Best scene from science fiction movie, K-PAX

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Charlezard : It's not common knowledge that the earth orbits the sun. This is 2018. The earth is flat again and America is the center of the universe.

Waltorian : Would have been cool if he would have referred to the stars by different names since the names we have given them are from our perspective only. Love the scene.

Kent Fallman : Yeah, i agree. Love this scene.

Richard Hayden : Love that sound of the pen on the light pad, just amazing.

Derpster : Prot > Carb.

limemobber : This was a very disturbing movie. Beginning of the movie Prot shows up at Grand Central Station. He harms no one, he does nothing violent or dangerous. He tells a police officer that he is an alien and in this twisted world that is sufficient reason to lock him up in an asylum and pump him full of psychiatric medications on a daily basis? WTF?

irena dubrovna : 1:14 .. good point. I guess if I could keep a secret, I could be a scientist.

Tucsonan Dude : Typical hollywood type scene, but still great.  Whether it's the Hunger Games girl shooting off-target on her first try, the Flashdance audition scene where she starts wrong or the Tom Cruise character in Days of Thunder making light of his ability to drive race cars to the Robert Duvall character...before they blow everyone away.

Chris Brown : It's been a long time since I saw this but I seem to remember the ending showing him to have terrestrial origins (they find his birth home etc.) and it thus appears that Prot was not from K-Pax at all and was really a crazy person. But scenes like this remain unexplained in that scenario. How DID he know what he knew about the perturbations in the rotation of our binary star?

Osprey11 : 0:13 I'm glad you did not came to Portugal Prot. In here, any schmuck who has a 3 year college, is called... "doctor" or "engineer"!! :(

Mark Rehme : Today's world of stealing intellectual property and using it to suppress.

alagogo : Love to have a kpax 2 wear prot comes back

Yamaha Rider : And he just said that he wanted to phone home...

Rst28 : Nothing like getting your ass kicked by a K-PAXIAN.. Prot demonstrates light travel in the 3 book series. He does at the hospital. I won't spill the beans but will say it involves a cat.

Jack D : Doctor.

Mutlap : so many doctors they are diluted in importance. If the entire audience was made up of all colonels they would all feel minuscule, no different then privates.