Johnny Vegas Has EVERYONE CRY LAUGHING & Completely Ruins The Show!! | The Last Leg | Outtakes

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Channel 4 : Would YOU be able to keep a straight face whilst recording??

WDJS22 : He’s so underrated as a comedian

Oxter Reborn : You know hes a good comedian when he has 3 professional comedians crying with laughter

KT926 : "I expect you to smell of piss Mr Bond" XD

Andy Hayden : You know what fish are like, they looked shocked enough

James Eastgate : "I once had a wank over a nun"

Piccoli Testicoli : I bet this is funny, just can't understand shit but i'm laughing

Powder Physics : I've seen this several times, and I still laugh at it

Drych : I once had sex with a melon because someone told me it was just like the real thing. 20 years later I still don't know if he was telling the truth or not.

t_s : Balls deep he was in't carp. DEAD.

Squinqz's Life : ive seen this b4, wtf.

Leandro Baca : I think he broke Alex...

Haxwell Eddison : Johnny Vegas: National Treasure

Samuel Baragwanath : I’m in tears rn😂😂😂

Peter Fleming : Seen it b4 still funny as.😂😂😂

Krazyman : hasn't this been uploaded before? I remember watching it not too long ago.

Adam Turner : I was crying with laughter over this

42isTh3Answ3r : Can someone make the subtitles? I don't understand what he says

eni : Johnny's Saga t-shirt is really nice. I want one.

Zombie Fool : Perhaps I’d understand what’s going on if more context had been provided. As this clip stands I’ve no idea what’s going on.

nicolajo666 : That Lying Cat t-shirt is awesome!!

Samuel Robinson : I love Alex Brooker's reaction to Johnny!!

ThomThom : Well now we know what happened to Jonathan Winter's soul.

David Harrison : widdicombe is totally pretending to laff..

haltoi01 : I had a wank over a nun, just brilliant

ReaPerZz z : I woke me mate up laughing so he slapped me haha

sly toproad : My stomach hurts now 😂😂😂

nickthefox72 : Balls deep 😂

John Williams : Johnny Vegas is a funny man legend

Toxo 27 : Be nice if he wasn’t speaking absolute gibberish

Jermaine Edwards : Was not that funny.

little miss sunshine : I'm sure he has tourettes!!

Kate White : I just don’t find this funny...

Bobby Thorman : A shame it's not in English.

speedfox6 : i dont get it

Matthew Hampshire : 3:12

Cassandra Chavez : GO ON, JOHNNY

AdditionAddict : Reupload bait

Bd Db : Johnny Vegas is way too good for a show like this

J Beauty Journal : I don’t understand why he shouted “I did it! I did it!” But they’re all genuinely laughing and I can’t help but laugh too!

Brydon Sinclair : Brilliant. Simply brilliant!

jayjaypinky : Balls deep in carp 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

DoISmeLLikeWeed : Holy Shit I thought the guy in the middle was gouging out his eye, until I realized he had stubbed fingers......... that was freaky.

A C4th : I don't find what he's saying is funny it's that he's got the others cracking up thats funny.

Thomas Veal : Love how one of the crew in the background tells Johnny Vegas to stop it, but he's still Carrys on.

I don't know what my name is. : Why’s he never like this on 8 Out Of 10 Cats does Countdown....

johan de jong : Briljant

gamewizl : He just keeps going and going

Samuel Wilson : How on Earth did Vegas keep a straight face throughout that? XD

thona shame : shout out to johnny vegas for his lying cat t-shirt