2am at Denny's

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DcaFF : When you tell the waitress it’s your birthday

big beefin dong : Is this cannon in the Denny's lore ???

яєṅẓıı : This is deadass my favorite video on the internet rn

Mike H : Meanwhile off camera, some frail old couple is trying to enjoy breakfast without getting WWII flashbacks

Seren Cody : Who ordered the American slam?

Joel Nava : Imagine walking into this at 2am drunk af & all you want is breakfast & a coffee, but instead you get pushed in the pit

Yung Trashley : I just want my eggs man

BobaFett 414 : I would pay this guy for 5 more seconds of recording

Brady : Where tf can I sign my band up to play a Denny’s

Matt Smith : Death Grips - The Denny Store (10/10)

John Fischer : Old and Busted: Yodeling Wal-Mart Kid New Hotness: Denny’s Metal Band

Silver Galt : I prefer Djenny's

Christos Yannios : Denny’s: The Final Bastion of American Hardcore

Duke Mitchell : Not gonna lie, the dude can scream.

Quintillion : When your dad owns a dennys

7 Cubed Pictures : *Grand Slamwich casually flies by on fire.*

David Matheny : For some reason I keep picturing JonTron as the lead singer as this band lol

Totenkopf kang : Doctor: you have 19 seconds left to live Me:

Owen Schoewe : No karate in the pit

Abraham Nixon : 2 AM Denny's is no joke. I once got mugged by a group of diners right outside the building as I was making a passive aggressive power move by pacing around out front waiting for the Wait Staff to notice my obvious displeasure at the lack of service. Upon having my shoes stolen I headed back in to complain to the manager but it turns out that she actually did notice my passive aggressive pacing and the pettiness of it bothered her so much that she told that group of people that she would look the other way if they mugged me. Ciao.

krash kan : The band is called live without, make em big

Michael Gibson : Are they really moshing at dennys at 2 in the morning?

Lilsikas : This is actually the best thing I've ever seen. I unironically want to be there lol

SimplyiDol : fun fact: that wasn't even a mosh pit, these were just regular customers ordering food

GeorgeTengTV : this is what goes on in my head 24/7

elus1ve 0ne : What the fucks up Denny’s !! Lmao ! Fantastic ! .. wheres this Denny’s that let the cooks jam after work ?

hazed : this feels like something from always sunny

Biggus Dickus : Can I get a waffle? Can I please just get a waffle?

ViolentLee : Average age of dudes in video: 22. Yet every single one of them has a dadbod...

John Doe : grand slam dancing

Heathen : All I can picture is some poor waiter in a shirt and tie trying to bring someone their food through the mosh pit😂😂

Sp00ky : Killing floor 3 looks amazing.

Dahn Ell : Ok, wtf seriously: Was this a planned show that, for some god damn reason, took place at a Denny's because it was literally the only venue that had a roof on it's frame, or did these guys just come from the bar and thought, "Shit, we're driving our gig van. All our shit's in this van. Let's just set up in Denny's and start playing and see what happen's. Like that idiot who brought a goat to the Apple store, right? Except, instead of a goat, it's death metal. " "Uh, sure. Can I get pancakes?"

Gantris : Is this the orange county hardcore scene?? Lmfao

Mason Bernabe : weird flex but okay

Omar Aguilar : How do I join this religion?

axden : This proves there is a god

Sean Marden : 9pm: "One more video and then I sleep" 2am:

Randomness overload channel : I love everything about this

CamHatege : At first I thought he said "Wtf's Up Titties".

Turd Doodlesworth : This is the epitome of white culture.

Chidi Onyeabor : There is no flaw with this video

Zach Haus : My Grand slam breakfest came with extra slam

Jasey : I hope their next concert is at ihop

GerümpelGamer : Who else likes melons?

David Matheny : I hope they aren't doing this on full stomachs or else the Denny's staff is gonna be pissed

TheSinfultictac : When your GM is desperate for anyone to book a large party in Event/large party room.

Ben : The karate in the pit ruins the video

AmazedDolphin 33 : HEY NO KARATE IN THE PIT!!!!

DD Doily : Dennthony Dentano here