Daenerys Storms King's Landing, but to Metallica's For Whom the Bell Tolls
I love a good mash up GoT5 amp Metallica For Whom the Bell Tolls

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Music by Metallica, with HBO's Game of Thrones. Just picked the starting point and let it roll. It's amazing how well it works.


Gürkan Yeniçeri : Copyright holders are like: Damn I wanna sue this guy but this is so perfectly matched.

NickB : Me watching the episode: oh no Dany dont do that Me watching this episode with Metallica: hell yeah burn those Innocents FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS

fairsirs : Tackling HBO and Metallica, two of the biggest anti-consumer and anti-piracy entities, you have a huge nutsack

John B : “Take a look to the sky before you die, it’s the last time you will.” Shows Drogon torching everything. Awesome timing.

doramason : as you can see Metallica forshadowed all of this 35 years ago, you just weren't paying attention...

Tigresinho : Boy, that was one fierce mosh pit in the streets of King's Landing..


Emir Bey : This is the best thing i've ever seen about the game of thrones final season

Justin's Fern : 3:20 that line with the dragon is absolutely epic!

Joonas Salminen : "Take a look to the sky just before you die... It is the last time you will.. " has never been so fitting as in this episode xD

Sunny Daze : Jon was like damn this Metallica video is violent wait a minute I'M IN A METALLICA VIDEO

hailee yuuno : The CGI team was definitely listening to this while editing this scene! 👍🏼🤣🤣

Ultramarine 81 : Could you imagine this on MTV in 1984? My tv would never have turned off again.

Dan : The dragon: "Searching....SEEK & DESTROY!!!!"

Bacchian : Daenerys wailing on an air guitar on Drogon's back during the rampage would've been a huge improvement over what actually happened.

Lex Chicago : Jon: We don't kill innocents! Dani : we DoNt kILl iNnoCeNtS dEr!

newt newt : Daenerys jamming to Metallica, while Hodor jams with Megadeth. So what's this? Game of Thrash?

colt bolt : "A-Are we the baddies?"

BellaLaree : I'm so glad I got to see this before copyright claims obliterate it lmao This is awesome!

Rosetallica xx : not even a GOT fan, but I really enjoyed this

redemption707 : never knew how bad i needed this in my life

Rebecca Hopkins : This was instantly AWESOME. It totally elevated this whole sequence from something horrible and disappointing to something horrible and epic. Truly. Went together like Pink Floyd and that Wizard up in Oz 😉🤣👍💯🔥

TaBu 101 : Not the Metallica video we wanted But the Metallica video we needed

TheRaunak666 : The part where drogon starts flying towards the city and James's riff starts playing you can see the fear in cercei's eyes ,l🤣

Skiiman : Dany: _For the whim the bell tolls_ Greyworm: _Enter Sandman_ Jon: _One_

Pseudonym : I never realized how perfect this song would be for this episode.

Filippos PUA : Never forget Metallica were only 20yo when they wrote this song 🤯

gondolo71 : King's Landing: *surrenders* Daenerys: "remember, no russian"

MT G : This is so perfect together lol, they should have just played this when she did this. I love Daenerys, always will.

Shawnaldo75 : Was it edited to fit the song so good? or is it actually one of those "Pink Floyd & Wizard of Oz" perfect match things? Either way it's f'ing badass.

String Bean : "The hardest choices require the strongest wills" thanks for making this

Kahldria Leighsun : First time I actually enjoyed that scene. All hail Stormborn, long may she reign...😓

FoggyNoggin : Featuring Jon Snow as “The Unsuspecting Parent Who Takes Their Young Child to a Metallica Concert”

Валерия Павлова : Metallica forecasted also the death of the Lannister queen and her brother! "Nothing else matters'

Russian Bot : It's literally like this song was written for this scene.. 🤣😂🤘🤘🤘🤘

Dan McSweeney : This matches up so well. Missing Thrones big time already. I think I’ve GoT withdrawal symptoms.

Holly Reyes : This is f**king AMAZING! Especially 3:20 minutes into the song, it's ON POINT! This is a masterpiece!

Sergeminator : Turns out this whole saga was just a very elaborate marketing scheme for Metallica's Ride The Lightning Deluxe Remaster! :P

Rachel Ruiz : Yes yes yes! I’m in love with her all over again 🔥🐉 🔔

Jaq R : I didn’t realize I needed this in my life until you created it. Bad. Ass.

Cannibalsong : *Take a look to the sky just before you die, it's the last time you will" Matches up PERFECTLY!

King Pluto : 3:02 look at the guy in the back just standing there..probably drinking starbucks. Then his head catches on fire lmao

James Tomlin : _take a look to the sky just before you die_ Ga'damn the chills

Peter Andersson : Wow this proves once again that Metallica can make anything better even Got Season 8!!!

QUIKK DRIFTER : Hahahaha. This is lit, thank you for providing some relief from a poorly told ending.

JoAnne Weiss : Damn this is freaking awesome 👏🙌👏👌👍 The entire ending every time Jon was walking it was EXACTLY in Tim with the music beat & his final sword, GD brilliant👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Bob Friend : Raised hackles, so well done and such a great song for this !

SAY10 : You just combinated two things of the most copyrighted stuffs... On YT :D

Shreyas Dhakal : I thank the old gods and the new gods for this being in the recommended section