Whatever Happened To The Man With The Golden Voice

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Grunge : Hope Ted Williams continues on the straight and narrow.

Jimmy Dali : Very touching. Never give up on yourself. Happy Holidays.

Paivi Project : That's fantastic. So happy to hear that he is making the best of his second chance ! Thanks. :)

Chernobyl : his voice is golden like his teeth

Jason Coulls : Glad to hear he's doing well.

Obi-Wan Kenobi : The Force is with Ted Williams.

The Arctic Gamer : "Not all stories have a happy ending, though" Video proceeds to be nothing but positive. The best kind of fake-out.

Boshua Borman : He protec He attac But most importantly, He come bac

Jamal Warren : I noticed he had his teeth fixed

Antonio S : CNN is now reporting that Russia is behind Williams being homeless

Rickster79 : "Kraft Macaroni And Cheese...the perfect meal after an all night crack binge."

ERIKA DOWDY : He would probably do a WAY better job then Trump. Plus hes been there.

Dilka : Morgan Freeman has some competition!

Lord Brandon : He kinda looks like obama

BreakerInc : It's good to hear that he got everything back together again.. This guys story is just amazing, and it's nice to see someone trying to help others, rather than pretending they no longer exist, once they're better off.

Reiki Lynx : Now that he will succeed in!!! Good for him and God bless him and everyone he touches.

Shaylah M. : This is awesome. I am glad he is doing well. 😍

J Kerfont : Barack Obama

Blundered : Top 10 anime endings

Bob Smithereens : I would rather have him than Obama

Evon Williams : I will be praying for him

stoeger 2 : Addicted to Alcohol hard to overcome

2degucitas : Homeless laundromat. Great idea! With some coffee and food, showers for men and women.

Fungusly : I was just wondering this not too long ago

Louise Evans : I’m so glad he’s hanging in there. Best to you, Ted.

UTSB : Its not that someone gave him a chance it's that he got sober.

Caroline 2017 : he does have a great voice! god pleas help this man to be strong and get strong to the lord!! :-)

MrTDS : wow his voice is better than Morgan Freemans

Dan Martin : The perfect Liberal candidate!!

manny ruiz : Knew a guy in jr college who had a voice like that he sounded like the movie phone guy at times

cats nuffin : I'd rather have this guy running the country than Donald Trump 😕

Joe Flatley : Keep trying. Don't give up. Keep praying. Never give up. You may fall. Get back up. You're struggle is like everyone else. Many already know. Some know better than you. We all suffer. You are not alone. My friend is Jesus. I recommend Him.

M Reed : I see him all the time. He wanders around Morse road selling autographed photos of himself.

Candice Perry : I always wondered what happened to the guy with a golden voice

Paul Dalnoky : he's a lowlife, dishonorable discharge, a dozen convictions...

mozzyforest : obamas kid

The,Awakened satan within christ : He's was in my pick up truck getting dorped off at Columbus Ohio 43229 Karl road and redRobin apartments with his wife still together.. 10/05/17.. he rides a ten speed..

Savage Poet : I am going to CRACK a joke . . . never mind, it all went up in smoke, Gasp! Choke!

ron l : Damn.. 0bama really let himself go.

Kronos : Yeah....somehow I'd remembered him all this time....

Dunco Yo : did anyone see the part when they were talking about how he sold his gfs poon or nah

Savage Poet : Mac Crack and Cheese, now that's krafty

Colton Thomas : Don't use Christian Today as a reliable news source.

BenBoo : Just saw him walking down the street the other day. Talked to him for a bit, gave him some cash. He said he got a job announcing for the Denver Nuggets? Not sure if its true but I wish him the best of luck! He was a really nice guy.

ventende : Well, safe to say he's not the voice of reason.

Billy Sooner : Ted Williams made it in my opinion. He's the type of role model we should be teaching our kids to be: An ordinary human being that makes mistakes, but through sheer willpower, the desire to make himself and the world better, and his ability to pick himself back up and rebound to former glory is what all of us should strive for.

Eagle Eyes : Wow 😲

Flava Ninja : I have.a mate with the same name and looks exactly like this bloke lol

R.C. Collins : He shaved his head, became President, then retired.