Harry Potter but everyone spams Avada Kedavra

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Obsessive Pizza : 0:55 my dream and everyone else's dream has finally come true

Mile Fazzini : Idk why, but I'm laughing so hard

Luquid : The stupefy at the end 😂😂😂

Samuel M : I wish that 0:55 actually happened

Marcelo Albuja : Damn they all got serious pissed

lordmarvolo : lmao Bellatrix at the end with _STUPEFY_ !!

Jan Švarz : really funny XD. But... 1:47 did I hear expeliarmus?

Stacy Webb : I wish Snape used the Aveda kedavra on Lockhart that would be amazing

Bog_Guy or dragonclae : 0:55 if only....

Emma : In the fight between severus Snape and gilderoy lockhart the spell that was shot by snape was the sound of snape when he used Avada kedavra on dumbledore

Yuno Gasai : 0:55 YESSSS FINALLYYYYYYYYYY😈😈😈😈😂😂😂

Samuel M : They should have done Hermione saying ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ for the last one 😂

Dru Andrew : 1:48 I heard expelliamus

Caitlyn Prinsloo : 2:18 - 2:22 WTF why is it Stupft

Ryan Studios : Somebody: Avada kedavra! Somebody else: Avada kedavra! Yes!, Timmy, you passed the test to kill, now Tom, How do you do it? Tom riddle: AVUUUUDA KEDAVRUUUU

Aloke : 0:03 I WANNA BANANA

Velimir Mišanović : Harry:Avada Kedavra Hermione:Avada Kedavra Ron:Avada Kedavra Sirius:Avada Kedavra Lucius:Avada Kedavra Nymphadora:Avada Kedavra Mad eye:Avada Kedavra Snape:Avada Kedavra Draco:AVUDAHH KEDAVRAHH! *translation* I wanna Banana! Bellatrix:STUPEFY!

Jonathan Bartholomew : I died at 1:31

utube gaoxin : Harry potter once again survives avada kedavra

The Mr.J Show : The Battle for the Department of mysterys sounded like chaos...

Kakuliino 99 : Aauuhhvaaddaa kuhdddaarrvvaa

Tariq Qayum : At 1:47 we hear Harry say expelliarmus not Avada Kadevra!!

Game Zo : 0:54 - 0:57 dyes finally our dreams have come true. Deloris is dead. wo who!

Spike333s : 10 hours of Avada Kedavra

Hoàng tung Đo : How did bellatrix kill sirius with Stupefy

Wach Anything : Like only snape uses his own

p0ttahHEad : I wish 1:04 happened as well.

Susan Riojas : I guess everyone is going to Azkaban now

OnePieceObsessed : What's the deal with that nameless random spell used by Bellatrix at the end? Doesn't seem like Avada Kedavra to me at all...

jivko jivkov : 1:07 is perfection

No Name : 2:18 Bellatrix 😂😂😂😂

Tommy Boi : 0:53 I wish that actually happened

Derek Trafford : 1:29 WATCH LMAO

Patronus : 1:47 Expelliarmus?

Kyle M : Avada kedavra intensifies

SG _Gaming : harry potter and the avada kedavra war

jelena cvetkovic : 1:46

Eric Burns : Umbtige actually looks dead

MaxiGaming : *A V A D A K E D A V R A*

Rebornfort Is here : 2:17

hello Im ewok boy : THEESE guys are all fing dead

Hawk Master : in the end, Bellatrix using stupefy LMAO

JKB : Voldemort say Avada kedavra molly say duro and deletrius

No To Challenge 25 : This isn't funny.

JKB : Lol

Yuno Gasai : 😂😂😂😂😂

Addi Mattox : 0:15 Harry’s lips sinced with Arvada kadavra


StoneChewer : Орнул неслабо.

mamazon : Привет