily basis and i didnt realize it until now

Cooper Wentworth : >:(

Carlos Freitas : SHIT

The Best Stooge : LOL, so truer words have never been spoken.

D.E.B. B : Holy shit that was good!

Lit Lounge : h