7UP Commercial- Make 7...UP yours!

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hooniganlife : as a 7up employee, all branches need these shirts

UP2 NOGUD : I have this shirt and i wear it Especially when I'm on my Harley, it leaves people in stitches laughing everywhere I go and for those that remember it, it brings back those memories of a not so politically correct time when people could actually take a joke and not be offended. Best Comercial ever in my book.

Frank Martinez : hey make 7Up yours, same to you!!!... same to me LOL

Tommy theMischiefMaker : We're going global with this, baby!

SunBunz : My favorite slogan to this day. lol I'm sad they discontinued it.

V J : Who had this shirt?

Mr Snrub : Say Upyours 24/7 😄

mariethebest09 : Still the best ad campaign ever!

Doughboy : Fun fact, kit fisto's voice is based of this mans. No joke.

Karl Speth : Back in the day, I was tempted to do the exact same thing he did on Newbury Street in Boston...but never got around to it...NTM couldn't find the shirt.

Rebecca Nelson : Number one man for on a comercial

Jake Jonson : Come on everybody make 7 up yours!

Carlo Mazzini : I have one of those T-shirts. One of my most precious possessions....

John Doe : Would anyone else wear that shirt backwards?I would.

Pika Pika! : mega64 podcast

Pinkandorangeify : I make more money doing this than I ever did at Intertrode

randomzier : What yours referring to?

Francisco Gonzalez : I love this commercial when it come out years ago! I am going to order me a t-shirt

Antoinette Barnett : This dude right here might think he's under the radar, but I still want that autograph

Michael Sebourn : Magnificent hilarious

claire gheill : Oh it's catching on alright

Intellectual Solitude Productions : 0:24 Michael Stipe

Daryl Smith : I almost ship my pants. Now I need to go to Kmart.

Cash Money : 💀💀💀

Darth Plato : Classic.

Justin f h : Best. Slogan. Ever.

claire gheill : Oh it's catching on alright!

Michael Bowie : Gold!


claire gheill : Oh it's catching on all right

JesusChristIsLord : When did this air? Anyone remember?

katie martin : LOL he is so different in Sleepy Hollow!

Ashley Squishy : Still leaves me in stitches 16 years later, but also makes me wonder what ever happened to 7Ups advertising.  I can't recall a single TV commercial for it since then.

lin2k4 : 0:26 is that Dean Pelton?

claire gheill : 😒what did 7 up come up with this slogan "up yours" sounds like a insult come on at least come up with something cleaver

Christian Ali : Compe Anansi had better be careful what he says, one day he might get himself in trouble.

Gone-D : A Classic!  Gotta love it.

dunmega tate : Make 7up yours is only one letter off from stating, TAKE seven up yours. Am i the only one who noticed this?

thndrct218 : To the lone dislike... Up yours

Raheem Mclean : Did white people try to band this too

Cody Lane : I find it really ironic that you're criticizing people about English and what not, yet, you started it all off with "U", that isn't proper english, nor is SMH. Alongside that, no fucking shit he would have to speak to understand it, how fucking brain-dead are you?

Lord mij : U need to speak english buddy to understand it SMH

Mr. Captain Awesome...sr. : I got in trouble for wearing my shirt, I forgot where I got mine but I'm sure I got it around 2000 or 2001

SergeantPsycho : You can tell this commercial is old because he said global instead of viral. XD

erin832001 : Yo no hablo español, así que estoy usando Google Translate, que explicará las palabras extrañas que pueden aparecer. La razón de este comercial es gracioso porque es "Up Yours" en Inglés es un término mal: significa "hasta el extremo". El tipo de la camisa que dice "Haz el tuyo 7up", pero la camisa tiene palabras separadas, por lo que la gente piensa que acaba de decir "la tuya" a todos.

lwc2009 : I got mine...wont EVER part with it!!! I love wearing it when I ride my motorcycle in the summer...;)~

chrisz71 : I've still got my shirt I won in a contest.

RocksoRecords : This is still a classic! My goodness LMAOOOOOOO!!!

batmanjwo : Still one of the funniest ad campaigns in history.

MrZozan34 : trololololol