FULL SCENE - James May and Oz Clarke having fun with the SATNAV
James May amp Oz Clarke laughing their ass off while playing with the SatNav

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Top Gear's James May and TV's Oz Clarke end up in tears laughing so hard... A hilarious clip from Oz and James' adventures..... Comment, Rate and Subscribe....


PrinceOllieOfWessex : This will be one thing that I'll never stop laughing at for sure and it got even funnier when they're laughs got louder

guguigugu : it's like they're 12 haha !! :D

lsi lat : i'm romanian but this was funny as hell !!! that james may laugh is contagious .

unknown_user : Other people : laughing very hard Romanian people: triggered No racism

Zack Snyder : The old man might get a heart attack laughing

PixelPlays : I laughed so hard i almost died from not breathing for like a minute x.x XD

TheSilverBullet : 1:01 truck wheeze 😂

Luca L : iesiti- exit

Hz Hamza : also may was imitating oz because he used to say that

Dan H : i cried!

yoyoace02 : 0:36 Silver Nissan 240sx? :3

sc0987 : The funniest thing ever!

bizzyboiee : these guys are practically driving with their eyes closed. oh well, at least they'd have died happy.

Red Card : What's funny is their laughing

Red Card : I saw this for the first time last night, and I laughed so hard I nearly cried all of the tears from my head and I nearly wet my pants

Hans Landa : James' laugh is contagious

iCTechReviews : May: What language is that?!? Oz: That's Romaniaish... HAHAHA!!! XD

FastCarsNoRules220 : GPS:ship du yeyeyeeeeye yars un shits auuu oyyyyyy James,Oz and Me: Haaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahhaaaheeeeehooheeehahhahhaahha

Mark Postlethwaite : it sounds like it says the hospital is shit

Teo Jun Hao : They suddenly turned into five year olds

Inimbrium : I'm Romanian and even I find that hillarious.

scrantontheelectriccity : guaranteed to make you laugh. fuck i am actually crying.

Matthew Druery : they sound like horses being harmed. haha

Armand Karlsen : James May has the best laugh in the world! XD

Muppio : I swear the James' laugh coudl cure cancer XD

Solvalou : 0:37 180SX, RARE CAR!

Viktor Honore : they are grown men laughing of shit... I LOVE IT!!!

Sanny Folkesson : dont worry many now refer to luxery car as a lexus and never heard of rolls.

mouseymousey02 : I hope that when I'm their age this is still equally funny :P

Martin Unda : Thumbs up if you just laughed about their faces

Hysteria98 : So adorable watching 2 old-fashioned fellas cracking up over a language

remusfenrir : actually it says "iesiti" wich means "get out" :P

Tim Liu : 180sx at 0:38

ACTractionLTD : sheer shits!

OblivionGenesisTull : I would love Clarkson's voice to come up - "What language is that?" - "Oaf". One of the best programmes. Shame they never did another Oz and James gentleman's binge tour.

gtboi : Oh goodie goodie I thought I was the only one that noticed the S13 180SX at 0:36

jill anderson : try watch this after a few beverages u'll be p'in urself

Neabacon : Is it just me or does the Irish voice sound like Dara O'Briain?

Bubbleblower64 : I'm crying

videogalory : 2 people must of just been told they have 1 month to live so they obviously think nothing is funny

Shelby Garlick : Thats some funny shit

Jonas Chen : ? I don't get it

motanelustelistu : @predatorSWS Ok , thx . Allready have an answer but it never hurts to have more ( different , maybe ) opinion

slOU mOU : @motanelustelistu that car is nissan 240 sx

ardvark84 : funniest thing ever! it is impossible to be sad while watching this:)

luicaadrian : The best ever movie with stupids. :)))))))

motanelustelistu : @hbiwc Thanks Mate

FAZAKev : @motanelustelistu ep4, ireland

motanelustelistu : @polakdawido like he wanted to make OZ laugh but it was just not funny enough to make him laugh , butin the end scene its for really and the mehehehehe part in the end is killing me :)) Really hillarious