2am at Denny's

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Video I stole from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbPwaAFHDG8 (ty)

Comments from Youtube

Mike H : Meanwhile off camera, some frail old couple is trying to enjoy breakfast without getting WWII flashbacks

GGobble : When the teacher leaves the class for 19 seconds

Bren da : 0:13 the united states entering WW2

SimplyiDol : fun fact: that wasn't even a mosh pit, these were just regular customers ordering food

Ryan Hester : This is what JonTron was doing on his 11 month break

Totenkopf kang : Doctor: you have 19 seconds left to live Me:

Jasey : I hope their next concert is at ihop

big beefin dong : Is this cannon in the Denny's lore ???

Chidi Onyeabor : There is no flaw with this video

No Signal Pictures : *Grand Slamwich casually flies by on fire.*

♆ Satan ♆ : And they say Americans don't have culture

Angelz galaxy : My brain cells when I take a test

AleSmith : Horrible moshers. Flying elbows and spin kicks everywhere

aboutahalf eh? : Dude the breakdown is actually kinda good tho

Shellshocked 'Nam soldier : I actually like how they sound

Eman : Anyone else amazed at how none of those dudes hit eachother during the mosh lol?

Seren Cody : Who ordered the American slam?

Garrett McGibbon : I didn't know Jontron was the lead singer of a hardcore metal band?

Ellie Bean : Why is the bassist like 56?

Paul Smith : Not a single person in that room looks like they can do a full push-up

Cold Creative : My sperm when they realize I'm getting close to nutting

Joel Nava : Imagine walking into this at 2am drunk af & all you want is breakfast & a coffee, but instead you get pushed in the pit

MMCXII : Best 13th birthday party ever

NaCl : dennys is more metal than most metal band concerts

OofTaskBar : They all look autistic trying to swing at the air

Flux Bullets : Denny’s the typa place you rail coke on the bathroom counter at 2am and barely eat your food anyways

memz : My friend: why are you laughing? Me: Nothing *_My brain:_*

Peter Balabanos : I didn't know Dillinger got back together

Shellshocked 'Nam soldier : I can’t tell if he’s saying “tiddies” or Denny’s

Int3nc3_ Sn1p3rz : Me when my mom lets me play the xbox after 12pm

The Real Trashley : I just want my eggs man

Bob Larry : Who else came from insta to check if it’s real?

rabcfcuj : I can't stop thinking about this damn video. IT WON'T LEAVE MY HEAD.

Jeffrey Zewen : Denny's is not usually a restaurant that likes to include live music especially metal. The main question is how did this awesomeness happen.

Jefferson Juno : Waiter: would you like some syrup to go with that Mosh pit you’re having Person: And some more coffee please

яєṅẓıı : This is deadass my favorite video on the internet rn

Ruben : Ah well, at least they are having fun

RyanTyanMyan : 0:05 When you accidentally hit someone in the Cantina in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

joe luvs cakes : And then there's me in the background just trying to eat a waffle.

stananza : Jon tron is killing it at the vocals

ReelLife C : What? My dennys only has stabbings at 2 a.m.

Mula : 0:13 the guy in the white shirt looks like the protagonist to every fighting movie ever.

The Mr. Pete Channel needs 700 subs! : When you're older brother is the night manager.

mugetsu ichigo : When your ptsd happens

BobaFett 414 : I would pay this guy for 5 more seconds of recording

マドロスMERCURY : i love Denny's lore

Original Name : Denny’s mosh pits were huge back in my day.

Name Last Name : He said Denny's like it was an actual muisc avenue. 😭

Spicymeatguy888 : I guess everyone has to start somewhere...