Deftones - Change (Live at Late Show David Letterman 2000)

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Baron Teddy Von Forsthoffer : I remember when this cd came out. I couldn't stop listening to it. O love these guys.

Jack Tejada : Stephen Carpenter has been wearing the same clothes for more than a decade.

CaiominTwin : this song was my entire existence for 6 straight months

imtheedirector : In 2006 my friend took me to go see Deftones never forgetting that night Nostalgia is one hell of a felling

Saidah King : This song makes every cell in my body vibrate. Every time. Every single time.

Mike Drennan : I'm an old bastard from the 60s and 70s! The 80s musically pissed me off until the 90s graced us with the art in rock music again. What a breath of fresh air with creative artistic music such as the Deftones ! What a creative, artistic band that most would categorize into any genre cause they are so artistic that you can't categorize them How artistically creative is that?

MoogerFoogin : I seem to discover all the great music years after. Why don't I have exposure to them? Radio sucks.

Ian Dickerson : Shout out to Letterman for calling them Deftones and not THE Deftones.

RCFreak32 : I first started listening to the Deftones when I was 12... 32 now... still love them... No one had anyone idea about them on this show lol

D̸у̨́l͞a̢и́͟ B̸͜ґ̸a̷ц̀̕͞п̧́ : This really just gives a feel no other song can express

Eddie valles : Goku transforming into a super saiyan with this song was perfect

Girl Still Wild : Still no band has came since then that can write like this

Ryan McCarty : Rest in peace Chi Cheng

Darren Clark : honestly....this sounds just like the album track is being played in that room. this was a really sick performance. drummer just raped the 39 dislikers with taste and precision.

Split the Atom : Letterman always had bands that would never expect to be on a show like this.. can't believe how long ago it was. Badass performance as well

luax : i love that vox chorus, his voice is like a rainy dreamscape

Shasta Moschetto : Here's how you know Deftones are an amazing band! Most bands who play live on shows like Letterman,Leno,and Conan have usually sounded like shit, but these guys totally pulled it off. Deftones is one of the few bands I can say sounds exactly the same live as they do on their albums! Love them, and I really miss Chi!

Five Year Waitlist : White Pony was the first record I thought I was going to wear out.. like physically play it into the ground. Thank you Deftones.

Mike Drennan : The 90s was a great rock music artistic period with Cornell and Staley and many more! What happened? Back to greedy corporate bullshit!! What a shame!!

EaerRockVnzla : RIP Chi.

mark chaplin : I had the great fortune to repair a broken tuning machine on Chi's bass when they were in town on the Minerva tour.  Rest in peace.  This TV stuff just isn't the same as seeing them live, Chino walking out into the crowd on the shoulders of the audience.  Great show.  Again, rest in peace Chi!

AlaskanGirlLRB : I bed that crowd was not prepared for that eargasm

Luke Innit : Hard to believe this was 14 years ago.

mtm nynj : I know it's late, but ... R.I.P. Chi Cheng.

Blac Roze : that bass drop though........

Teacher Marie Rasgo : My honeymoon song 😍

Hayden Belsham : david lettermans teeth lick at the start ruined Deftones performance for me.

GTFISHING show : Deftones is the best band I have ever seen live along with tool. But the energy Deftones has is 2nd to none. Better sound live then their album definitely an amazing experience. I saw them last year and it was by far my favorite show I have ever attended.

Skitseli : Anyone else get the goosebumps starting from the top of their spine spreading through the arms?

Ronald Montes : He f en rocked it!

depletable : I saw this when it aired. Wasn't even knowing it was coming on, and was so happy to have caught it.

Daley Radford : I love that effect @ 0:50

dedtobealive : chi and stephen went so hard omfg

Erick : Gokus about to destroy cooler

Daley Radford : This was 16years ago!!!!

Josh Pedrosa : Since when did George Lopez join a rock band!?

Rorik Mroch : Fat Chino is best chino!

DriveByGuy : Audience doesn't know what to think lmao.

Tamika McNeill : I cant be the only one attracted to Chino

Aaron Terrell : Man that felt good. Like silk boxers on a cold winters eve.

HannahBreanne : I personally think this is their best performance of Change

T. Jewkes : What an amazing group. Love these guys

Randall Davis : Songs actually played in Dropped C

Philippe Bergeron : We got a high Chino here haha good performance anyway

APRIL LEWIS : They rooccckkkkkk! Never gets old.

John Astropoker : The best song made on planet earth dude. I'll never stop listening this song, thank you

Nicholas West : Wow they killed it, i really commend this band on how long they've been together and all the shit they've been through!

Jaime Sandoval : Feeling that OG Kush real good!

Billybob : Fav band since 2000. Nothing has moved me more. They r everything.

mandi nystrom : Still one of my favorite songs of all time.  Amazing performance!