Harry Potter but everyone spams Avada Kedavra

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Marcelo Albuja : Damn they all got serious pissed

Mile Sambade Fazzini : Idk why, but I'm laughing so hard

Obsessive Pizza : 0:55 my dream and everyone else's dream has finally come true

SG _Gaming : harry potter and the avada kedavra war

Luquid : The stupefy at the end 😂😂😂

Samuel M : I wish that 0:55 actually happened

singing Tom : In the fight between severus Snape and gilderoy lockhart the spell that was shot by snape was the sound of snape when he used Avada kedavra on dumbledore

lordmarvolo : lmao Bellatrix at the end with _STUPEFY_ !!

Dru Andrews : 1:48 I heard expelliamus

Yuno Gasai : 0:55 YESSSS FINALLYYYYYYYYYY😈😈😈😈😂😂😂

Bog_Guy or dragonclae : 0:55 if only....

Aloke : 0:03 I WANNA BANANA

Jan Švarz : really funny XD. But... 1:47 did I hear expeliarmus?

Tariq Qayum : At 1:47 we hear Harry say expelliarmus not Avada Kadevra!!

JKB : Voldemort say Avada kedavra molly say duro and deletrius

JKB : Lol

liZZard : in the end, Bellatrix using stupefy LMAO

Yuno Gasai : 😂😂😂😂😂

Spike333s : 10 hours of Avada Kedavra

Stacy Webb : I wish Snape used the Aveda kedavra on Lockhart that would be amazing

Caitlyn Prinsloo : 2:18 - 2:22 WTF why is it Stupft

Enoch finlayson : THEESE guys are all fing dead

Samuel M : They should have done Hermione saying ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ for the last one 😂

Signerdragon123 : I think throwing Avada Kedavra on Lockhart using Ron's broken wand was a bit of a missed opportunity.

Bri- anne Waters : He's 'The boy who LIVED!' for a reason Draco

Bri- anne Waters : And they all must have serious issues because its 'Avada' here and 'Avada' there and 'Avada Kadavra' Everywhere until the very end ha!

QazwsxrfvT : The only real one is the last one, sadly

Rishad Amir : The men who lived

Kyle M : Avada kedavra intensifies

Sebastjan Perovnik : HILARIUS

Luke Callander : -Grabs all the wands- -snaps them -NO MORE

Jack Willard : oh my god if snape just out of nowhere killed lockhart in the duelling club

Rishad Amir : You hear expeliarmus once

Moxi Biloxi : harry is immortal wow,he immune avada kedavra hahahahaha

hey ther prinsis : The funny thing is, that its posted this year. #TeamHogwarts #FantasticBeast2

Mr Argo : great hahahahahah

Kieran Edwards : 0:55 is so satisfying

Rose Da patato : Ahahahah I'm dying

RyZing : Wait what on my screen the vid finished at 1 second before

That_Horror_kid 9008 : The Battle for the Department of mysterys sounded like chaos...