Marvin Gaye 1983 National Anthem

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playaflyJOE27 : Marvin turned a bland national anthem into a Hennessey sippin, Cadillac cruisin on a sunny day, love making classic

Tasha Betta : The best rendition of this country's National Anthem. Ever.

jarjon76 : I just heard Fergie's rendition of the Anthem so I had to come here to cleanse my ears of that nonsense.

Lionking Mohamed : Came here after fregie All star performance

Anne Leighton : Let's make America sexy again. Won't that be great?

Robert Tiberious : Dammmm between this rendition and Whitney Houston's, the national Anthem has never been sung better..

Tonya Sims : Marvin and Whitney and that's it!

Maria : I seen many people, sing The Star Spangle Banner, in many different ways, but the way Marvin Gaye, sang it brought me to tears.

Pearlena Alan : Only And I mean only Marvin Gaye can make the National Anthem sexy! I love when he throws those "oh Lords" in there especially at the end. He's like ""oh Lord whooo!" Translation "I'm a bad smooth mf!' Lol

bronco devil : Saw this on TV when he did chills.

Fred Austin : I remember watching this live in 1983 before he died. I feel like I'm getting old. Lol. I was a kid that loved Marvin. I cried when he died because I heard his music every day. R. I.P😞

shaft says : and then Marvin Gaye won the NBA finals...

MrJamberee : Marvin Gaye made love to the anthem. Best ever.

Tanith Jackson : Who else but Marvin Gaye could have turned "The Star Spangled Banner" into a soul anthem? And a sexy soul anthem at that. God bless that man, he was so marvelous.

Tasha Betta : And he was not lip synching.

Medium Daddy : The least bombastic and the most beautiful rendition; I wish our country sounded -- and felt -- more like this. Maybe we should play it once a day for the next 100 years or so.

Wali Bashir : Nobody & I mean NOBODY did this better than MARVIN! People actually clapped with rhythm to this version of the Star Spangled Banner.

ninjablk007able : He invented the remix!!!

FU! PHUCKU2! : those shades.....

LOKHighest : Listen, I have never heard the star spangled banner so, he has the ladies going crazy n everything!! Lol!!÷

Maria M Gonzalez Nieves : I am appreciating this more today. Our anthem was just recently laid to rest #fergie

ECU Flash : This will never be matched. Marvin will never be matched. Superb talent!!!

Lee L : I suspect FERGIE thought she sounded something like this? Lol

Pearlena Alan : this still gives me chills, only Mr Gaye can make the national anthem sexy as hell!!

Amber B : Nobody can touch Marvin

Jolene8 : I never knew he sang the anthem. One word: Damnnn!... He brought the smoothness. Marvin, Marvin, Marvin!

Harold Jackson : The very best rendition ever! What I really liked and observed was when he changed one word in a verse from "Oh say does THAT Star Spangled Banner" to "THY Star Spangled Banner yet wave" just made it more great and expressing his passion. To sum it up in a phrase "Damn! He did that shit!"

legallydeclaredbroke : You don't have to like this version, but what you are NOT going to do is lie and say Fergie's version was better.

LaGeisha M. Nicholson : LAWD! I just got pregnant. And Lord knows that's not possible. Gggggesus Marvin.

Cheryl King : The BEST rendition ever!!! !!!!!!!!!!! He sang that terrible song from his soul n made me like it...True artistry...!

Jon-Westley Crist : To me, the best part is near the end, when the crowd starts clapping along...Chills...still

tashaf678 : When you can make The Star Spangled Banner sexy.

Jordan Washington : Anyone come back here after hearing Fergie?

Lord Clarke : He would've done this in this day and age he would've gotten slandered from hell to high water on social media...AMAZING rendition though

Ty Dowl : If you were never a fan of Marvin Gaye I bet you sure in da hell are now!! I gotta have Those shades on his face!

Micahyah Buchanan : For up and coming singers this is Soul you can't have none if you sell it.

Bishma Wood : Oh man. Pure genius. Put me to tears.

J Rabb!t : Marvin had you wanting to get busy to the National Anthem-lol

Sir, Bouvier Fitzgerald : And then there was Marvin.....and there will never be another like him ever again. May God Bless your beautiful soul Mr. Marvin Gaye

Alex - ACO - Delarge : " I love America. You have to stay away awhile to realize how great this country is. " - Marvin Gaye

Keith Deibert : john crow! Marvin sang it better than you 100x over

David's Blessings : I remember this day and watching this live on TV. This was beautifully shocking. I was like "what did he just do?" Amazing.

The Edwards Family : Fergie sent me here I had to hear it the correct way 😩

Willard : Fergie bought me here

Pedmar 007 : There is absolutely no one and I mean NO-ONE that would ever sing that Anthem as good as that as long as there's life on this planet.

EADGBE 6 : Dozens of these views (including other posts of this same video) are mine... I don’t think I have ever got through it once without tearing up... maybe a few chills too. No one has ever done the Anthem with such soul. We miss you Marvin

Brain Over Brawn : Came hear to cleanse myself after the Fergie debacle.

MrRiccardo1965 : Today there are great singer , artist , but no one can arrive at the level of Marvin Gaye , A unique voice and a writer incredibly ahead with the time , for sure he has reached unbeatable goals of creative mind

Rick Hagedorn : The game was anti-climatic.

Bridgette : Marvin was so smooth ❤