NBA Fans Making Half Court Shots For Money/Cars Compilation
NBA Fans Making Half Court Shots For MoneyCars

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Dizz : one got 95,000$ and some dude got 2 free tickets lmaoo..

JNZ : Mr. Beast: Miss a half court shot and get $50,000 Chandler:

Majic Boii : 6:48 for the biggest, veiniest voice crack ever heard

Alex Matthews : 4:08 “John you just won a brand new car from blhsnsybebyydnsnhnyx how do you feel?!”

Isaac Burr : It shouldve been: "if you can make the half court shot you get 1k, but if you can get the ball stuck on the back of the rim you get 20mill"

bob tony : 8:50 girl all on him now that he got money, lul

Time Traveling Old Man : Wow! $75k and a dry hump from Lebron James... must have been one hell of a day for him

Help me beat Justin .Y with only comments. : 2:16 *Awkwardly laughs* haha... this is coming out of my pockets

Karen Langan : 9:06 *"GIVE THAT MAN A CAR"*

Deim : 4:42 imagine how his heart felt turning around seeing a 7 foot figure jumping on him😂

Will Hammond : 8:36: "Shoutout to my new fiancé Lonnie, we just got engaged this weekend." 8:55: (Lonnie leaves the arena)

Lola Penfold : John you just won a brand new car for eduwwnduwcbiaycvydac 4:09

cursed commandment : taxes: "OPEN THE MOTHERFUCKING DOOR"

Alfredo Barajas : Lmao that girl jumped on him after saying congrats on the engagement

TropicDon : 6:48 best voice crack in the history of voice cracks 😂

Pau l : 0:46 HiS fOoT wAs OvEr ThE LiNe

Noah Haberman : I'd be pissed if I made it for 1k and saw someone else make it for 100k lol

Planet Cool Stuff : If Steph curry was a fan he would have like a million dollars

GyoPo TV : 8:30 I would like to shout out my fiance we just got married last weekend.... After shot: girl jumps on him and he grabs her ass Fiance: walks out of the building...

joseylin poh : 2:20 me when I teach my friend and he pass while I failed

Anthony G : 6:48 he should have been in that gorilla costume. 😂 Dj crack

Jtn Lee : 8:00 “Daniel just got himself, a brand new Tooooooyyyyyyyy Yoda!!!”

LiamDaChamp1620 Games : 5:02. You can here the water go SPLASH!

chicagocubs10601 : $95,000 and they worried about giving ol dude a grand? Psssh

Comank : 8:50 and little johnny, that is why i called off the wedding and met your mother.

VIDI Vici : 6:45 *voice crack* he wasn't ready, probably wasn't expecting it to score lol

BigWonka : 8:55 Lmao your boy grabbed a whole handful of ass then remembered his girl was there.

xd NerdSlayer : Daniel just won himself a braaaaand neeeeeew tooooy.... Car

RedstoneGamer_MC : 6:49 When you cut yourself with a spoon

Kayla A : When a girl makes it: thats cool When a guy makes it: LET'S GOOOOOO *runs around the whole court*

Dominic Smith : Everybody tht like warriors nothing but net!!!

Ryan’s Colorado Rail Productions : I only won $100 for making it at high school. Why didn’t I win a car?

NaiyaPapaya 24 : 0:47 Dude: LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAAAAAM crowd: *literally silent*

a-person : 2:15 coach is like ha i make that in a day

Skylar Reeves : Shoutout to my fiancee we jus got engaged this weekend. 8:52 Ya I'm single now guys.

Space Shark : 3.6 thousand people missed their half court shot

Efthimios Kalaitzis : 2:13 Coach looks like such a nice guy!

Covert Corp : 6:49 wtf was that noise 😂💀

Hiroomi Nase : 4:15 What it feels when you finally have a girlfriend.

Bryan Canner : 6:48 he sounded like a dying donkey

CowboysN Coffee : anyone else immediately think of Jackie moon in Semi-Pro😂

Deontaye Johnson : I like how most of the makers were men cmon weres the EqUaLITy?

gramerpolise : Lol humans are so awkward with adrenaline pumping through us

AIG : 4:19 I didn’t know Hugo Chavez played basketball

Riff Raff : 6:49 when you hit puberty

Radric Davis : When you realize that these people can make a shot from half court but Ben Simmons can’t

Victor Ortiz : I'll never forget witnessing the million dollar shot during a Bulls game in the 90s.

Titus Hart : That phoenix suns one had me rolling when unbelievable came on 😆

Jackson Fisher : “That was legitness!”