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Idanis : so who's stopping by after the the failure that is gillette now?

Ramius Z : Wow, a diverse commercial showing that their product is for everyone and they do it with out vilifying masculinity, denouncing western culture or trashing white people. It can be done.

Cluez31 : Now this what I call a commercial. People being THEMSELVES and a company not shaming them for it!!!

Tony Brion : With Gillette's anti-male propaganda, they just lost a customer of 30+ years. Hello dollar shave club, we will be doing business for hopefully 30+ years.

21Vicroy : I'll be waiting for your satire commercial thanking Gillette for the business.

Tobias Schmidt : I think Gillette may have done you a huge favor today! Stay awesome.

dengitpeter : The only thing i got from this ad is They GOT MY BACK....not shaming me for being a man....

Dom4z : Gillette has sent me here. DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB YOU ARE THE BEST A MAN CAN GET!

Xanthorr : Gillete helping you guys out for free :D

21Vicroy : Dude taking a dump while gaming. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fresh Orange : FUCK GILLETTE

Xanthorr : Gillette ad brought me here :) I want to be a member of Dollar Shave club now

Sergio Martin : I don't even shave, but I'll buy your razors just to support you and protest Gillette.

Riley Banks : If the same folk who hated the Gillette ad like this _incredibly_ inclusive commercial, then maybe the problem isn't in the supposed toxicity and intolerance of men. The message here didn't feel forced _at_ _all_

INSEIKYU01 : Wow had something for everyone and didn't need to shame anyone and it was a great choice in song. What a drastic difference from some other large Big brother companies. Hope you stay awesome dollar Shave Club.

Rob Hoffman : That should cover just about everyone.

The Dog Of Wisdom : A commercial geared towards men that didn't shame men in any way, shape, or form. Bravo!

Nammy Deplume : I gotta be me, not whoever Gillette thinks I 'gotta' be!

Xanthorr : Hi Dollar Shave Club! Are you a company that appreciates paying customers? Those are a rarity nowadays it seems.

Zooper Dooper : 2:05 is that jonah from david dobriks vlog?!?!?!

Gee Paul : Hey Dollar shave club....Remember that 20 million Gillette sued you for?...I think you're about to make it all back and more lol

Wayne Goss : Amazing!

Reck ed : I came here thanks to Gillette. You guys need to send them some soy milk as a thank you.

igegan1 : Quick call the need to up production NOW!!! Gillette just got Woke.... we all know what that means..... :-)

Nullpointer : Wait what? You can make commercials without attacking the very concept of masculinity?

Julia : My Boyfriend and I are happy DSC members. Keep keeping up guys #gillettesucks

SpyengoEen : Found a new home for my shaving products, after Gillette told me I should instead put the razor to my balls. Thank you, Dollar Shave Club.

Charlie Wefelmeyer : What a fantastic commercial. Very empowering and inclusive. Shows that we are all just people with hair in various places that we don’t want it, and that we all do embarrassing/funny things in the bathroom getting ready. Loved it.

Jessica Luthi : Classy and inclusive. The Sammy Davis Jr. was a great touch!

Doug Zook : Dear Gillette, this is how you make an ad.

Kelby Waters : This is the empowering video men have wanted. Hell yes.

Unders : Isn't that the founder of DSC stuffing his pants lol

CaptnNuttSack : Absolutely brilliant. This is the kind of marketing that we need more of. Brutal honesty and unashamedness of being who and what you are.

Space Cowboy 45 : Hello new razor company. Good to see you market towards EVERYONE and not given in to the leftist liberal media.

brnsktingdieskting18 : Why.... hello new masters 😂 #gowokegobroke

TWPJ : 2:05 that is Jonah from David’s vlog he even has the same injury mark from the pool on the right side of his body

ArwenMeow : The CEO stuffed his bulge

SwazzerProductions : I’ve never appreciated an advertisement more until now, thanks Dollar Shave Club.

L Schwartz : I don't care that DSC is now owned by Unilever. This is how you connect people, not divide. Six months ahead of P&G without any condescension.

Greenpea : This was clever and cool. Showed my wife and kids. You guys simply get it.

John Ryan : I've never been more proud that I made the switch to DSC over 18 months ago. I'll never forget the first promo I saw from them: "your handsome ass grandfather had one blade-- and polio!" This "Get Ready" ad encompasses the diverse consumer base without being preachy or political. I can related to one or more people represented, and smile about the rest. I have a mother, two sisters, a wife, a mother-in-law and three sisters-in-law. I respect each one of them and treat them as peers and equals. I've never been unfaithful to any woman I've dated (or the one I'm married to!). I've hired, worked with, and promoted talented women at work. This isn't a boast-- far from it, most men I know and work with are in the same boat. I'm tired of being told I'm broken, evil, the "problem with society," or any number of other things simply because I'm a man. So thank you for being a company that so many of us are happy to support and can relate to. "I gotta be me," but that doesn't mean I have a problem with other people being themselves. I never regret adding more to my cart before my blades ship. Good work DSC!

M Ross : My gosh, this is so vastly superior to lecturing and finger-wagging.

Lucia Torregiani : That's how you do marketing inclusivity, not exclusivity! Well done Dollar Shave Club

Liz Junipinecone : Their confidence makes me so happy they are all such beautiful people and I want to hug them all

সেফাত Niloy ninad : Amazing add showing diversity of men, body type, age, and looks. Everyone is different but also perfect in their own way. 💛👍

Dean R : Good commercial. I dig the Sammy Davis Jr and appreciate the awkward funny inclusion of all guys, gals, and in-betweens.

Samuri8787 : and Ad that I didn't skip and was actually good... Love to music with it though, also good Shaving company

Leviwosc : I really like this commercial! No annoyingly handsome photo models, but just regular men. I could've been amongst those guys there and not stand out a bit. The song "I gotta be me" from Sammy Davis Jr. really added a great value to it. A very clever commercial and one that deserves to go viral. I'd say to Dollar Shave Club, kudos to your agency that made this commercial, I think you've made a darn good decision.

Jeff Bowe : And I see the founder got his cameo!

StarlessSky : Since Gillette seems to hate men, its nice to see a company that likes having paying customers over here :D