YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER, THAT WAS A LIE! | Best Maury Reactions 2018

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The Hit Clips (THC) : Check out part 2! We called it the 6th-10th best reactions, but honestly, they're even crazier than these in part 1!

علم ينتفع به : What a mad world 😢.

fotballers skills ya7 : 1:40 😂

Camaro Joey : 2:03 that was the fakest fall I've ever seen in my life bruh. She grabbed the wall before she fell xD

rugr82day : The girls that fall out on the floor and kick and scream must have gotten away with that kind of behavior when they were todlers. My folks did not allow tantrums. Of course they didn't raise hoes either.

Andrew Johnson : The football was funny as hell

RapTor : I saw this link on 4chan, pretty good video

Exploring NIGHTMARES : What will the Canadian people see of this

Dedria Carr : 1:37 when its monday

triggahxhappy25 : Haha the lamb at 1:40

Makaila Knox : yeooo what did the chairs do to you

HardAnall Jr. : 3 second intro, im subbing

Raymond Allen : 1:39 ohhhh shiii😁😂😂😂😂😂

Hypnotic : 1:40 nibba sounds like waluigi

Chrissy Hall : "Whhhhyyyyyy" 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

Sheila Dang : what's to laugh about?

Darren Thompson : Bunk

AZEkem кепап : did nobody saw that the video goes til 4:20

Jimmy Novian : angry hulk

Elliaamanda Wedderburn : #2 had me laughing. That laugh then they showed a goat lol. Her crying is creepy n annoying

El Doucheo : Man that tantrum tho.. lmao!

clemst888 : 0:33 lol

Adrian .305 : I'm the 50 sub

Curious Orange : Well woman are made to clean, and why do they get so upset. It's not the end of world Dood 😂

Tara Giest : This was amazing. Thank you!

自由吗 : Americans,just go to cry ! More and more scums born in America,more and more smart kids born in China. Don’t judge it, I tell you why? You Americans know what ? China’s single-child policy and the thought of male-importanter make 30 millions of Chinese males can’t get married, this must includes almost all of the the lowest IQ Chinese males. It looks like the Black Death killed most the lowest IQ low class Europeans who had bad cleaning habits in the middle age, then brought the science revolution . So the next generation of new born Chinese children will be much more smart and talented than those American scums . I’m not joking,it’s happening now, and will last many years. How can those shits complete with next generation of Chinese people. Hopeless And shameless scums!