Goblin Slayer: The Worst Anime Ever Made

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Nick : I agree, series must have a good atmoSPHERE

Jeconius Ishamu : Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also looking into this matter in a different perspective and without condeming of one's views and trying to make it objectified and by considering each and everyone's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

Tristan Turiano : Now I know why those noobs died in the 1st episode: They didn't have any ex-SPHERE-ience. I'll show myself out.

Predator459 : I guess 12K people didn't get the hint this was all sarcasm...

17 Seventeen 17 : Can't believe 2018 is about to end and some people still don't understand sarcasm? 😯

Aphrican Cat : Eh still not as bad as Fairy Tail

C F : Title Reaction: Really? First 15 Second Reaction: Oh...sarcasm.

Luis Cota : Goblin slayer is to violent for me, i will not see it... Please ignore my Avatar ;)

Mihael Čudak : Goblin slayer didnt cause WW2. Goblin Slayer IS the WW2.

Lucky98 : Goblin Slayer caused the YouTube Crash earlier today

Nazareadain : More whoosh that hurricane Katrina down here.

Accel Vangraff : Should I feel bad for recognising all the hentais...?

mattia damosso : Not enough rape scenes

Potato Fisher : H O W C O U L D P E O P L E T A K E T H I S S E R I O U S L Y

The Unknown Otaku : "Berserk censored itself by making an anime so bad no one watched it" GOD DAMNIT BEST LINE EVER!

Kevin Reisch : I find it funny how people are okay with murder scenes but somehow rape crosses a line.

kingia100 : 87k Goblins liked this video

Bryce Cage : The swing at beserk was DESERVED

Edward English : Rape you say? Looks like I have an anime to watch. For research purposes of course.

Integza : I had a Sargasm watching this video

Francis Gerard Opeña : Fact: Goblin Slayer is the worst anime ever made. Ben Shapiro: Facts don't care about your feelings.

gxwild5 : I take my baby dropkicking seriously

Allen Smithee : 0:40 and I can’t tell if my sarcasm detector is overloaded or just broken. Edit: Detector is fine it just doesn’t detect anything over 10 giga-Carlins.

Zed Ex : Now everytime I play any game I kill every damn goblin, IDGAF how insignificant they are waifus are at risk

Quickestturtlez : There's a scene where the goblins use naked women as actual shields against their enemy. And entire wall of mind broken naked women strapped to boards. Let's see how that goes over.

HellSpoon : Ah,sarcasm Is a lost art.

Cytus : 100% of the haters are retarded lmao

A 13 year-old Mongolian boy : Goblin slayer is a goblin, that's why. (Btw, there are millions of people hating towards this poor man because they didn't get this was a joke) P.S:very toxic comment section, read at your own risk.(pls read mine)

Eyal Lev : says "period", and shows a splat of blood ... I'm disgusted (disgusted enough to keep on watching)

J.G Jonny : *Please don’t hurt the S N O W F L A K E S feelings*


Alovatololo : Maybe I'm the one who didn't understand sarcasm? There are so many comments complaining about people not getting sarcasm. Maybe that was sarcasm all along cause I can't find the comments from people who are not getting Gigguk's sarcasm.

Legionnaire Extraordinaire : if a goblin is sexualy attracted by humans, would that goblin be outcasted by goblin society for having a fetish about an other speicies? I mean technically, for him this is beastiality.

Gabriela : What are people in the comments being so triggered by?

Josuto Rudupra : game of thrones had rape no one says anything why? cuz khal drogo is hot moral: make goblins *HOT*

Allen Smithee : Look can we just accept, this whole issue is like at least 2/3 - 90% because they listed it as PG and a you see dark fantasy listed as PG you expect Jim Henson’s creepy side à la Labyrinth or Dark Crystal, and not a random Berserk scene. So you got people thinking they had a serious or creepy Konosuba on hand and they got my dad’s O-face.

ThatOneOctopus : Lol you makes these just to see the toxic comments, don’t you?

Lucas P R S : Im a edgy snowflake :)

Tesu Sazuki : I only like Goblin Slayer because of the Plot.

Mitchell Hang : Some people hate it, some people loved it, but if there's one thing we can all agree on... ...it's that Cow Girl got some huge "milk jugs".

Ramon Vicente Vallesteros Ricafrente : Being an SJW is also not normal...

Ramón Velásquez : Goblin Slayer is done correctly. I watched the first episode and was a bit shocked with what I found since I wasn't expecting it, but then the second and third did some nice progress and I like overall how it's produced, so I'm liking it more with each episode really.

art Null : I'd play the shit out of goblin slayer online

Tiggy110 : Did Mother's Basement take this script and make it not sarcastic?

PacificsGaming : Even if it was sarcasm, I can honestly say I got a bit triggered. But nice!

Anonymous : Is it bad that I recognised all the HH tabs?

chris c : I didn't like it because I sexually identify as a transgender goblin pony dragon and I do not condone the slaughter of my people.

Deviluke : It's sarcasm guys!! Put away your pitchforks!!!

NoFuture : Good thing I actually watched the video, It was hilarious. Almost got mad by the title and was about to dislike but definitely got a like