co-op beat 'em ups

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Feck Boi : *Is that Lysanderoth eating the pizzas?*

Luxas : Friendship ended with *CO-OP* Now *Single Player* is my best friend.

Smiley the Smile : So THAT'S how Lysenderoth betrayed them.

Veridian : If you take the fire flower when you already have the fire powerup in Mario while I'm mini Luigi, *you're dead to me*


StoneXL : You forgot the dude who scrolls the screen too much and gets you killed.

Justin Y. : Not sponsored by crunchyroll? *Top 10 anime betrayals*

Veridian : Don't forget that one guy on your team in Smash that keeps using up your lives just to die instantly

nickkingofearth : Was that...was that pineapple on the pizza?...

Grumpy Pig : Just like tf2

StickMaster500 : So this is the power to defeat King Dragon

Abbreviated Reviews : I wasn't aware that people sponsored videos this short. There's hope for me yet! Seriously though, this is the shortest sponsored youtube content I've ever seen. It could be a TV commercial.

Daniel : How much did you get paid to make a 15 second clip?

Mr. Ultimate : Castle Crashers in a nutshell

The Derp Chaos : Me: STOP EATING THE PIZZAS! My friend: I think I have diabetes now.

Batman : Disappointed you were sponsored by a game called Dragon's Crown Pro but no mentions of King Dragon were made

Jelly Toast : But where's the person who's constantly dying

Thaddeus : I salute your courage to eat pineapple on pizza in front of the entire internet. You are not alone, pineapple brother.

Airmo : "Stop! You're already a high enough level! Let me kill everyone and level up!"

Godot : Left 4 Dead Co-op mode in a nutshell

Lunar Robot : Whoever's maining Archibald clearly dosent know about how broken Dennis's glitch jump ability is. Fricken noob.

MistaTwoJeffreyTwenty Yaay : Mfw I'm always the idiot who doesn't know how to play

Gerry McWilliam : Serious question here... Did you save Prince Horrance?

Raziel 2499 : Is your arm broken? - Eat pizza! Did someone slice you open? - Eat pizza! Do you just want to piss off your partner? - Just eat the goddamn pizza! No, but seriously, did anybody wonder where the mighty healing power of food comes from?

OluDelta DES : W I L L Y O U S T O P J U M P I N G

Aquamarine 314 : "Why the heck did you take the last health pack, I'm low!" "I needed it!" "You lost like 10 hp, I'm down at 10hp!" "Well one of us needs to be at 100 and it should be me!" "Why is that?" "I'm the better player!" "You literally died just a second ago!" Moments later "I told you to give me the sniper rifle!" "It looks cooler!" "Fine then make it zoom." "Make it what now?"

TheBeastModeGamer : I remember four years ago when playing SM3DW with my brother We don’t speak a lot to each other anymore

Liezuli : Although the gameplay fell flat at times, I still find it to be a very enjoyable experience because of the story, as it fleshed out the backstory of Archibald and Lysanderoth, giving them much needed character development.

The Derp Chaos : Hey look a random piece of pizza on the floor! I bet there are nothing wrong with eating that!

Kinda Weeaboo, But not really. : Reminded me of that episode of Gravity Falls when they brought a fucking streetfighter character to life

omniamor : that's why everyone should kiss in order to share food the world can learn from kirby

The Sarcastic Lime : Me as an RPG character honestly

THEANIMEGUY 31 : *When the opponent uses a full restore at full health in Pokémon*

Shadow Orochi : What is your guys favorite beat em ups? Mine is Streets of Rage 2!

Italian Love Cake : Lysanderoth didn't shoot Archibald. He kept eating all the health items when Archibald needed them most.

PSVita at 2am : Mmmmm floor pizza, it's almost as good as wall chicken from Castlevania.

NintendoWolf : This channel should always be used when ever someone is trying to explaining what video games are.

Ak10Twenty : But jumping excessively is a sign that a player has skill

Monado Ace : I didn't know that Legend of King Dragon was a co-op beat em up.

Eddie : jfc were you watching me and my friends play Castle Crashers?! This is literally me and my friends. And before you ask, I'm the dude with the pizza.


Agent Smith : *King Dragon sends his regards.*

JustinJKJ : This would never happen in Kirby

Sunny · Waifu : Co-op beat 'em ups? More like EVERY co-op game XD

Extern Xels : That galley la company shirt

TenTheFox : When me and my brother play LITERALLY ANY COOP GAME!!

Daffyhat : As much as I'd probably enjoy Dragon's Crown, I uh...still live with my parents.

Kekorot : Pineapple pizza? Respect...

PARTNERiNTiME : So this is the beat-em up spin-off taking place after the epic JRPG, Dennis' Quest? Interesting...

Max the Paladin : What the name of the background music?