April 1928 - Strolling Down The Atlantic City Boardwalk, NJ (real sound)

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Old sound film of the Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey, USA, taken April 1928. Since the Movietone process started in late 1927, this is some of the earliest sound footage ever made. It has a very unique perspective of the cameraman 'walking' through the boardwalk (maybe mounted to the front of a rickshaw?) The sound is rough and muffled but this is great time travel. Worked on footage and sound

Comments from Youtube

ZTM : Little did they know that one day they all will be on YouTube 😂😂

IHeartCryptoverse : Does anyone else look at the people and think the depression is a year away, the little boys will one day be fighting in WWII, and the elderly people were toddlers during the Civil War? But at least 1928 they were having a very nice day strolling along the boardwalk.

Perry Mathews : These people are long gone, it's like looking at ghosts. I sometimes wonder, who were they? How did their lives turn out? particularly the children. The young boys skylarking in front of the camera, did they go to war that was eventually to come their way, did they survive? Although these films are fascinating they are also sad. People who were like us but now gone, forgotten.

Call me late For dinner : Suits and ties and hats...even for a walk on the beach....

Red Bluesome : ‘Twas a day in ‘28, and all through the walk, not a twerk was seen, not even a thong. The people were dressed to the nines with care, excited in the knowledge that a moving picture would soon be theirs...

Xorxe Xorxito : My thoughts that this people couldn't imagine how rapidely things were going start developing. Tv, satellites, space travel, computers, mobile phones, AI, robotics. My grandmother 10 years old at this time turned 100 a month ago. Some people of this era are still alive. Thank you guy jones for these great old recordings/films for us to see who loves vintage.

Peace & Quiet : 1:26 the equivalent of dabbing in 2018 Times may change but kids stay the same

RADIUM CLOCK : If it weren't for YouTube these would be in storage somewhere. Worse, they would be discarded in a landfill. Just imagine what we've lost or haven't found yet.

Schnitzengruben : Amazing, these kids look like little adults, they're wearing exactly the same outfits as the grownups.

moormagic1 : I showed this to my mother. She was a young girl walking the boardwalk in A.C. during this time. She really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Brian Mcnamara : People dressed as if they were going to a job interview today but just appearing as normal. Wish there was an effort to make this type of veneer normal again. Maybe there would be a sense of purpose in people again.

jec1ny : I so wish that I could just step through a computer screen.

tarangolian gmx : OMG- people were so elegant: all men - even children - with ties, all women with nice hats and beatiful coats...but what strikes most: THEY HAD ALL A NORMAL WEIGHT!

mokiigirl : The women walked arm and arm. I remember with great fondness the old women walking arm and arm after dinnertime in my neighborhood when I was a kid.

Johnny Aingel : I love how clean and well dressed they all were

Lotta Krap : Looks like a long catwalk for a fashion show. Everyone is looking impeccable

Marcela Torres : Love these vids! 1) the women’s coats were gorgeous! 2) nice to see people used to act a fool in front of the camera back in the day 3) look at how many people are walking!

joey s : watching this film confirms the social engineering that has turned the public today into overweight slobs!

jacobrocks7 : Great job by Guy. My dad was born in 1928 and is is turning 90 soon. Kind of weird seeing all of those souls in the film with most now dead..enjoy life folks!

Don Dressel : My grandparents said the 20s were the best times of their lives They were both born in 1906 I thought the 60s and 70s were the best times of my life I was born in 1956

Steve Heywood : How fascinating...thank you so much for posting this 👍👍😎

Nancy : What makes a person smile and react as they do when they see a camera towards them? Especially in 1928? Fascinating snapshot of life.. What are they thinking? I would like to visit them only if I can return back the same day here. Would anyone else?

Felix Nemo : Not too many pot belly people on the video.

Quinn Mach : Can't wait for an upload from 2000BC times 👌

Bravo Pakistan. : Past present future at my fingertips YouTube! I love you.

rudy melgar : People well dressed . So elegant and classy

SC98 : Look at all those couples holding hands!

Remnant Soldier : A year later the Stock market crashes...

wcdino685 : To think all those young kids in this video probably ended up involved in WWII overseas.

Chuck Wagon : This clip gives you a good idea what travelling back in time would look like!

Robert Smith : Even up to the 90's i recall seeing elderly women here in England of the generation born in the 1900s that still dressed in a similar way to their 20s/30s youth,with cloche type hats and wavy hair,smart dresses and coats,my Granny was one.Old men in smart suits and caps or hats too.Never see that style anymore.Love these films you put up here.

Jose MeLikeyBacon : I also notice alot of women walk in pairs.

José Manuel Sánchez Gómez : People were so excited and glad to see a camera. Blessed innocence!

NEIL Michael B. : Another incredible trip in the YouTube time machine...gracias!

Warnerchild : 3:20 kinda shocked me - having "people" push you at the same speed as walking

Claudinchenchen : The ladies preferred to wear fur. That was exactly the taste of my great-grandmother ;-)

Erik Lee : beautiful without LGBT and multiculturalism

VJ : Anyone see nucky thompson

Themanwhocameback2 : My father may have been one of the boys frisking about. He was born in Atlantic City in 1922. It's great to see(2:80, and at other points) the great old hotels. I see the massive concrete Moorish temple hotel called the Marlborough Blenheim, and right next to it the Hotel Dennis, modeled after Versailles, and next to it, The Shelburne. Now all gone, but they were fantastic.

L Coop : Please, please continue posting these amazing videos!! They are so peaceful and relaxing!! Thank you for all you do!!

Jeff C : Hats, hats, everywhere hats.

Mrs.Rushy : Those boys at 1:15 look between 9-12 years of age. I wonder how many of them went on to fight in WWII just a little over a decade later. They would have been in their early to mid 20s when the U.S. entered the war.

Fran Boscow : Very cool to see what it was like back then

Hannah Elizabeth : I GO THERE!!! my heart oh my god

wetracy : Probably Easter. It was April 8 that year, very early.

Turkeydoodlers L. : Fine work as always Guy

Robert NYCGUY Raised on Records : Love the architecture, the majority is gone. A pleasant time in Atlantic City. My folks first took us in the late 60's, haven't been there in 4 years. It seems so chaotic nowadays. Everyone here acting accordingly , dressed up in their best. The closest way for us to go back in time. Other than all my photo books devoted to OLDNY, OLD USA history. TY Guy.

FranksFlyTraps : Simply awesome, thank you. Horses on the beach, man how things change.

Archived_Videos : Boardwalk Empire was very accurate in its portrayal.