Pete is HIT by A CAR!!! ArmMap: It's a map... on your arm...

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EpicDonutDude : Your sense of humor was too good for Fiverr anyways, I am glad you went to youtube

Jongo Phett : the 48 dislikes are from the LegMap company

Kadz : Florida men are the craziest.

Kadz : *_Ok now this is innovative_*

Framed : That car secured the epic victory royal against Pete’s arm

kremit the frog : Pete needs your credit card information to pay for his medical bills

FuturisticHub : Lmao this guy can advertise any product in any video. Who needs YouTube ads when he’s a walking talking advertisement that’s actually fun to sit through and watch! Lol

A Common Soldier : Let’s help Pete achieve his dream to play fortnite with ninja

Nebbi : Now THIS is the key to getting that VICTORY ROYAL!

Depression Session : *Florida Man loses arm, but uses Arm Map to find it*

Davie504 : Ok, this was *epic*

Vsauce Puppet : All he needs is his arm map and a couple of chug jugs

Phil Swift : You could definitely use some *Flex Tape* to patch up that arm together!

G2H3LL : This is very emotional because I live in the same state as VoiceOverPete

Highskii Lol : Attention all medical professionals

Wrigley Strauss : I mean we could just use Flex Tape but *okay*

An Innocent Profile Pic : Attention! All Pete fans, Pete needs your help, he's in the hospital and all he needs is your credit card information, your minecraft account and all your robux!

Fortnite Edits : the madlad actually made a website for armmap

Alayna Forester : BREAKING NEWS: voice-over man dressed in ski clothing dies in a swamp of a heat stroke

Deccadeo Youtube : Is... is this a real ad?

Scientific Otto : So guys we did it We took the W and nae naed on those n00bs

why hello there. : Sure okay lemme get out my mom's credit card real quick.

variable : This guy is blowing up, let's get him that victory royale by giving him your credit card information so he can buy skins. Pay to win.

LordWhiteWolf06 : this is actually fucking great pete is the best content creator on youtube hands down...

Bountify v2 : Thank you Pete, very cool

NOT AGAIN : Being banned from fiver only made him stronger

Redfish PH : man, this guy is getting viral, a week before, he only has 1k subs.

JeezTec : *_I am here to help you to get the epic victory royale!_*

Versaucey : VoiceoverPete's blood made out of Pasta sauce? Are you part italian?

Colinvanh : You have an awesome sence of humor. +1 sub

Obvious Torch : Now that’s a victory royale

Someblindgirlwhocancontrolrocks : Call Elon Musk NOW

Sci3nce : pete has charisma maxed out, dude could sell eyeglasses to a blind guy

PhilSwiftDaily : Pete, you're the most epic guy I know.

Kaisetsu Visuals解説 : Most innovative product on the market right now

Emilio Senpai : 100k congrats Pete :D

Vinz GameplaysTM : press F to *PAY* respect

Slank〽an : Play with tsm daequan

Ryukachoo : Jesus, watch out for heat exhaustion with all that gear on in the Florida heat

DAVID VONDERHAAR : This is the epicest thing I've seen

Møth Bröther : The armap part killed me LOL

WhhatWut : Glad to see that your content is as good as IDubbbzTV

Jakepetrolhead : Collaboration with Phil Swift to Flex Tape your arm back on.

5000 subs without videos ?! : *Please give Pete your credit information he doesn't have insurance*

Snekcharmer : Patrick Stump : Thanks Pete!

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : *Ben shapiro wants to know your location*

POLAR YT : i will sub m8 C:<

Don’t sub to me : Write your credit card information to pay your respects

toffy rave : Your black

Gavin Luedtke : Pete, you are the best creator out there. You can handle both business and memes both in the absolute best way possible. A true idol. Ngl.