Goblin Slayer: The Worst Anime Ever Made

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Chris Hansen : The R word is Rigger.

King Kachowski : Sounds like something a goblin would say.

Justin Jacob : I'm autistic and I could still pick up on the sarcasm

Broken Umar : Rip Hentai Haven

The Unknown Otaku : "Berserk censored itself by making an anime so bad no one watched it" GOD DAMNIT BEST LINE EVER!

CerealKiller : at least 13k people who can't recognize OBVIOUS sarcasm .. what's new?

Maxwell Shilling : The show is great because of how much people hate rape. In most other shows when the hero finds the villains children you want them to be spared. Not here tho. I was yelling,”WIPE OUT THE ENTIRE BLOODLINE!” the entire time.

Gavin Hicks : I won’t lie. I wanted to stop watching it after that one scene.... but when i saw the goblin slayer... i shouted “oh yeah! It’s my boy!” And i actually enjoy him slaying goblins. And after the fifth episode i wanted to see more goblins dead.

Robert Gomez : Goblin slayers has some good spheres hehe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Integza : I had a Sargasm watching this video

Hot-blooded & Half-German : (Reads title) "Oh, don't tell me Gigguk is on this bandwagon too..." (7 seconds) "Ok, nvm, it's all good 👍"

Hwang jae : Is it bad i saw all the hentai he closed?

Gavin Hicks : I need to drop kick some babies now

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : *Gigguk:* "You can't make a series like this!" *Goblin Slayer:* "Why not? It's clever. It's unexpected..." *Gigguk:* "But that's _not_ why people watch anime! Clever things make people feel stupid, and unexpected things make them feel scared!" *Anime Community:* "Attention, Goblin Slayer! Your unexpected slaughter and rape scares us! You stole our hearts as an SAO/DanMachi reskin, and so shall you remain...OR ELSE!" *Gigguk:* "You see?! Anime audiences don't want anything original! They wanna see the same thing they've seen a thousand times before!"

17 Seventeen 17 : Can't believe 2018 is about to end and some people still don't understand sarcasm? 😯

Faiz interceptor : this video is too EDGY and that is BAD!!!

Jack Kaminsky : 4:36 rip hentai haven.

Tinej 150 : Not sure if people read the title, clicked on the video just to dislike it, then go somewhere else. Orrr people actually wanted to agree with hating Goblin slayer and was upset that this was satire.

TheLoneCabbage : I can confirm that I like Goblin Slayer and dropkick babies for a living.

Lucky98 : Goblin Slayer caused the YouTube Crash earlier today

The Third Crusader : The Dark Souls of Anime. Yeah, I went there.

Jonalith : So let me start by saying that Goblin Slayer isn't bad, it's just not the perfect holy grail anime either. I am still watching it, however, that first episode pissed me off so very much. It has nothing to do with the rape, that was just part of the world building. It has nothing to do with the brutality, that is character building. It was all the very end of the first episode. She sees her entire party completely destroyed mentally and physically in front of her knowing damn well that she would have been next, but at the end she cheerfully says "Hai!" and goes along with the Slayer. now if it were more grim determination, that I could understand, but her being happy?! What kind of monster is this bitch?

BlackBlood : So in conclusion.... It's bad. *Sarcasm level 100*

Gopnik Aleks : Goblin Slayer should be banned for being the first piece of media in history to show violence. Won't they think of the children?

Ezra : Murder? Nah Gore? Nah Rape? REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

3 : N E G A T I V E S U B S T A N C E

Kushagra Tripathi : Everyone thinking this is a serious video: 4:12

Kakyoin the milf hunter : 4:40... about that

MrCharlieMadness : Just one thing.... hentai haven has been .... I can't even say it *cries in hentai*

Mitchell Hang : Some people hate it, some people loved it, but if there's one thing we can all agree on... ...it's that Cow Girl got some huge "milk jugs".

Random Guy With Big Nose : Goblin Slayer is the worst anime in history because it's based on D&D themes and D&D is played by nerds in basements and nerds in basements stink therefore Goblin Slater stinks.

PopinJay Junior : Read the manga, more details there

Vhagar : So, The Rising of the Shield Hero: The Worst Anime Ever Made in the history of ever, when?

Darkwolfpocco : R/wooooosh x 15k

J.G Jonny : *Please don’t hurt the S N O W F L A K E S feelings*

The Azir : 4:39 Top 10 anime deaths

Pussysmasher 9000 : Ok.. This video is sarcastic the commenters are: warning about sarcasm in the vid 90% talking shit about the people who don't get it 7% Being triggered because they didn't get/watch the video 3%

Dutch Van Der Linde : *I see title of the video:* "Damn, being pretty strong here." *About 5 seconds in:* "I love sarcasm."

Connmann 206 : I actually hate this show I legit dont know why people give this show so much praise

Quickestturtlez : There's a scene where the goblins use naked women as actual shields against their enemy. And entire wall of mind broken naked women strapped to boards. Let's see how that goes over.

jshx_ _ : rip hentai haven

Synthisis : Too many autists who can't detect sarcasm DEAR GOD!!!

Daanesh Darnell : Priestess-chan is so cute

Cloned Boi : Berserk is my Bible. Will i like this?

My name is Connor I'm the android sent by CyberLife : Gigguk you're getting wilder with the videos


Blu East33 : Mmm. I think the one thing that would help is closure. Ever since this first episode you wouldn't believe how popular the female fighter is and how much she is talked about. Heck, I know she was just a mere example of how brutal the world can be but even I sometimes wonder what happened to her. A character with one of the most tragic backstories. Talk about training since you were young with your father only to have him pass away leaving you alone with the will and dream to continue in his honor. Then venturing out with your childhood friend (Possible love interest) on your first quest against a supposedly weak enemy, only to then witness one friend stabbed, then your childhood friend mauled to death, then to have your virginity taken by one ugly motherf***ker right after your fathers technique failed against an enemy you underestimated. Then continue to be gangbanged and ejaculated inside of multiple times for hours in the dark before help arrives. Then leaving the cave hoping to find your stabbed friend who you last saw leaving with the priestess, has died. If that wasn't enough then what about the fact you are headed to a temple afterwards to have some magicians remove the uterus so you won't produce any goblin off-spring, or they sterilize the sperm inside I wouldn't know. If its the first, talk about a bummer being baron with no ability to have any children. Going home to no father, no friends, no dream................................................................................. That said you can't help but wonder if the priestess at least comes by to visit her. I'm surprised in 2000 years of these occurring events there's no warning signs or training for these kind of scenarios. Although they kinda of got themselves into that situation, with little warning, she did perform a heroic sacrifice in leaving herself behind. Otherwise the story of GS and the Priestess wouldn't be what it was today

Pescado Tejano : So many failures that didn’t get the sarcasm!!!😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

not a goblin slayer : People this is sarcasm