What the Fuck happened to Hip-Hop?
What the Fuck happened to Hip Hop DMC not holding back about Hip Hop today

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We asked DMC from Run DMC about Hip Hop today, he didn't hold back Support DDN: http://www.patreon.com/DoubleDownNews


Patryk M : hip hop then was a culture. hip hop now is just an easy way to make money.

Video Game Animation Study : _"lack of responsibility"_ is probably the most relevant thing in this day and age.

PICHAr Visual Solutions : Hip Hop died and this is zombie rap

DJ Frostbyt3 : Haters gonna say "This is from an old head perspective!" Just watch.

T Morales : I just hope this video gets millions of views #SAVEHIPHOP

Ccv667 : Now Mac Miller is dead cause of drugs πŸ’” and rappers think their video is dope to have drugs they talk about

Sofia Korhonen : Finally somebody said that!The new school of hip hop is the worst time of our history!This is most terrible, stupid and dark type of music.I leave the house and I have drug addicts everywhere! Now they are also in music! Respect from Russia.

Christopher Gongora : Stray away from mainstream music real music is still out there


Rusty SpyGoat : It takes a real man to address these issues

f1nalpr1m3 : DMC is himself a legend.

Romnys Gonzalez : childish gambino,Chance the rapper,Kendrick and J.Cole are only a few of rappers speaking about the problems in the society btw how they make his bald shine?

caruso : The ideas sound great but the harsh reality is money motivates it all and nobody wants to hear anything intelligent.

Joaquin Lomeli : *Hip hop and rap is DEAD!!* music back in the day talked about real issues, all music had a message. Now, people are just trying to rhyme words together and talk about party, drinking and girls... *#BringHipHopBack*

62eves : So what you're saying is.... Make HipHop Great Again

Rambito El Chileno : Here after seeing 6ix9ine being caught by the feds and facing life smdh πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ seems today's generation don't wanna learn. Listen to what these OG's say, they're trying to save the culture AND your damn life.

Chuckie Gravesfield : Hiphop also sounds bad today

Jamey Alford : Hip hop was about getting attention through music and it's slowly losing its content. It's all about pushing boundaries and watching chaos. People don't like music anymore they want entertainment.

rising raisings : I think it's time to change the name of this genre

Martell Tha Cool : Negativity sells in America. America is a negative culture and country altogether. Sex sells, violence sells, promoting drugs via both pharmaceutical to illegal drugs, broken single families, high divorce rate and Americans are very proud of their negative reputation

Ccv667 : And Now its 2019 and Nipsey Hustle died πŸ˜”

Jiraine : Linkin Park did it right

Calculus Daddy : I am now inspired to become a rapper!

Mateusz Jasek : Damn DMC, You're wise man!

NekrΓΈ Beats : such an important message!

Jennifer Pruitt : John Cena is a FAR better rapper than all of the "LIL" drones today.

Salman Hussam H. Linjawi : holy shit the freaking legend...

Hequiles : It's not even about auto-tune or mumble rap, I actually like Travis Scott when it comes to that. The point is the message that the rapper tries to come across and I have to agree with DMC on that. Todays message is all about wasting your life and being useless smoking weed and partying smh.

ThePubliusValerius : DMC is the man. Thank you for your message my brother.

noreqat : Hard times create strong men, Strong men create good times, Good times create weak men, Weak men create hard times. Applies to a lot of things.

terrorSABBATH : This guy is very interesting to listen to

jannyD J : When I think of raps and hip hop My thoughts are that its too late to fix what they just created

The Merchandise : Joyner, Kendrick, Hopsin, Chance be fighting for the soul of hiphop.

DISCO-INFERNO-70 : DMC is a real G.

ThatVintageLego : This is the exact reason why I hate today's hip hop, and why I only listen to old hip hop. I seriously hope people get the message and realize that they need to fix this music genre which has been lead astray.

___ : This needs at least 10x more views

SimonVisionMedia1 : DMC drops Deep Mindful Content aka D.M.C. πŸ‘πŸΎ

Black Women Are NOT Attractive! : Keep it a buck, nobody sellin' albums since 2006. Back in the 90s, Big & Pac sold zillions through hardcore rap. When downloading/CD burning came in '99-early 2000s like Napster, Limewire, Kazaa, etc, people stopped buying albums. So rap focused on simple catchy singles, ringtones, & dumb sh*t like Soulja Boy/Lil Pump.

Ken Shiro : We need to shut down this trap mumble bs

roblawsonmusic : this video is waaay better than what I thought it was gonna be based on the thumbnail

Limitations Limitless : You want to talk about just the _symptoms_ of violence while never addressing it's source (ie, Luciferian power elites)...divide and conquer.

KOOL KICKS : Very moving and accurate... spectacular speech on the way rap/hip hop should be.. it's sad to c the industry moving the direction they are going hopefully u would think things would change but your πŸ’― percent right they rather glamour rap than rhyme for a good reason or cause ... Way to go dmc hopefully u can change their pathetic minds and fill them with real rhymes!!! Run dmc rock and rap foreva love u guys

Dz Nutz : DMC was a dope rhyme spitter. But growing up in the 80s, their concerts attracted alot of violence. I can remember when the Fresh Fest and the Raising Hell tour swept through Detroit at Cobo Hall and Joe Louis Arena, ALOT of people got rushed. I remember a terrible fight broke out when I seen the premiere of Krush Groove. And there was a killing at the Adams Theatre downtown during Tougher Than Leather. The movie got pulled from theatres shortly there after.

misslotus : Wise message. I don't think people realize how legendary DMC is.

Giorgio Girardi : I'm so glad I clicked this. Thank you DMC.

Brian Imanuel : and now every rappers say n word whitout understand it is meaningful

gamz : It shouldn't be called new school, it shouldn't be hiphop at all

Dillon Collins : My dude droppin' hiphop knowledge while wearing an ACDC shirt.

phuse99 : The pendulum is starting to swing the other way. I see young kids listening to older music now, when I was a kid that didn't happen as much. They realize the music made now sucks. Also the political agenda's own the companies. But I actually have hope it will swing the other way.