3 Things I HATE about Computex
Paul from Pauls Hardware teaches some pervs a lesson at Computex 2018

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Coalition Gaming : Flipping the script on those photogs was hilarious

Quadcore_Punk : When I heard Paul say "Flip the script" I thought we we're gonna see him do his best booth babe impression. Can't say I'm not disappointed.

ksells : The photography part was brilliant

Gamers Nexus : Good on you, Paul. That "smile" bit was well done.

凌文祥 : Same feelings about the dudes with cameras. I love computers and photography but the so-called "promotional model photographer" are just despicable. It's a infamous culture we have in Taiwan


The Raddest Scorpion : yeah, the booth babes, as it were, are cringy as crap. I mean, not the models themselves, just all the dudes hoggling them, ugh...

Michael Livote : The "Patented Paul Angry Face(tm)" scares my dog.....😁😉😂 Hardware Unboxed cameo, Steve and Tim in the house! 😎😎 I love humiliating perv's every chance I get as well, good one Paul 😎😉🤘

Joshua Larsen-Bradford : Hahaha that bit where you turned the camera on them was hilarious

MigZKY Steam : So basically any normal person over the age of 30 outside their comfort zone

Autronic : Thumbnail:F@CKKKKK!!!!!

Shallow windz : I like how the others with cameras didn't know what was going on when you went up there haha keep up the good vids man.

ThrobbinHood : Someone send Paul a wind thing for his mic..

王輝 : Same Feeling as well.😂 “The louder, the less I want to go there and look at stuff.”

Middle of Knowhere : +Paul's Hardware this video was hands down just awesome. I love your humor and I agree with you. A tech show is to show the tech, if you can't bring people in on the merits of your devices, products (upcoming and existing), etc, then well maybe something else needs to be done (or maybe don't go to the show).

Bob Of All Trades : Lol that RAM stick!! So 1994 👌

Lindsay B : Really liked this. Thanks for flipping it on the pervy dudes.

Dean : 7:15 Paul says "slant" That's racist.

Elim Rawne : Booth babes and RGB man.. Las Vegas of future pc marketing.

M A : Well done flipping the script on some of the creepers.

The second : Pop the paparazzi. You should start a new TV show on that

Patrick : 6:26 onward, straight savage! I love it! Keep it up Paul!

nakyer : You drank the Kool-Aid Paul. OF COURSE YOU CAN BLAME THEM FOR THE WEATHER!!! You're a traveler! You're SUPPOSED to do such things! 8)

michael broome : Nice one Paul, with you all the way. Keep up the great work. by the way I have just built my first pc (I am 61!), and used your 5/3 things to do after building to get it running. Cheers mate. Siochain

Judy c : Paul THANK YOU for flipping the script!

S. Stallone : Paul this year, we're going to get you in mini skirt to even the score-lol!

Druinz : What you did to the paparazzi was absolutely genius, loved it!

SPKoleK72 : CJayRide's in there at 5:32! Honestly shocked I recognized that.

Side Ioga : * The Louder the better! * What? I can't hear you! * The louder the better!!! Geezz * What? I still can't hear you!! Nice video Paul. Love it.

Jux Zeil : Love the photoshoot fightback bud!! Really made me laugh, the looks on their faces. ^_^

Rusty Redbeard : *Fapperazzi (sorry) <3

Matthew : Dude, usually never comment. But the flip on the papparazi was genius!

Mark Morris : Legendary! haha. You're spot on with what you said!

cyberxspeed : THANK YOU PAUL! You're last point truly resonated with me.

Fox Mamba : Thank you, lol. Needed to be said, very true and genuine.

Shadepariah : Paul hates: 1. The sun 2. Loud noises 3. Paparazzi and girls

Ammar Hummieda : Always loving these vlog type vids, keep at it !

Kenneth Linde : I completely agree with the last point mentioned... Everything has it's own place and computex isn't supposed to be about THAT kind of silicon(e) 😋 that being said, everyone is entitled to their opinion... For the rest of the time the internet has more than enough pretty ladies (or whatever your preference may be=) Check out this classic: https://youtu.be/U2ofN0rqlxg

Matt Eldridge : loved it great video. life is not always positive. great work paul and give us the bad with the good always

Purple Runner : Completely agree with your take on things, great vid, safe trip home

Morrison Reid : Classic move on the paparazzi Paul..You're Awesome

Foo1ishfast : Dude I dig your personality. Loved that you trolled the photographers

Dominic H. : That last part was painful to watch. Nobody can see me watch the video, but I still felt so embarrassed, like a 14 year old who's just been caught watching porn. I guess all that RGB wasn't enough eye candy for some. :P

mjc0961 : Flipping the script on those photographers was brilliant 🤣

Brian Kuo : ahh. you were in Banqiao, that's only one MRT station away from where I lived in TW.

aaron gardener : love the hardware unboxed cameo from Tim and Steve! You guys should definitely do a collab

Calyx Computers : Paul, you did good on those "professional" photographers by flippin the coin. I had a good laugh. :)

Max Xlr8tion : Paul, I think you did a excellent job expressing yourself without too much salt 👍

ReZhorw : Paul's Prankwars Haha that was genius Paul!