I attempted to cross an entire country in a straight line. PART 4
I attempted to cross an entire country in a straight line PART 4

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Ever wondered what would happen if you tried to walk in a completely straight line across an entire country? No? Well i did. I thought about it a lot in fact, and in the winter of 2018/19 I decided i'd give it a go. The country i chose to traverse was Wales. 33 miles of mountains, farmland, lakes, rivers, and forests, and just the right amount of human activity and natural hazards to ensure regular doses of paranoia and pain. You join me here on day 4, where I attempt to conquer the mountains in one fell swoop. That's 12 miles of constant climbing and descending without using a single path. This could be dangerous, especially when you're rushing.. Hit the like button and subscribe for first dibs on the next episode. Check out Joey's music platforms: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2LA5I8wDw_ewSyjlN3crug https://b-m.facebook.com/joeyvanzettimusic/ https://www.instagram.com/joeyvanzetti/?hl=en


Terozaki Karma : This entire series has shown me the importance of gloves

KungFuJesus : "I'll talk myself out of it" *runs suspiciously after making eye contact*

Mosiah Smith : Born too late to explore the Earth. Born too early to explore the cosmos. Born just in time to walk in a straight line across an entire country

Liz G : "Imagine if that was a big safe of gold or something!" ... "We'll never know, because it wasn't on my line." DEDICATION.

Viktor Lima : This guy burned his survival blanket, buried his food, didn't bring any first aid kit, is climbing mountains without helmet, doesn't even have gloves on and just slides down a hill on his ass. Absolute mad man

kurochi chan : I'm so glad part 1 of this was suddenly recommended to me yesterday, and that I decided to click on it. I was expecting it to end with someone just giving up or cheating, but this is SUCH a good series! Can't wait for part 5

Humpty Dumpty : I'm already looking forward to the next one, "I crossed Russia in a straight line".

csgrinds : Goddamnit don't tell me you're taking a mid-season break.

asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw : I can't wait for part 5. I've been thinking about it all week!

Gamehedgehog : I have never been more entertained while watching a half hour video

Kajnake : "Yeah I dont think well be able to go over those mountains" Chews tesco hard gums "Aight lezgo"

ObsoleteKillerjose29 YT : 8:36 “Always look up, you never know what you might find” Me: *Looks up* Also me: *Sees spider*

gsilva220 : So many things to leave behind, and you leave the couscous???

Luis Guadarrama : *Finds a dead body 30 meters away “I can’t do anything about it because it’s not in my path”

Lanceifer ๑ٿ : The sliding down the hill was a beautiful moment in this adventure

Lacrosse is the best : Me:*watches this* Also me: *starts walking around the house in straight lines*

Craig Peters : Curious to know the thought process of using rubber bands instead of gloves.

Rose : ] : I never realized how beautiful Wales was until watching this series

Daphne : I'm incredibly sad I now need to wait another week to see part 5. This is such a good series, honestly

Paul Flannigan : Idea for the next series - The mission across the Falkland Islands - Oh ,here is a mine field but it has been here since 1982 I can't possibly detour around this , I'm sure it will be fine!

Silkendrum : Part 5 suffered a rendering error, so will be delayed until 8 pm tomorrow, Wednesday. Click on the user name (GeoWizard), and go to the "Community" tab to read all about it.

Keegan Tournay : I hate waiting for these videos I wanna binge watch this so hard

Craig Mammalton : I AM SO EXCITED OMG PART 5 PART 5

Lucas Paints : 12 hours of hiking through wilderness ahead... *burns survival blanket and remaining food*

flopkin : The Bear Grylls impressions are outstanding haha

Beerfazz : this may well be the best youtube series in history, maybe ever. Jokes aside man, insane quality content.

73v3n7 : You should write a travel guide: "GeoWizards guide to travelling unsafe in completly safe countrys - Episode 1: Wales" Would love to read that :D

Shaleww : Ah, finally... Death Stranding gameplay footage.

TheCsel : The good thing is, if he goes missing the search party can follow a straight line to find him

Raoul Duke : *being completely isolated in the middle of wales, while only having a few hard gums left to eat* "its a nice little twist" LOL

Joseph 96 : Come on where's part 5 lad

Chokogamer : I like how he just classifies everyone outside a City a farmer

Infinite Memes : Instead of selling bath water you should sell the stream water you found along your way... *S t o n k s*

Joey Vanzetti : You’re insane mate. Incredible stuff yet again ✌️

Ana Jacket Off : Why is Wales always so damn wet and cold. Beautiful though

Bring BibleThump Back! : Damn I love being kind of part of this adventure! I didnt expect this to be this exciting actually! The farmers still scare me the most though!

Walrus Guy : Should have picked Nauru, you would have been done in 2 hours

asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw : Episode 5 is now officially late. I'm panicking. This is my favourite series on Youtube in years. YEARS!

hannah rowan : waiting with baited breath for part 5!! this journey has been fascinating :-D thank you so much GeoWizard!

Boarbot games 78 : Is nobody going to comment on his perfect welsh farmer accent.

potatoe ._. : “So I’m going to run... “no I’m not, I’m going to have a heart attack” 😂

IvanH : This series has so many views :D that's really nice, i'm happy for you. It's super cool to watch!!

Player Piano : Day 1: cant cross this river Day 5: crossing rivers is a fun pastime

SPIKEFLYNN5 : I love your determination honestly it’s so Inspiring well done!

Jelicide : I need a fix brother! Looking for that part 5!! Drop that ;)

decco : reminds me of brave daves big fat freight hop yeknow

Akhilesh Koul : next episode please.

Kornel Paroczai : Guy on Quora: Anything over a 50 degree decline requires climbing equipment to climb down on Tom: slides down on it on his arse

le epic maymay : part 5 or riot