3 Things I HATE about Computex

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INKS : Paul you are a legend. Loved you trying to get those guys in a picture. lol

Michael Livote : The "Patented Paul Angry Face(tm)" scares my dog.....😁😉😂 Hardware Unboxed cameo, Steve and Tim in the house! 😎😎 I love humiliating perv's every chance I get as well, good one Paul 😎😉🤘

Coalition Gaming : Flipping the script on those photogs was hilarious

Gamers Nexus : Good on you, Paul. That "smile" bit was well done.

Migz Vdub : So basically any normal person over the age of 30 outside their comfort zone

Bob Of All Trades : Lol that RAM stick!! So 1994 👌

The Raddest Scorpion : yeah, the booth babes, as it were, are cringy as crap. I mean, not the models themselves, just all the dudes hoggling them, ugh...

Deon Spates : Those dudes with the cameras can be annoying...

Howard Kurtus : LMFAO

Quadcore_Punk : When I heard Paul say "Flip the script" I thought we we're gonna see him do his best booth babe impression. Can't say I'm not disappointed.

ksells : The photography part was brilliant

TheGhost : Damn they got some fine women in Taiwan. Definitely on my list.


Joshua Larsen-Bradford : Hahaha that bit where you turned the camera on them was hilarious

nakyer : You drank the Kool-Aid Paul. OF COURSE YOU CAN BLAME THEM FOR THE WEATHER!!! You're a traveler! You're SUPPOSED to do such things! 8)

Gareki no Kami : Man, lots of respect for flipping the script.

Vikingo Salvaje : 6:25 omg Paul. That is why you are one of my favorite youtubers, really love your little experiment trying to avoid perverts be perverts.

Elim Rawne : Booth babes and RGB man.. Las Vegas of future pc marketing.

The second : Pop the paparazzi. You should start a new TV show on that

王輝 : Same Feeling as well.😂 “The louder, the less I want to go there and look at stuff.”

LRRPEXILE : Notice how Paul has his asian female fantasy sensors up really high!...lol.....@ 2:00 he turns as if he has eyes behind his head.

US : For a second there, I read it as *"3 Things I hate about computers"*

Mr Lagzy : IMO I would have it the same way - Booth babes wouldn't be the issue - pervert creeps that mass up to take pictures - especially like the last guy that looked like he tried to get closer to take an up skirt picture.. But the booth babes attract people and nothing wrong about that - could be even more awesome if those girls could geek out and talk about the hardware they are holding at a normal speaking dB level. Man I would like to go to such a place and nerd out about computer stuff. Also - I like loud concerts, heavy metal and whats even more brutal - but when you come to a conference where you want to talk about computers, hardware and all things between, loud music hinders your ability to actually attract the good kind of attention. Also if there are too many booth babes those creeps probably won't be remembered for their products - but more or less for their attention to attract the perverted minds!

Min Park : If you don't live in Asia, then you won't understand the booth babes.

Shallow windz : I like how the others with cameras didn't know what was going on when you went up there haha keep up the good vids man.

Andrew Joy : Dont worry , the femanists will get all the booth babes fired soon enough.

Middle of Knowhere : +Paul's Hardware this video was hands down just awesome. I love your humor and I agree with you. A tech show is to show the tech, if you can't bring people in on the merits of your devices, products (upcoming and existing), etc, then well maybe something else needs to be done (or maybe don't go to the show).

aidanjt : You forgot to mention being covered in rainbow RBG vomit. :P

Harambe's Ghost : I love storms. I love beautiful women. I tune out loud noises I don't like (except [c]rap, which I can't stand). You were being a feminist scold. Boo!

ItsViquh : I love that you did that to those guys hahaha xD

shaun b : three things I hate about not having wind covers for your microphone.

Chris : All I heard was "boob babes"

UnhingedBecauseLucid : An element of the cultural difference has escaped you: --The pejorative angle in which would be viewed the dancing and the photographing of those ladies in the west is probably not present in most parts of Asia. You're projecting your set of values tinted by our [present day] culture onto their actions.

SalandFindles : Any self-respecting, red-blooded man goes and checks out/takes pictures of the booth babes. C'mon, bro!

Dean : 7:15 Paul says "slant" That's racist.

Toxic Chillz : LOUD NOISES!

Stephen S : Middle age is a MF'r. :)

priority one : More RGB!

Alan Dotts : A couple sets of shirts? But how many in a set?

Dylan Angel : it could help if all the tech tubers didnt go to the same 4 booths every year. i find myself watching russian people every year to find what i want

Maria A : Well done flipping the script on some of the creepers.

Dominic H. : That last part was painful to watch. Nobody can see me watch the video, but I still felt so embarrassed, like a 14 year old who's just been caught watching porn. I guess all that RGB wasn't enough eye candy for some. :P

SPKoleK72 : CJayRide's in there at 5:32! Honestly shocked I recognized that.

Jux Zeil : Love the photoshoot fightback bud!! Really made me laugh, the looks on their faces. ^_^

Patrick : 6:26 onward, straight savage! I love it! Keep it up Paul!

ryan pierre : Paul the savage xD

Carlos Perez : Ok...that was utterly hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Top 3 favorite Computex videos from content creators are: 1. Any video on the Phanteks Evolv X (the case made my year) 2. Any video on modded and watercooled builds 3. Paul's Hardware video: ----3 Things I HATE about Computex---(flipping the script segment) In particular, the idiot at 6:36 sure has no problem with others posing as models, but has a problem being the model himself. Don't like how it feels buddy?

Fitri Fadzil : agreed on the last part. I mean who comes to this event just for a pictures of models instead of cool tech stuff

Rusty Redbeard : *Fapperazzi (sorry) <3

William Bonsor : Lovely how are you were taking the piss out of them😂🔥🔥😂