Live coverage Hurricane Florence

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Mz Lee : This was more entertaining than the mainstream news stations showing tiles coming off of hotel roofs...

BlueSkies : Slow moving hurricane still on coast. Jeff we appreciate you for going in sharing your footage. Hope you check on the guy that stayed in that trailer home.

Lowres1080p : This live stream was so fucking EPIC

TRU8K4LIFE GAMING : At 4:01:35 is when the bp roof thing begins to fall...🙏🙏🙏 i got everyone in South Carolina and North Carolina in my prayers...this storm is moving about 5 to 6 miles per hour smh dumping huge amounts of rain the hardest hit area seems to be New Bern, NC 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Anna Schott : So glad I found this channel yesterday! The passion this guy has for chasing a storm is out of this world😄I was hooked!

Kathryn White : Prayers, & be safe out there. Sending every 1, many prayers. Love to share

emaxulit1 : thanks jeff. We are lucky you do what you do. Thanks for risking your life so we can have a glimpse of the storm

Taemint 67 : Best livestream I've ever seen! I had to get to sleep near the end because I have an eye appointment later today! That bp roof though lol 😂 You got a subscriber 😃

Raymond Price : your location?

John Davis : What no Kevin here either?

Luis Rivera : We all have a Jeff inside of us.

Joe Rowland : I know when the storm came in the winds became terrible Irma did a tap dance on my house last year, I am still rebuilding. some of this video does not do justice for the effects of a hurricane. Normally you are insane to try to drive through a hurricane. You shouldn't drive through a tropical storm. once those bands move ashore you should be in a safe place not in a car.

Mark Fox : What haopened

Brian Faure : What a legend!

Mike Foxtrot : not live

Mr. Banana : "got a launch pad?"

infinite fun : Jeff was so entertaining and knowledgeable. I lost it when he denied the China interview, I was laughing so hard I cried. Kathy's calls were a good touch :) I will be back ! More Jeff!!!!!!

Rob D. Manetta : ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ BP

TheEvilFlyingToaster : Aaaaaaah! The sky is so overcast!!! Bless you all :((

bob william : BP D:

Moe Chaos : Your right down the road from me! I have always wanted to meet you...I hate that you had to come because of this situation but stay safe!!! We are hunkered down!!

AstralMimi : brit here had to sleep but im GLUED to your stream dude! subbed

Mrmax177 : Who named him jeff? Ur mom

Ron Bilevich : Prayers from Israel We all: inanimate nature, plants, animals, and humans belong to one system. Tsunamis and hurricanes are awakened by the same forces that are controlled by our thoughts and feelings. It is only that our mind and feelings are at a higher degree than the force that causes hurricanes. A hurricane is strong in quantity, and a person—in quality. If we improve our relationships at the human degree by “ten grams”, getting closer to each other, then by this we weaken the hurricane at the lower degree not by ten grams, but by ten billion times. It will not cause any harm. After all, this is one system, one level above another. We, at the human level, are at the qualitative level and the hurricane, at the inanimate level, is at the quantitative level. Its strength is in quantity, and ours is in quality, and therefore, human thought is capable of starting and stopping hurricanes. However, so far, we only start them.

Bart Medley : Where's Jeff

drea Roses : 4:17 - BP sign goes down

Jeovani Paulo : temos de ser mas cuidadosos

cryhavoc999 : What car are you driving?

Simeon Johnson : 4:05:00 Wow!! Great footage!

Mama Raphaella : I just watched a video from May 2011 the Tornado, anyone who watches Jeff and has not seen his earlier work, omg. This video was horrific, Jeff and his wife seem so lovely and have really helped many people.

Maikl TRITON : The Almighty sees everything and punishes the USA for all the torment that they bring to the world every day .... But while it looks like a warning - soon America will be destroyed!

Indy Lila : Hahaha crazy survivor this guy

Susan Holmes : What city are you in??

TheLegend 19980 : Liked and subscribed. Stay safe.

Hillam And Jodles : I feel bad for people in America yall unlucky in the uk if we got anything like this it would be 100% game over because we are about half the size of you guys..

Rankin Park : BP - best parking.

NUI BOYZ : Gr8 coverage thanks

Digital Dan Thomas : Are we still "live"?

Nora Dixon : Is this feed current?

StarGames : and here in Belgium we get nice weather :) thx

Colin Campbell : Ya it was epic

flisko : there is nothing happening here

Mr TrueMoo : 4:05:05 Thank me later.

Beth Strickland : good job reporting.

Jason Davis : Thank you for this. I was able to see my house. I am relieved

Elaine Morgan : are you not scared ?

Imana zi1488 : Where is he now?

Lynn Taylor : doesn't it see the sign

Xavier Simmons : Where is he

fluffideer : aww i missed the live but this is still super interesting! please stay safe tho, i don't want you to get hurt