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Zooper Dooper : 2:05 is that jonah from david dobriks vlog?!?!?!

The Dog Of Wisdom : A commercial geared towards men that didn't shame men in any way, shape, or form. Bravo!

Rob Hoffman : That should cover just about everyone.

TWPJ : 2:05 that is Jonah from David’s vlog he even has the same injury mark from the pool on the right side of his body

Jessica Luthi : Classy and inclusive. The Sammy Davis Jr. was a great touch!

Kelby Waters : This is the empowering video men have wanted. Hell yes.

Unders : Isn't that the founder of DSC stuffing his pants lol

সেফাত Niloy ninad : Amazing add showing diversity of men, body type, age, and looks. Everyone is different but also perfect in their own way. 💛👍

ArwenMeow : The CEO stuffed his bulge

Wayne Goss : Amazing!

Dean R : Good commercial. I dig the Sammy Davis Jr and appreciate the awkward funny inclusion of all guys, gals, and in-betweens.

stephensynergy : Move over Super Bowl ads...this one is a legend before even its 1000th viewers! Thank you DSC!!!!! You again prove genius abounds with your wit and superb taste.

The Vortexx : Wow, fucking brilliant. Totally relatable because I watched it on the toilet, and it made me laugh hard enough to fart. Mission accomplished, it really does make me want to go order more stuff for my DSC box. And big kudos for the inclusion of ALL. There should be an award for that.

Bueno Killer : Love iiiiiit!!!! ❤😂❤😂❤😂❤😂❤😂 super original and I just thought that guy shaving his ass and putting baby powder was the funniest thing I've seen. SUPRISINGLY not as nasty as most would expect more funny cus how he was prob doing it. #LoveDSC

Titan9m : Wtf did I just watch! thing ever

Samuri8787 : and Ad that I didn't skip and was actually good... Love to music with it though, also good Shaving company

CDP110 : 0:53 - 0:59 That's the technique

CaptnNuttSack : Absolutely brilliant. This is the kind of marketing that we need more of. Brutal honesty and unashamedness of being who and what you are.

Bethany Prahst : I’m glad you added trans/binder users

Brian Cohen : this might just be your absolute very best work yet...Superbowl commercial worthy!!!

Gerald-Anthony Soares : That was an amazing commercial ! Loved the concept and the cinematography ! Good job DSC I'm a proud member of 4 years (btw i love how you guys can always make me lmao with your promos hahah)

John Woram : Jonah from David’s vlogs at 2:05

Jeff Bowe : And I see the founder got his cameo!

Johnny Carcinogen : Wow, the representation of different body types on display here was beautiful. It's refreshing to see real humans in this ad. Though it could have used more fat women, DSC - they exist & use your products as well. Good on you for the drag queen, though.

Business Cat : The proceeds from my subscription are being well spent indeed.

Lincoln Ripley : This was incredible lol, super creative and hilarious

Carl May : Great, great, great and proud to be a member. Cheers to whoever thought this up.

Brian Smith : Too funny!

XangPlayz : 1:37 that’s my neighbor!!!

Master1Morrison : I really liked this commercial Had to look for it and comment I love the diversity Made me think about how everyone has their own way to make themselves happy and ready

Nik Martin : WTH did I just watch...

DrewPlays23 : I LOVED This Video!!!!!!!!!

Queezbo : This is probably the most guy thing I have ever seen. And hilarious.

Dawn Wolfe : Made my day! Love it!

Gary : Brilliant! Woulda coulda shoulda been the Super Bowl Champion ad! I need to shave now.

Psychonaut Arts : That. Was. Awesome.

Charlie Wefelmeyer : What a fantastic commercial. Very empowering and inclusive. Shows that we are all just people with hair in various places that we don’t want it, and that we all do embarrassing/funny things in the bathroom getting ready. Loved it.

Brian Constantine : Brilliant ad. This will catapult DSC into the national consciousness...just like the Bud Light commercials did for that co.

Leah Clifford : Just joined this month, haven't even gotten my first box, but LOVE the inclusive video! Absolutely a move that makes me want to support your brand!

vicky -is-tired : I love this. It's quite empowering for everyone. I'm suddenly more happy with myself than I've been before.

Sunny Flowers : How can it be uncomfortable to watch yet hilarious at the same time? Well done sirs, well done.

Steve Ballantyne : * tears streaming down* * slowly standing * * commence slow clap * BRAAAAVOOOOOO

Matt Orser : So crazy. I do that to my nipples too!

Andy Cauthen : Most men can probably identify with at least one of the guys in that video. I do, but I am not going to say which one! Really great video!

Tristin Fleurimond : Member for 3 months and going strong, loving every moment of it🤗😏

miloallerton : Saw you stuffing your pants there Micheal :) Always good stuff DSC!

ThePhotogPhil : Sounds more like Steve Lawrence, but lots of folks think it is Sammy Davis Jr. Just sayin'

Jasper Jordens : 2:05 is jonah from david’s vlogs 😂

Robeft Yearian : Well tgst was disturbing

Benjamin , Umbrardor : I loved it. I think I’ll try the shave/baby powder combo from now on.