Juice Wrld - Lucid Dreams (8D AUDIO)

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NEW WAVE ARTIST : bruh i felt like the sound went through my head

Christian Owl : *I still hear your music in my room*

coRupt Jordan : Who else took their headphones off to see if there volume was just really high 😂

Megan O'Donnell : I have to ask people if they can hear it because I keep thinking it’s blasting

Ryan1 : May be no nut November but I feel like my ears just nutted

Misfit : Cant wait for 16D you will literally be at a concert

TBNRElla Xx : How y’all like the concert?

MirandaFan23 Kensrem : Selling Replay buttons for likes 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00

Yasmin Herdiazë : Who’s running around in my head with a speaker? 😂😂

SrCandy : I was in school, i thought everyone could HEAR it😂

that’s the tea sis : *8D music is so underrated it’s not fair*

Azerrz : How tf am i getting dizzy from a song? lol

Fernanda Ramirez : Imaginé hearing this while being super high🤯

It's Maddy : Who needs to go to a concert!!! BOI WE GOT 8D👌🏼👌🏼🔥🔥

Brian : Why is he spinning in a teacup around me?

Laiuxx staton : It's like in my head not my ears and not wearing head phones..

Clorox Bleach : it sounds like it’s being played in a big empty room

Catherine Fahmy : “A potato flew around my room.” No a song flew around my head

_I3ioHazard_ Gaming : Bruh my brain is just preparing for my mom yelling at me but I’m wearing headphones lmao!!! Love this ❤️

Eliza Schuyler Hamilton : he's beside me! no he's behind me! he's beside me again oof!

Jonathan Edge : This is going to revolutionise music itself

Addi_The_PoPtart : Hey guys how’s the concert Wow this is the cheapest concert ever

Bris De la Cruz : I fell like he's moving back and forwards talking behind me right in my ears

Shorevibez : *My ears are now squeaky clean.*

LLANN Kun : This is why i love something new Testing my new earphone quality😂 Fresh inside

Sarah Ledford : This is some good audio, like SHOW ME THE WAYS!!!! I HAD for screen record this, and I did. :) I also have it on replay, this is my fave song. 👍🏻 For a second, I though my earbuds weren’t plugged into my phone....

BayBearZ : does anyone else feel like there are speakers all over your room?

Julissey Martinez : It sounds like I’m in a studio with no other people but him I love this

Amirah Nahar : I felt like my mum was listening from her room the whole time

H2O Czerald : This makes my legs wiggle xD out of excitement

Robert Brownlie : Reminds me of my ex😢😢😢 Still love her thought (Edit) holy balls 3 likes counting myself

Dutt : Listening to this at 3am and I thought the whole crib could hear this😭

Paola Gallardo : I’m I the only one who found this through snap ?

Elisha Lewis : It's like he's in my room singing this song

NonzeroCat : My back is like tickling it’s soooo weird 😂🤣

_Senpai_the_cat_ Merp : I keep checking if my headphones r on or not . I’m triPpinG

J Noel : I feel like I'm being mind fucked, it sounds like juice wrld is in my room

Freya Epps :yt: : this is a whole other level of heartbreak

Kev : Damn it even works without headphones for the samsung Galaxy s9+ (we have a surround system on the speakers)

Niya Clark1 : It feels like a radio is following my ears so I’m looking back and forth 😂😂❤️

William Wigg : Well thats no nut november overrrr

Tio Sad : This song was going around my head literally.

Priscilla Gonzalez : 0:09 my eyes were closed and it scared me lmao

Arvin Bomma : The music be moving left to right 😂

German Rodriguez : I failed no nut November

Cat : why is this tickling my back

Yumi : It’s sounds oddly loud... like the audio isn’t coming through headphones, but literally speakers in the same room as me (all around me lmao)

Ethan Mosier : I felt like the song was going through my head and going around me

Robloxian101 Saedgirl6 : *I fucking feel crazy. I look everywhere I hear it. Wtf. This is so fucking amazing. I feel like I am not wearing headphones. It’s crazy! How do you do this?*

SearchYourBoi : SUBSCRIBING!!