Monkey EXCITED For Silly Putty!

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Jaded Jonny : Boo is absolutely precious, I could watch him all day

DUBGOAT entertainment : Next thing you know he's playing fortnite

TechTac : I love the little guy. Wish i had one. He would be my best friend.

corey mac : I think its unbelievable how human like they are.

Barbara The Fam : He sure makes a person want monkey. But I know in reality it's a huge committment and a lifestyle . But he sure is cute and sweet

The Journey : Smart Monkey.

BlunderJack : lEt Me OpEn It DaD

Elwood P. Dowd : Isn't this how planet of the apes started...

Pine ConeZ : When he layed down by you, that was so cute

xxXRPGdogXxx : Give him a rubex cube

fonix32 : When you looking at faces, eyes of these monkeys, you cannot not believe that human and them are close relatives.

KiD YeeZy : I became emotionally invested...just watching this video I wanna cry Jesus I have a very soft spot for animals

Sheshe Kouture : Its so amazing how monkies act like humans :o

AI DUSTY : I hope he has a great life and all his needs are met... He looks great and it's obvious you love him and care for him greatly.

Les Forever : I love when monkey 🐒 boo throws a tantrum 😊so sweet

MyMIXmedia : His eyes, so unbelievable how he is seeing, looking at his surroundings.

Kat TheFox : This is the first video I saw and already fell in love 😂

Bacon Man : Who the heck disliked! Maybe the jealous animals

MikeyPumpsAlot : This monkey is smart!!!

LTopomcFly : Amazing relationship

slimewith Turbo : Wow they are so much like humans. Its amazing. I loved when you tried to help him he got mad lol.

space3010 gamemaster : that's the type of monkey you just want to give a big hug to

FireFox : This Is simply adorable! Boo has absolutely beautiful eyes too. :) Monkeys are so amazing.

Plata O Plomo : GOD is great he creates the most fascinating creatures and you can't help but realise how wonderful god made animals and humans

zaprude : This is so fascinating to watch. The motoric skills, how quickly he learns what to do and even how he got annoyed about the strand of hair that got caught in it and removed it. Amazing little creature.

-WhoNeedsNames- : I love the little noises he makes 😂😇

Kjca : It’s Unbelievable how intelligent he is

Zevnn : They are smart asf

JayJo : Incredible animal. Still so much we don’t know about the animal kingdom.

phycadelic pikachu : It's like a tiny person

Thu Truong : Omg Boo is so cute! Now I want a pet monkey just like him😍😘

Olivia’s diy’s : I’m gonna die so CUTE

Lilian Medina : This monkey is sooo cute i wish to have him

SuperVildee : Boo is like a little kid😍

Angie Beaver : Hope it dont get stuck in his hair. Got stuck in my sons hair, what a nitemare lol good luck with the putty Boo

Lightspeed anims : I still can't believe how smart they are.

julle huu : lol he was super concerated to pening thatt box

robs c : Omg the cutest monkey EVER 🐵

Vilma Gonzales : I love the way he look at his Master cute like an innocent child

Bacon Man : 🐒 👻 Edit: Thanks for the heart, MonkeyBoo is so cute and smart! ❤️❤️ And on my discord server I told everybody to sub too you! Keep up the good work I hope you get 2 Million soon!

Salt in the Wound : This video needs more monkey less human.

Mz. Phatbaldkat : Boo really enjoys the silly putty... he's like..."I'm not ready to put it up yet daddy".☺

Jimmys Jamin : Oh no the dreaded tantrum when time to put the silly putty away 😅

Azer Pakan : The monkey is cute

Veronica Cortez : So cute he still wanted to play with it

CliPz 06 : Aww dude I love yall

Kuli24 : It's like a little nervous man with darty eyes.

Vladímir Lenin : And then he made a fleshlight

just andy : I saw one of these tamed monkeys when I went hiking they we're adorable

DaneDog : He is so smart!