Jim Carrey - I Needed Color - Behind Closed Doors He's An Amazing Artist

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Hermes Zeusson : Jim, if you ever get to read this, sell me one or two of your paintings. P.S, great work.

Ellen Pelerossi : You can do what you wanna do in living color

Jess p. : Wow. There's a lot built up in that guy.

June Viarruel : Wow I have to say his art is exceptional! It's pretty awesome his art and the sculpting is not easy. I wonder if he's done any pottery. You know throw some mugs and bowls and such.

Michael Johnson : I have this feeling we are just now seeing the real Jim Carrey..... and it's the beginning. Bravo Jim, bravo.

Pinky Manning : He is manic as f*ck. I'm glad he found a beautiful way to express it, but his manic mentality is all over the place. A genius for sure with his creativity. Beautiful but tortured. This level of isolation and manic creativity is typically paid with a price. Hoping he's healthy and evolved as people like to say, but his speech pattern alone while he's in the process of creating new art is completely manic while his voiceover is calm as hell.

White The Superior Race v2 : He needs to be a man, grow up and get a nice haircut/ join us

Amir Goshtasbi : I love you Jim Carrey

Elizabeth Francis : Finally - he's doing the right thing

Helio Centric : Love, when it is good coruscates as a persicope of nourishment, that transcends the self into a high esteem of blissful new journeys, and possibilities that we wish to see immaculately transpire within our lives, our partners, and those around us... There's quite nothing like it. But when it ends abruptly, or you part ways with a partner, it rears its ugly head -- despair, agony, and heartache feel like the soul is being syphoned into an empty, lonesome abyss of daunting questions like, "Am I not good enough?" "What did I do wrong?" etc. all the feelings of pity and trying to pick up the broken pieces and putting them back together, but knowing it won't ever be the same, nor will you....

kim sheldon : I had no idea!

Micki H : Even more obsessed with him than I have been a good portion of my life. WOW

Deathculture : "Everything you hear and see is talking to you" Wise words!

Nichola Hartwell : Wow he can properly paint and has great composition and...well, just wasn't expecting his art to be so BLINKING GOOD

delaneia mckimm : Beautiful, sad, glorious , exhilarating work. The eyes have it. I see you

Steve Cox : This is just embarrassing. There's a reason why people go to art school - to unlearn bad habits and avoid clichéd visual responses. When over-indulged rich people suddenly 'decide' they are artists, the results are invariably this kind of kitsch garbage. I love Jim Carrey's acting, but, please, someone stop him inflicting this stuff on the world.

Timothy Derkson : The objective of art is for healing.

leo : I am now suffering from testosterone induced moist eye syndrome

STANG GANG : In living color. Literally

superflysquirrel : @schooloflife have you seen this!? Amazing!

juan rosa : Damn he is a great artist

BOSS MEDIA : Art is a scam

Force Ghosting : Classic Jim Carrey , he's still got it :)

Glenn Zlotowski : i wish hed stay out of polical topics and opinions , im pissed at him and have been . used to be a fan but not anymore , maybee if he shuts his mouth on politics as also most of hollywood

stevenalawler1 : What Jim Carrey really needs is to be honest about his STD'S before dating people. That goes for a lot of celebrities

Kemely Gordon : "Feed the desire to create" & Live...

LovingAtlanta : 👍This is absolutely great! Thank you for sharing! 🤗💞🤗

lj2381 : Jim, well done sir. You demonstrate real depth. Depth is in dire need these days. A+

smacurface : I used to like Jim Carey... Then he disrespectfuly showed his true colors about Trump. FUCK YOU JIM. I HAVE GOT NO TIME FOR YOU ANYMORE.

BenOon2wheels : The key here is having the time in your life to explore

Chloe Kingdom : Ok so this is inspiring and all but HE'S MIXING HIS PAINTS O N P A P E R THAT'S SO WASTEFUL I'M HURTING

loraine : I feel like he is hurting, he is looking for something to fulfill his like....he is such an amazing guy.

Susan LaBarca : Wow I never knew he was soooo artistically talented!! I'm blown away!

Kristina Cleveland : He's Canadian, so really, he needed colour. lol

Nyoka Harper : I am amazed with this side of him.. beautiful..

Jon Gonzalez : This reminds me off that movie 23 he was in lol

Phil : True artists aren't trained, they are born. Mr Carrey was born.

Dragon maid : 'A slow regard for silent things....' Patrick Rothfuss

brian6speed : Jimmy has lost his mind, what's next he gonna cut his ear off.

Sue Budzinski : This is amazingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful part of yourself.

jeremy m : I getting a deep feeling Jim carrey is going to kill himself. Look at his eyes you can see the deep sadness and lonliness in his eyes.

heyritarita : This made me cry.

alberto reyes : For some reason I need color too but in my clothes

Laura Chesnut : Another Great actor, a Genius mind that has dark corners ... the calm before the storm

Ryan Ouchas : He's sick of being controlled, being someone he's not. It's great seeing famous "actors/musicians" expose the truth of deception that lies within the corporate industries. He has awakened and is showing his true colours (no pun intended) as an individual. Jim Carrey is the furthest thing from "crazy" - he is inspiring!

Daniel Thompson : wow he's an amazing mind

Deena Petersen : Thanks Jim, I needed that just then, just now, just thanks.

AshleeKranz : I've been an artist my whole life, college educated, struggling starving artist who can only continue my craft; and I feel like I could learn so much more from Jim! I really want to go see his studio now and maybe even paint with him! I would travel from Wisconsin to NYC specifically to do that!

Jameson Lewis : I think he found some sort of enlightenment while coping with pain. I think it changed him quite a bit, good and bad. He's seems happy though. I really hope he is.

chaaarlieee1 : Jim's representation of Jesus if the most amazing thing ever. I'm not even Christian but I would have a giant Jesus like that in my living room.