What the Fuck happened to Hip-Hop?

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Dillon Collins : My dude droppin' hiphop knowledge while wearing an ACDC shirt.

Dan Root : _"lack of responsibility"_ is probably the most relevant thing in this day and age.

Patryk M : hip hop then was a culture. hip hop now is just an easy way to make money.

SpartaXvi : Linkin Park did it right

Romnys Gonzalez : childish gambino,Chance the rapper,Kendrick and J.Cole are only a few of rappers speaking about the problems in the society btw how they make his bald shine?

Nekrø Beats : such an important message!

Caleb Twombly : This deserves a f*cking standing ovation. I can't tell you how many times I nodded my head and screamed YES at this. One of the truest and single most important thing an artist has said in YEARS!

Zhenlong Kizazu : Then Eminem Kamikaze came to sweep the garbage out. That's the 1st step.

khalilTv : Now Mac Miller is dead cause of drugs 💔 and rappers think their video is dope to have drugs they talk about

shrimp daddy : Damn his forehead is so shiny

T Morales : I just hope this video gets millions of views #SAVEHIPHOP

Joaquin Lomeli : *Hip hop and rap is DEAD!!* music back in the day talked about real issues, all music had a message. Now, people are just trying to rhyme words together and talk about party, drinking and girls... *#BringHipHopBack*

Jennifer Pruitt : John Cena is a FAR better rapper than all of the "LIL" drones today.

caruso : The ideas sound great but the harsh reality is money motivates it all and nobody wants to hear anything intelligent.

Calculus Daddy : I am now inspired to become a rapper!

ThatVintageLego : This is the exact reason why I hate today's hip hop, and why I only listen to old hip hop. I seriously hope people get the message and realize that they need to fix this music genre which has been lead astray.

Jesse Bauer : Hip-hop is not alone! What we have on our hands is a total and utter meltdown of musical culture. Every heavy-metal video you might see some men with long hair just banging on a guitar and screaming gutturally into the microphone. All rock ‘n’ roll you might see is the same goddamn shit that has been done 1 million times since the beginning of the music genre boom (50’s-60’s). They all sound like shit! It’s nutty that once in a while someone will try to capture the “old” sound and get a hit like (Cee-lo). But that’s it. Just one hit because you copied the sound of a classic. Worst yet regarding rock is all the sub genres like Emo and Taylor Swift’s garbage. All rap that you might see does nothing but talk about putting money in some bitches pussy and taking a bath in diamonds inside the trunk of your Lamborghini. What happens to Run DMC and NWA? All country you might see is only Kenny Chesney with $60 flip-flops and an $80 straw cowboy hat singing about having a corona on a white beach. What happened to Merl Haggard and Jonny Cash? I am a musician and I tend to sway towards the rock ‘n’ roll and alternative genre. And the sad part about it all is that I hate all new music equally. It just all sucks. If you find someone who does something different show me and I will show you 1000 other people who have done it before. People would rather hear 50 year old songs than new ones because their sound will never change. This is one of the most depressing comments I’ve ever left, but it needed to be said. Sorry about the rant. I guess it’s better than going to a music therapist though lmao.

Dochius Dochius : It's not even about auto-tune or mumble rap, I actually like Travis Scott when it comes to that. The point is the message that the rapper tries to come across and I have to agree with DMC on that. Todays message is all about wasting your life and being useless smoking weed and partying smh.

rising raisings : I think it's time to change the name of this genre

wilmardo : So true but there are rappers standing up against this trend lately. Look at Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist or Childish Gambino - This Is America

The Uberman : Its dead. Its time to move on.

Isaac Ascii : Shoutout to Joey Bada$$!

Foxtrot : Nah, I think you're dead wrong. There was violence long before Gangsta Rap came along. Their music is a reflection of reality. Some of it isn't, sure. Some of it is copying the crowd in order to make money, those are the rappers who spur on cliches and gimmicks. But it started out and continues to be translating their life to the masses and that's exactly what NWA did. Communication through music. I will say it again, there was violence and killing's long before Gangsta Rap was around. Ice Cube even made a song about how much of a joke that argument is called "gansta rap made me do it"

Kenny 92 : this needs to be shown to SOOOOOO many people


Whoop dat stanky hoe : Single mothers and the welfare state are the problem.

Christopher Gongora : Stray away from mainstream music real music is still out there

Rafael Mata : When I think of raps and hip hop My thoughts are that its too late to fix what they just created


Simon Li : Millenials. That's what.

DJ Frostbyt3 : Haters gonna say "This is from an old head perspective!" Just watch.

Beanmachine91 : this is the video democrats warned you about!

Anders Sørensen : We got someone saving hip-hop at the moment...... Joyner Lucas.

Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) : Great message

Victor Olson : agree with everything but his view on trump

Bruce McCulloch : Respect!


Onyx David : Hiphop was hijacked and weaponized against the black community by "other government agencies". Hiphop today is a virtual weapon of mass destruction and it must be reclaimed.

Mainely Cannabis : A lot of these guys aren't hip hop. It's a different genre.

Steven : NFrealmusic

pro killero4ik : Don't get me WRONG, but I don't agree with what this person is saying. I mean of course it's not okay that everybody's shooting each other, and we gotta stop that. But you're thinking wrong. You think that only cause the x rapper will say that shooting and selling drugs is cool, the kids are going to do that? Or that if he will say that going to college/university and getting a degree the kids are going to do that also? No man, that's wrong. My point is that the youth is searching for something illegal, that is not ,,standart'' for the society like drugs, fucking bitches and living a ,,non-conformist life'', and the rappers are only telling them that, that's the main reason why they're so famous and they have an authority. Don't you think that if a certain rapper will say the following words : GO TO UNIVERSITY, LEARN , THAT'S COOL , the kids will do this? No. It's opposite as it is. The x rapper will lose his authority, and the youth will still do the illegal shit. The bottom line is that I kinda agree with what you're saying, but don't be so naive about the lyrics in rap industry, and the education on the younger generation. DON"T be so naive and so credible. That idea is just as silly as it is.



FG : this is an absolutely awesome video

King Fajargis : We have logic and em :)

Gabriel repetto : Beautifully said sr. I grew up in the 70's 80's and used to love listening to rap and watching my favorite rappers at the movies with krush groove. But by the 90's and 2000 I noticed rap was getting more and more violent. Now they have guys up there rapping about something but I Could not understand one word then the guy with the rainbow bright teeth yea needless to I do not listen to rap unless It's Kendrick L. I love myself being my favorite. Oldballs out

ghoulunathics : musicians are not role models. real musicians write about shit that's present in their lives, and occasionally people will like it. it's the listeners problem if he cannot distinguish negative stuff from positive. it's just sad where the genre has gone in to. it's nothing but the mass effect of enough people have been tricked into listening for the swag only regardless of what kind of bullshit the music itself is, and the rest will follow. ironically it's a deal that benefits the both - listeners think they get what they want, and the producers can go easy with the actual quality of the content , just ensuring that the music fills the criteria of what's swag today.

Jamey Alford : Hip hop was about getting attention through music and it's slowly losing its content. It's all about pushing boundaries and watching chaos. People don't like music anymore they want entertainment.

123InDaPlaceToBe : Everything he said is true! we Need change!

Select Frontier : That's a not a problem with hip-hop only. Music on general has been dead for more than a general. Look pop and rock music... We went from R.E.M and Red Hot being mainstream back in the days to the SHIT we have now.