I AM BACK!!! Downing a bigger bottle of vodka!

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Oculus_Official : I want to see the effects lmao

makemoneyrelax : This Russian guy, so in love with his vodka and his liver is so black and bloated it could have starred in Precious

Zoe O'Toole : Now puke it back up and then drink that too.

luminor007 : Edd Sheeran! Hate ur music mate for ur channel is pretty cool.

King Aragorn : The ending though.

KD a : Looks like a retatded ed sheeran

King Aragorn : 2:14 wtf😂😂

King Aragorn : Is he a homeless? 😂🤣

bacontrees : I got a headache and hangover just watching this.

Usuario Promedio HD : 0:02 before.... after 2:43

makemoneyrelax : These Russians they never live past 30.....his liver is so black, it could date one of the Kardashians

Keezy : When your English and all your countries woman are being gangbanged by arab men you gotta be able to unwind and relax somehow lmao.

Tom Baker : did he slowly turn into a zombie?

$zymek : 10 points for gryffindor

Crossroads Chris : The Great Cornholio

Rupert Migtau : What’s the point of it ?

Kieran Farrell : Such an attractive specimen isn't it.

Lego Man : Fake!!! Hahaha!!! nice try!!!! 0:23 bottle top cap has been tampered with.

ferna2294 : My boy and his last vodka shot. RIP fella.

21blue 42 : 1:35 the sounds of alcohol induced psychosis.... 2:45 told ya

mario condello : Finish off with a meat pie

Namiber - Any Time is TimeLapse Time! : Then he died the end.

Denis : true retard

Jeremo Brown : Clickbait I've seen it the top of the bottle has a whole in it its been replaced with water at .22 pause screen shot at blow it up you can tell if you're really going to do this boy gets none of us believe u when you pop the seal show us the lid front and back

Hunter Robinson : I saw that hole drilled in the top m8

mr yo : He'll be a good liver donor

Brent Taylor : 2:15 ability berserk unlocked

The Chubby Brown Bear : Well done son ! Your family must be so proud of your achievement. God help you if you have children. What role model will you be ?

PowerTuber 3.0 : That would stop your heart if real.

Renz Ramones : Evil Ed Sheeran

NWO Tel Aviv : I'm so proud of you! ♥ - Not every guy can handle this...

Ernesto james : You're such a drunk alcohol listed you as dependent during tax season

phililpb : what is this the chav Olympics?

MrJamesdryable : Why was this recommended to us?

Henrik : Sam wise gamgee really lost his way since frodo destroyed the ring

BiG LuLz : Wow shoenice looks different 🤔

Eric jae : You look American, but sound Austin Powers.

Herr Mueller : just don't do this

tweezerjam34 : What happened to this guy? Hes a riot

Vernon : If you go to his channel you can see this was his last video. I looked into this and this guy actually died later that day from alcohol poisoning

Makaveli Research : Rip brotha

Abi dd : 9 tailfox mode on. 🤔

Mr. cool : that boy...

Clark Kent Superman : Young man you have serious issues

DvS : 12yo are heavily impressed.


oldmangranny5 oldmangranny5 : If he faked this, then I must say he's a good actor.

Graham Roberts : The comments are right you can see a hole right at the 24 second mark little hard to see but pause it just right I would have gave the kid props if he can really do that because that would be some shit

James Dean : Instant demonic possession.

Elsie Viola Dupuis : Never came back after this one..