Deep Fried Strip Steak

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Ellen Archambault : Dad warned me that my ex had a severe character defect when he ordered a filet well done and drowned that 60 dollar shrunk up hockey puck in bottled sauce.

Maarmosetjoe : this guy needs his own netflix series

Thomas Whitten : Fry the broccoli too!

iang : we gon baptize this lil fella, in the FLAHR

Sang Hyuk Cho : Hello, I'm from Korea, but I can feel the life of Cowboy. That looks verrrry delicious!! Thanks for nice video!

RagedAvengerSux : I think this is the most american video i have ever seen 10/10 would watch again (you gained a sub)

IntenseAngler : Gotta say I love your style and content my friend. You, sir, have yourself another dedicated subscriber :) Happy Trails..... -John

Ross Dugan : Deep frying a good New York Strip Steak seems so wrong and so right all at the same time. Looks tasty.

Remington Rojas : "double baptize" this should be quoted

Scott Campbell : This guy is what America is all about. Fantastic.

SAELEE : 4:15 not the slightest flinch, took that hot oil dripping in his hand like a champ even though he immediately tipped it down after.

Horsewithnoname : Double baptise, shell on a turtle, This guy is the best

BigLove101 : Hey Kent, that is "WHATS HAPPENING" thanks bro. GOD bless you.

Sea cucumber : I want a bed made out of this guy's voice no homo

Mister Turk Turkle : You know a man loves to cook when his stove has a name

RICHARD IN THE KITCHEN : Hey guys. I was y'all have a hamburger steak video with brown gravy recipe. If so, I can't find it. If not, I'd love to see your take on that. Thanks

Amoikugel : you Americans sure are wierd folks but at the end the stake looked delicious so I guess it can't be wrong if it tasted right. greetings from Germany keep the good work up and stay so Postiv it brighten up my day.

Desert Eagle : cool video dude glad it came up in my recommended

Horace Hogsnort : Perfect for chicken fried steak and eggs.

CholulaMaster92 : lmao great video. Batter yourself up and go right int here with it

ZeroEight : I can't stop laughing. "if you gon' do well done, batter yourself, flour yourself and just crawl on in there with it" GOLD

ReadyMealReview : Love from England Kent ol boy! keep em coming...

An Gar : Now this is a dude I could hang out with!

Fitzy Holden : Mate that looks bloody good ! That with chips and gravy would be perfect.

riner9 : I tried this earlier and it turned out awesome. Nice variation from always simply grilling em. I've done chicken fried steak a bunch but I thought a NY strip would be too thick. Subbed.

Dis Tone : I was going to say why? But damn Any steak is good to me. I would slice em up and dip em in A1 sauce

Allen White : When I do not have steak, I like to deep fry Pork chops, does not matter if it is for dinner, with white gravy and mash taters or for breakfast with eggs and hash browns

Crazy Horse az : I'd eat a horse shoe, If it was chicken fried 🔫🇺🇸👍

Gabe Gomez : HAHAHAH "if you want it well done go on an batter yourself, flour yourself and get in on there with it"

Jay Semiz : this looks absolutely delicious thanks for sharing!

brozors : Got this video on my recommended. Sir, you seem to be a real nice gentleman. God bless

Ronald FlobJobbin : Grandpa Kent, please, you need to watch your cholesterol intake.

Teddy Bear : God damn bruh im fry steaks now

Chuck Hiccox : Hey Kent , how about a video on Ol' Bertha . She's not something you see every day . I think it would be great for folks to get an idea on how to build their own for the camp or wherever . Good job btw

dolphinsc1 : It's like an oversized chicken strip. But I can't wait to sink my teeth into it. I gotta try that. Great video.

Colin A : This looks amazing. I've kind of stayed away from the idea of a chicken fried steak, mainly because I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to a nice cut like a New York strip. I never really thought that any method of cooking a steak could top a good hard sear in a pan with a nice butter baste, or flame-grilled, but I think you might have sold me on this. I've got a couple of questions, though: Can you get a good gauge on the doneness of the steak by feel when you're double-coating it like that? I've always gone with the touch method when cooking meat, and I usually get it pretty bang-on, but it seems like it would be a bit harder to gauge when you're deep-frying. Also, do you find the strip of fat running along the side of the New York to be a little chewy with this method? I've always been a firm believer in searing that fat to get it nice and rendered out.

Maddonut : Hell yeah brother! I love some good ol Southern cooking! Yee-Haw!!!

Nelline Cronje : Oh man, I am drooling! Gotta get some of that Miracle Dip!

Robert Phillips : this guy is the best

Dave McCallister : This guy is awesome

Alannah Monks : This video gave me a green card, a Stetson and a talent for line dancing

H Eck : That intro alone made me subscribe!

FDR - FierceDeityRick : Looks like a giant chicken cutlet...Cheers from NY never had a country fried steak.

Helder Lauriano : Holy shit not sure how i got here but god damn i love this guy!

Miguel Cervantes : you r a true Cowboy, thanks for all of you videos.

Vanikmobile : Wow... mistake coming here hungry.

23 Savage : mother of god that looks delicious


OfficialCODTeam : This is the Bob Ross of cooking!

CCO C : I love his accents and slangs he used! I hope i can watch enough of this and throw couple of these during my conversation! =D