National Geographic - Army Ants - BBC Wildlife Documentary

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Andreas Silva : Sooo ... Are the anthropomorphic parallels with human war, perhaps, just a tiny bit over-baked? Maybe just a wee tad? For the night is dark, and full of terrors. “Mom, when the raiders come, are we going to be ‘chewed into protein paste’?” “No honey - that’s just a story to frighten little bees. Now sleep tight.”

Deip Gamer! : 6:00 Director: Congrats! Your in the ant documentary! Actor: What will I be? Director: a Viking,

Ninja Gaming : I now feel very scared when I kicked that ant bed the other day

Tekkara : This is my favourt Game Of Thrones episode

Dominusx : Germany invades Warsaw, Poland, 1933 Colorized

Ant nation : Let’s go steal a documentary and fool everyone

Sebas : My god this documentary is so dramatic. Very entertaining

Chillen Killen : Somebody make a videogame based on this please 🙏

Sándor Juhász : This is the best documentary i've seen in a while! :O

Pvt. Jenkins : "Their SONS will feast like kings" Hmmmmm

Piet Andersen : How does this only have 800 views.

don barbro : my question is why did they not tell the owner of the bees the hive was under attack

Godjira The King monster : Hornet queen: kidnap the bees Hornet: *kidnaps bee* bee: ahhhhhhhhh Hornets: *eats the bees*


Raul Petrascu : Why was this filmed like a horror movie?

Damn Vox : this is the most raw nature documentary and im living for it

Mandela Onchwati : Survival for the fittest

Sidryje : This isnt army ants

buzzer79 : its in HD so Hollzwood Dumbness and this pathetic sound effects at 23:20

connor plummer : hey kinetic sand could you be a lamb and support my channel or something that would be lit