skydiving course
As a professional skydiver with 15 years of experience this is the best first jump course brief I have ever seen

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Truman's short, very useful skydiving course from the 85' movie Fandango :D


Aoxomoxo : Anyone that did a one-day static line first jump course back in the day before tandems has got to love this...

clint perry : Got it!

MarshTube82 : I remember this movie back in the 80’s when I was kid

Kelly KitKat : Some try to sell religion by saying, do you have a parachute? .. Jesus... but, they seem to be implying that everybody is going down, but if you have Jesus, you will land more softly.. in hell?... than the others? .. it makes no sense. For it is like they are subtly suggesting, forget self-improvement, attempting to reach God on your own... just have faith in your parachute, and remain the sinner you are... you'll be fine, because you believe... umm, no... you need both faith and love... being saved means you have hope, not certainty, but hiope... as she says to him in the movie, the matrix, "now get up, and fight". See, that's the love part, warring against the sinful nature, by faith. And so, one brings forth, fruit. .. parachute? Nah, think, man of steel, first flight.