The WORST Product Placement in Movies & TV

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Icon of Sin : They stopped the main plot of a Hawaii 5-0 episode just to brag about Subway. Omfg.

FunWithGuru : Ever since I was very young, I've had some kind of sixth sense when it comes to product placement. I find it very distracting as my eyes seek out any product that seems slightly out of place, and it's ruining my life. Making this video was quite therapeutic and I hope you like it too. Thanks for watching! Oh, and I hid an easter egg in here. You might need to use Google to find it though.

Maria M : I'm the exact opposite of you: I almost never notice the product placement! Like in iRobot, I just thought it was a neat idea how the things we wear today are going to be retro in some time. Although, some of these were so obvious, it would even be hard for me to miss them. P.S. brockhampton - lamb, was a great choice! Love that song

Bryce Rothschadl : Honestly as long as it doesn't take away from the story I don't really care. Like the Pepsi in WWZ didn't bother me at all, but that Hawaii Five 0 Subway ad was laughably bad.

Luke Tallwas : Hawaii Five-O isn't even trying. That's a full fledged ad in the middle of the movie.

Devon Palmer : Is it cloverfield because god damn that was bad

Matt Yaqin : He still lookin good His name is Jared His name is Jared And likes to eat sandiches

KyanJay : this product placements are super cringe

Blueberry McPhuckerson : This YT channel is a hidden gem on par with kaptainkristian. Keep it up!

Darian Hill : Music playlist and editing in your videos are phenomenal.

ThirdEyeVision : Only Guru would come through with the Biggie Smalls unreleased Pepsi Ad Freestyle, amazing aesthetic, ill keep saying it till the end, your taste in music is impeccable. Thank You Guru and miss the weekly Vids, Keep Doing You

jort93z : i agree with the choices.

Chiefahleaf : Someone now has to show this to David Lynch haha

Cole Costie : I can't wait for Peter Parker to get all his answers from an Amazon Alexa in The Amazing Spiderman 3.

Jude Robson : Is this video ironically a big product placement?

A Generic Name : Your taste in music is fantastic

RandomFatGuy : I always love the choice of music you choose in between the clips

Aidan S : What about the Walmart ad in Loony Tunes: Back in Action. 😂

Ragzignal : Relying on product placement is one of the worst if not the worst point we've reached in the film industry

Jay-T Golden : Man, you have good taste in music

Just A Guy : 1:44 I knew you had great taste in music. Love it

Pacohontas : Never clicked so fast at a notification 😄 Edit: BAM

Manuel Hernandez : When the dude told Will Smith he had nice shoes, I'm surprised the camera didn't pan down to the shoes lmao

Deustileaf : 1:23 he listens to ski mask, my god i would have never known. You are even greater than i have thought. He has good songs never paid attention to who is the guy behind the vids.until now. It gets me wondering who the hell are u

EgotoBroh : Thank you guru for these videos honestly you’re videos make me feel relaxed that’s why always watch on Saturdays so thank you keep on making Easter eggs on video games

Manuel Hernandez : There was a product placement in the first Transformers movie from like 10 year ago for the Xbox 360. It was actually clever though because the Xbox came to life and transformed into a killer mini bot and popped out of its box and attacked the guy holding it.

kahlei98 : I mean if you're gonna put Hawaii 5-0 mention the constant Windows products and bing! Nice video still.

MK_Madness : Wasn't the reason why Bing was not in Amazing Spider man 2 was because Microsoft owns it?

FrostyGauntlet : That human dough ball should be the Subway mascot.

kul3 dud3 : yes,look how jared turned out

JohnBK34 : Subway is always like that in shows. Like in Chuck, and Community, it's kinda funny really.

Jack : Nice theme, very interesting interview showing the hypocricy of most good valued producer, which makes creators like you better than them in terms of respect for the fans

FalloutFPS : Didnt think the Ipod one was bad at all tbh lol, seemed normal to me idk

Doctor Jones : David Lynch hired 21 people to dislike this video

-Đ a n t ē- : I just subscribed and turn on notification yesterday and you already upload 😂👌

B- Gnarly : The catch me outside by ski mask the slump god song got me so pumped good video either way

HeroeMGT : The Emoji movie in a nutshell.

xDay Lg : Bruh top ten voices ever man I’m faded asf I love watching your vids when I’m faded

EnjoyChoke : You forgot Audi in every marvel movie, Spider Man Homecoming being the worst example

dedly kuin : a video with nujabes song is always nice. amazing video as always dude!

醜いreyes : Was that a cocacola frank ocean ad

Jake U : I heard that brockhampton. Lova ya guru

Ruben Ferreira : Music choice on point, greatest editing in a YouTube video, how can Guru get any better???

ChillyChill Chris : The editing makes the videos so pleasing! I want to get this good

LiterallyScarface : Wayne's World had really good product placement. Because it was meant to laugh at. But still it was the most obvious ones. I'd say, the only movie where the product placement was smart enough was in Back To The Future with Pepsi. The worst one being The Wizard (1989). Or maybe Mac and Me (1988) with the McDonald's scene. I'm really surprised these movies weren't in the video. But I liked your choice :)


robdavisGG : The music always makes your vids 120% better!

MJ : You didn't see Polish film ,, Porady na zdrady" There is 28 product placement!

Roger Gaile : You have great taste in music 😂😂