Colorful Time-Lapse of Hot Air Balloons in New Mexico | Short Film Showcase

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Sage Schmidt : My dream is to take my girlfriend on a hot air balloon in 2019

Anna Bb : Omg, people who experienced hot air balloon in New Mexico are so luckier than billions of people

Diana Orona : One of the most beautiful thing about living in New Mexico :)

Corey Youngblood : The Balloon Fiesta is one the best parts of living in Albuquerque

paradisegunshot : beautiful video accompanied with beautiful, soothing music. such a pleasure.

greenseaships : That was.... exhilarating! A video about hot air balloons was exciting. Fantastic work! I had never thought seriously about going to the Albuquerque Festival. Now I'm obsessed.

M Eusha : Fascinating. God is Glorious.

Junior G : Watching all the balloons from my rooftop with a coffee in my hand an a early morning is a good experience.

Army5128 : I live there

Sophie Ye : I love the way the clouds move

Saeed Ahmad Khan Baloch : سمندر پار پاکستانی حکومت پنجاب منتخب اعلان سعیدحمد خان بلوچ ضلع لوداهر تحصیل کیروپک چوکی مستی خان بلوچ دنیاپور سب مسلمان سبکی ماشاالله انشاالله الحمدالله تحیصل کروپکا چوکی مستی خان بلوچ دنیاپور

Mike Mace : This fabulous music is by U137 - "Watching the Storm"

pxDayana : This looks beautiful! 

kholoud sh : What's the name of the soundtrack ?

William Savage : Albuquerque is the Hot Air Balloon Capital of the World!!!

Maxim Rice : What's the music track?

The Biggest Controversy : i wanna ride one

Как улучшить дикцию и речь : Awesome

MrMegaFredZeppelin : This is beyond awesome. Right into my AVIATION playlist. Happy Holidays. ROCK ON!!!!!!

Chesa Djanelle : I'm so in love with this video!!!! I'm sketching this airballoons

Agatha Akello : My 6 month old son was absolutely mesmerised by this video. Thank you.

Yusen Zhai : BGM: Watching The Storm-U137

Robert Batista : Love the hot air 🎈 so many of them different kinds of them

Yannik Klemt : Nice Short Film i like it🔥

Lukas Niemi : Awesome! God has truly blessed the world!

Robert Batista : Love New Mexico 🇲🇽

Lucas King : how many balloons

Biggie Cheese : The mini donuts you get over there are the literal best 😋

Cristian ento : Hermoso espectaculo

Anil Kumar : Wow!

Linda Bell : Like watching the experience with good music in background. No talking!! Beautiful. Thanks

Anthony Del Pino : One of the most profound visual experiences I’ve ever had on YouTube

RL Smail : That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!

Max Hemington : OMMGGGG this is amazING

Gregory Roybal : I loved this video! Did anyone catch the Darth Vader Balloon and the R2D2 Balloon?

Cynthia's Channel : How beautiful.. We have them here , but nothing like this...

Goat Goddes : I've been to the one in Nevada but I want to see this one badly!!!

J. A. Jones : Thanks for sharing this just took my depression away you are now added 😃🙂😁

Neky Choi : What if someone on a balloon pees onto the ground? lol

davies ngwono : i like both of them

RIXRADvidz : I was there for the first Balloon Fiesta, and many more after that. Thank you for putting something good on the wwweb.  my poor little caramelized brain cell had a momentary spark of WOW.   thanks.  btw I slipped this into my BrainWaive playlist  on RIXRADvidz, and all my playlists are open to the public, please enjoy.

Matt Gomez : This is one of the many reasons I love America! We may not be the most perfect country. but we always come up with something amazing that makes you want to live till the end of your days in this country.

FUNBox : How much cost one baloon ?

tynnrhoas : What a wonderful video.

Mike Corn : The most amazing thing is that some people actually gave this a thumbs down.

Serve75 : Amazing!

vampvivid : That was absolutely amazing

Blorox Cleach : wait until a fighter jet slices the basket right off from the baloon lol

Ian Vargas : Wonderful :)

Simon Peter Rossetto : That was really cool!!!!