Jim Carrey - I Needed Color - Behind Closed Doors He's An Amazing Artist

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Just Chilin : Damn Jim Carey's inspirational, made me want to paint too

Jennifer A : Wow I'm shocked by this. He has such deep thinking. I can now understand him a little more through his art. Keep making art.

Nicolle : Is it bad that when I was watching him pouring those colors over that giant canvas all I could think of was "damn he already has the money to afford all that paint and doesn't have to skimp on anything" lolp All kidding aside though I never knew he could paint and seeing him in action just makes me so happy. Tbh I don't feel happy painting anymore but seeing him is nudging me out of that funk

Dime Fever : Wow, didn't want this to end! Guess Jim is living in color...he's an amazing artist!

Sarah S : Jeez, so many people claiming to know this or that about him. Just watch the ****ing video, listen to what he has to say and don't pretend you know the guy.


Jill Talk : What an absolutely brilliant artist. Magnificent work. Just stunning. Come on over Jimbo, I'll make you a cuppa tea and we can talk about non-stressful stuff.

melithescary : Every painter here is crying at all those materials I will never have the money to paint like this.

Kevin Kelly : There is a strong link between madness and creativity.

the dude : simply beautiful man 4:44

s a m p l e t e x t : Jim really gets it. He is a rarity in this world.

Mahealani Wu : while I was walking in waikiki I stopped at an art gallery, an energy pulled me in. I thought it was just a gallery with local artists. I was so stunned to find Jim's painting of Jesus. My mind was blown, because I felt like I was supposed to walk in that gallery. I felt like I was really in the right place in the world, for that moment. And that moment was so magical, and moving. Out of all the museums and paintings ive looked at, never has one brought me to tears. I cried tears of pure happiness. I watched this video a week ago, so I recognized it immediately. I've never really understood how people could collect such expensive art. But damn if I wasn't a debtful college student I would have put my money down immediately. Thank you so much Mr. Carey. You don't even know how much more happy I am as a person just because I was able to feel your art in person. Thank you. Thank you.

Mike Bozeman : The reason Jim is so attracted to the figure of Jesus, is because he believes in love. Jesus is exactly that love...true love...real love. What an amazing talent.

TheGoobsters : Holy shit, I grew up laughing so hard at Ace Ventura and now he's so god damn inspiring, what a guy Jim is

GaryWattsWorks : From beginning to end, this video is one piece of real poetry...the visuals, the dialogue, just beautiful.Thank you!

CostaCreates : Wow this was incredible

Raycapone The Art Designer : Lord apollo jim is the truth ✊🏾

Qwerty Metastin : Where can I buy his work! (I've never said that about any art before btw)

Rose Roses : He broke free from MK Ultra, now he's back trying to find himself. Very talented artist.

Rockapulco : He should do a bob ross movie lol

Raycapone The Art Designer : My conscience is apollo

Inna Attic Crookz : i would pay 1,000,000 for the one at 5:01

MALLU HACKER : This video is satisfying❤️ Art😍

Tiffany De Leon : Guess lots of people thinks his art sucks. Well, art is art and if your finger print on a white background is art then I like all art. Our world needs happiness and if this is how Jim Carry is happy then paint away. Thank you for your colors of life Mr. Carry.

Tiger H. Lore : Jim's art is smokin'!

sota : All greate painters are mentally ill tho. So .... Good luck bud.

T B : he is kinda like Hal from Malcom in the middle when he has the midlife paint crisis ahah. All jokes aside, I hope he is doing well.

Pinnacle Of Man TM : So he went from "In Living Color" to Living in Color....I'll be here until my insomnia goes away guys.

Mustard Tiger : Where is the punchline?

cc : I thought it was a joke or something lol

Check It Out : It would dope to have a jim carrey exhibit and call it "In Living Color"

matin ton : Lol at the mainstream idiots just now discovering art and its beauty .... Thats so a thousand years ago

Insanity is Sanity : DMT does that to you

Samanda Hicks : Amazing work Jim!!!!!!!

Tiny Houzewife : He is actually not that good. I am bummed coz the guy is cool.

MISS Morgan : Profound!

Brooklyns Cleopatra : This was oddly peaceful and satisfying to watch . it resonated with me on a deeper level

berryfairy68 : Have always loved him, now I have a new level of love for him 😊

Braeburn Hilliard : Now that's how to live in existence fully. Some of the things Jim talked about maybe just want to reach through the screen and give him a hug!

jonald lalas : Wow, I wish it was a little longer video.

Mikhail Larayes : Pure Talent.

Alyx Bryce : Lost me at the Jesus speak,, utter pish, religion is the poison on earth...

Gabi Graf : Can Jim Carey have a painting show like Bob Ross

Bob : Fam why am I crying in the club right now?

Emp Ty : When you micro dose LSD every single day you unlock your brain like Jim.

Daddy Coconut. : Does he have an art gallery/show? If not he needs one

Yasmine Orrego : Where can I buy is artwork? Is selling any of them?

Jacqueline Jackson : This shows how much we don't know about someone

Christine Stafford : What a complex and amazing person..mulit-talented

TOO KOO : so damn inspirational... thanks jim carrey