IKEA - Dining room table (1994)
This 1994 IKEA commercial incited letter campaigns boycotting and even a bomb threat today it is seen as a watershed moment in advertising history

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In 1994 IKEA ran a commercial widely thought to be the first commercial featuring a homosexual couple. This groundbreaking spot made news around the world: it features a male couple shopping for a dining room table together. The two middle-aged guys, who finish each other's sentences, say "a leaf means commitment." At the end, one says, "We've got another leaf waiting for when we REALLY start getting along" -- perhaps implying marriage or having children. It was one of the first times an advertiser dealt with a gay relationship frankly in the US. (It was not the very first, however. One year earlier, a remarkable Danish commercial for Politiken newspaper was the first to depict a male couple together, with a passionate kiss.) It was not “gay vague” as many ads before or after this one were: the two men verbally declared to be each other’s partner. Check my PhD website for the case study of IKEA: http://marketingtherainbow.info/case%20studies/cs%20home/ikea.html