Deep Fried Strip Steak

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Ellen Archambault : Dad warned me that my ex had a severe character defect when he ordered a filet well done and drowned that 60 dollar shrunk up hockey puck in bottled sauce.

Maarmosetjoe : this guy needs his own netflix series

iang : we gon baptize this lil fella, in the FLAHR

Thomas Whitten : Fry the broccoli too!

Sang Hyuk Cho : Hello, I'm from Korea, but I can feel the life of Cowboy. That looks verrrry delicious!! Thanks for nice video!

RagedAvengerSux : I think this is the most american video i have ever seen 10/10 would watch again (you gained a sub)

Redmech80 : Deep frying a good New York Strip Steak seems so wrong and so right all at the same time. Looks tasty.

Scott Campbell : This guy is what America is all about. Fantastic.

IntenseAngler : Gotta say I love your style and content my friend. You, sir, have yourself another dedicated subscriber :) Happy Trails..... -John

SAELEE : 4:15 not the slightest flinch, took that hot oil dripping in his hand like a champ even though he immediately tipped it down after.

Sea cucumber : I want a bed made out of this guy's voice no homo

Remington Rojas : "double baptize" this should be quoted

Horsewithnoname : Double baptise, shell on a turtle, This guy is the best

BigLove101 : Hey Kent, that is "WHATS HAPPENING" thanks bro. GOD bless you.

Amoikugel : you Americans sure are wierd folks but at the end the stake looked delicious so I guess it can't be wrong if it tasted right. greetings from Germany keep the good work up and stay so Postiv it brighten up my day.

Mister Turk Turkle : You know a man loves to cook when his stove has a name

Desert Eagle : cool video dude glad it came up in my recommended

CholulaMaster92 : lmao great video. Batter yourself up and go right int here with it

riner9 : I tried this earlier and it turned out awesome. Nice variation from always simply grilling em. I've done chicken fried steak a bunch but I thought a NY strip would be too thick. Subbed.

Horace Hogsnort : Perfect for chicken fried steak and eggs.

Ronald FlobJobbin : Grandpa Kent, please, you need to watch your cholesterol intake.

ReadyMealReview : Love from England Kent ol boy! keep em coming...

Ya Boi Montanaa : I was going to say why? But damn Any steak is good to me. I would slice em up and dip em in A1 sauce

Colin A : This looks amazing. I've kind of stayed away from the idea of a chicken fried steak, mainly because I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to a nice cut like a New York strip. I never really thought that any method of cooking a steak could top a good hard sear in a pan with a nice butter baste, or flame-grilled, but I think you might have sold me on this. I've got a couple of questions, though: Can you get a good gauge on the doneness of the steak by feel when you're double-coating it like that? I've always gone with the touch method when cooking meat, and I usually get it pretty bang-on, but it seems like it would be a bit harder to gauge when you're deep-frying. Also, do you find the strip of fat running along the side of the New York to be a little chewy with this method? I've always been a firm believer in searing that fat to get it nice and rendered out.

G Muney : you are awsome, insta subscribe

Wayne Clarke : Oh man that looks good. Damm I'm hungry now. Regards Wayne

An Gar : Now this is a dude I could hang out with!

Maddonut : Hell yeah brother! I love some good ol Southern cooking! Yee-Haw!!!

Fitzy Holden : Mate that looks bloody good ! That with chips and gravy would be perfect.

MakoRuu : Oh my God, this looks amazing.

Gina Kirkland : So, I made the adobo sauce recipe from your cookbook and OMG! Amazing! But, we loved it on 🥩! Amazing! That sauce can go on so many things!!! Even my picky teenage son LOVES it!

Chuck Hiccox : Hey Kent , how about a video on Ol' Bertha . She's not something you see every day . I think it would be great for folks to get an idea on how to build their own for the camp or wherever . Good job btw

Crazy Horse az : I'd eat a horse shoe, If it was chicken fried 🔫🇺🇸👍

Tim Slaymaker : Replace that new york strip with a Ribeye and we got a deal!!

gibbyh65 : that looks wonderful, that crunch made my mouth water... subscribed

big country : Kent, once again another great video. I could watch your vids all day. I have actually. Keep'em comin

H Eck : That intro alone made me subscribe!

Robert Phillips : this guy is the best

RICHARD IN THE KITCHEN : Hey guys. I was y'all have a hamburger steak video with brown gravy recipe. If so, I can't find it. If not, I'd love to see your take on that. Thanks

brozors : Got this video on my recommended. Sir, you seem to be a real nice gentleman. God bless

Teddy Bear : God damn bruh im fry steaks now

Anthony 89 : God bless you Kent Rollins

Nelline Cronje : Oh man, I am drooling! Gotta get some of that Miracle Dip!

23 Savage : mother of god that looks delicious

villfer78 : Whooo-weee brotha, I wish I would have discovered you long time ago. We gonna be buddies.

CCO C : I love his accents and slangs he used! I hope i can watch enough of this and throw couple of these during my conversation! =D

Helder Lauriano : Holy shit not sure how i got here but god damn i love this guy!

gratch gratch : Great opening haha

FDR - FierceDeityRick : Looks like a giant chicken cutlet...Cheers from NY never had a country fried steak.

OfficialCODTeam : This is the Bob Ross of cooking!