Getting a Laugh: How to Make Something Funny

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Eapple Gamerz : If you want someone to laugh, tell them how often you upload.

Dexis : “Comedy is like cancer, you either give up or get better” I know what my senior year quote will be

Lirica - Learn Spanish With Music : "Of all people, you'd think he'd know the damage you can inflict from a misplaced nut"

Taikamuna : this one wasnt so bad son

Mohammed Sharukh : The jokes that make me laugh the most are ones that only reveal point A and point D and make us figure out what B and C are. Bonus point if it's dark humor. Example: I was blessed with a nine inch penis... That priest is in jail now.

Tales Of Taylor : That Loius CK misplaced nut joke made me burst out laughing.

christmas crayon : **says there’s no rules in comedy** **explains the rules of comedy**

Brendan Powers : Feels weird being actually educated by Casual Explained.

LaziBradley : Hearing him laugh and be happy warmed my heart a little.

vanderritchie : “If you tell a bad joke, nobody’s going to laugh” But have you seen Amy Schumer

CurtRichy : Wow this was actually helpful now i can be slightly less unfunny thank you

jeff : I actually found the 'arguing with my wife' line funny.

Shivkumar Krishnamurthy : "You can't laugh and get offended at the same time. " Priceless.

BloodLiife : *kid comes back home from school* his mom : So what did u learn today the kid : Comedy = cancer

Nishad Aras : Did...... did....... Did you actually make a proper informative video? Is everything alright?

Ben Peltola : Somehow the actual pickle juice joke seemed really unfunny after your delivery of it.

TheMoldyPotato : This video seemed more useful than funny Unsub

lean. : This video taught me more about comedy than my arts degree did

Blazen Growlithe : The most complex thing I did in my kitchen was my step-brother.

Erick Khan : you guys ever tell jokes just to flex on the mute?

FlameSight : I'm a simple man I see Bo Burnham I click

Elijah Blough : Lol my jokes are so bad, but I have a funny laugh so when I laugh at my own jokes people laugh at my laugh. Mission accomplished

TheFaze : *The most complex thing I've done in my kitchen:* Spending 15 minutes or more looking for food in cabinets and everywhere to find them all empty when 15 minutes or more could've saved me on Geico car insurance instead

Magik Mike : 6:34 DUDE NOOO LOL

L.J. Hu : Wow it almost seemed like he actually laughed in the end

Matt McConaha : Last year I decided I was going to be a comedian. I dedicated every moment of my spare time to my art. I couldn't focus on my work because my brain was always full of comedic cobwebs that I was spinning. I stopped going to the gym, I stopped leaving the house, I stopped doing everything that wasn't directly contributing to my end goal. I lost my job, I lost my wife, I lost almost everything. But I still have the one thing that matters, my life. But it turns out that most people don't find that joke funny.

LE0NSKA : what is the most complex thing you do in your kitchen? cooking.

Juzzzt Erie : How to be funny: Casually Explain Something😂😂😂

Meme Insider : The most complex thing in my kitchen is my failing marriage, please let me see my children again, Veronica.

_Texas_Pete_ Beats_The_Meat_ : Ah yes! Seeing that punchable avatar of yours always makes my day!

Ryukachoo : I was expecting memes but this is really good stuff

Ben Sampson : "what's the most complex thing you do in the kitchen?" "it's whom, and the answer is the dishwasher, she's got quite the personality"

Cole Cain : Or maybe make fart jokes. Fart jokes are a timeless classic. Just get good at farting. If you can’t fart well, then just buy a whoopie cushion and slap it against your bum. Do this at the office or in a meeting so everyone can have a good laugh.

Zac Collins : I often laugh at my own jokes so people know to laugh. Works every time

Maria Reynoso : when he said "there I was in my four door fiesta hoping the gradient didn't crack 15 degrees", I lost it

RobotExplanations : Don't let this distract you from the fact that we still can't figure out if she's into you.

jonny stuff : surprisingly educational

Christer2222 : Speaking of bad delivery; miscarriage

RCoverC : when you realize he watched way too much tv and made it into an interesting video

RJTheHero : I came up with some jokes of my own. Tell me what you guys think? . . Why was the Knight mad at the Blacksmith? His weapon was a complete _forgery_ . . . What do you call a crippled lawyer? A _Paralegal_ .

Zach Digital : 11:15 holy shit, laughed waaaay too hard at the cancer/comedy connection.

Melody snow : Anyone else notice Bo Burnham in the thumbnail?

WarlandWriter : What's the most complex thing you do in your kitchen? Getting my wife to shut up.

mac53125 : Getting a laugh? well you got mine, my one and only, I was saving it but it's yours now, love it, cherish it, for I have no more to give.

Alec Brickl : The most complex thing I do in my kitchen is cook... Meth

Matthew Doan : Arguably cancer is preferable to bad comedy, because if you give up on cancer at least you won't have to live with never getting laid. I speak from experience.

Arrogant American : 0:23 flashbacks to highschool English / drama I feel personally attacked.

A I : I find just being bold usually works, I make jokes with the express belief that I just can't fail and it usually makes people laugh. A good example is that Borat video where he makes the joke about the chair walking with shoes

Chibi Ayano : and here i was thinking that he would say "the wife"

it are a me : What is the most complex thing you do in your kitchen I don't have a kitchen